Q1. When is recruitment for the S³ Asia MBA?
In general, there will be two information sessions in March and April, and the exact schedule will be announced on the website. The admissions schedule will be as follows.
  • ​Deadline of online application : end of April
  • Documents Screening Test & Interview : mid of May
  • Announcement of successfully admitted students : end of May
  • Enrollment of admitted students : beginning of July
Q2. I have no career background. Am I eligible to apply?
S3 Asia MBA Program is jointly operated with Fudan University in China and National University of Singapore. Based on the bilateral agreement, students must have working experiences of more than two years.
Q3. Can I attend the program while working?
S3 Asia MBA is a day program. Students must study in Fudan University for one semester, Korea University for one semester and National University of Singapore for one semester. Therefore, it is not possible for S3 Asia MBA students to attend the program while still working.
Q4. Is the term of military service accepted as career?
In case of the military officer in the army or special case on military service, it is generally accepted as career.
Q5. ​Is there any disadvantage if an English test score is not submitted?
A certified English test score is mandatory, so applicants should submit an English proficiency test certificate that is valid as of the submission date. If a certificate is not ready by the submission date, it needs to be submitted afterward. There is no required minimum English score, but it is used as one of the selection criteria for new admissions.
Q6. Is it mandatory for those who graduate from English-speaking universities to submit test score?
A student who receives a degree (a bachelor's degree or above) from an English-speaking university is exempt from the submission of an English proficiency test score.
Q7. Is it mandatory to submit GMAT score?
You can also submit any other English proficiecy test score for your applying.
-Minimum GMAT score of 630
-Coupled with AWA with a score above 4.0 or TOEFL or 100, or IELTs of 6.5
is only required if you want to apply NUS degree as your second one. (First degree should be the KUBS degree.)
If you want KUBS and Fudan's degree, then you don't have to submit GMAT.
If there is no GMAT score when applying for S3 Asia MBA program, you can submit the GMAT score within one year after the entrance into a school.
Q8. When does the semester begin?
It begins in September every year.
  • 1st Semester(Sep-Dec) : Fudan University in China
  • 2nd Semester(Feb-Jun) : Korea University in Korea
  • 3rd Semester(Sep-Dec) : National University of Singapore in Singapore
Q9. ​How many students are admitted?
Approximately 10 students are admitted. Each partner school(Fudan, NUS) also selects approximately 10 students, so the class consists of about 30 students.
Q10. ​What is the proportion of English-mediated classes in the course?
All classes are taught 100% in English.
Q11. ​What is the degree title?
English: Master of Business Administration (S3 Asia MBA)
Korean: 경영학 석사(S3 Asia MBA)
Q12. I want to get a student loan. What do I have to do?
S3 Asia MBA students can apply for a student loan on the website ( run by Ministry of Eduacation and Science Technology(MEST).
Q13. How can I receive the dual degree?
When you are admitted to the S3 Asia MBA program, you will get a Master's degree from Korea University and another Master's degree from the partner school you choose (Fudan or NUS). To receive the dual degree, you must fulfill the requirements for the graduation of each partner school.
Q14. Are the graduates of the course qualified to pursue a doctoral degree?
Yes. The S3 Asia MBA confers a MBA degree, which qualifies students to continue their study in a doctoral program.
Q15. What kind of career paths do students follow after graduation?
KUBS operates the Career Hub to support MBA students for their career development. For detailed information, please contact the staff at the Career Hub (Tel: 02-3290-1368/ email: ). A-MBA graduates work in various areas, including large domestic and overseas companies, multinational companies, and financial firms.
Q16. How much is the tuition?
15,750,000 KRW per semester. (Total 3 semesters)