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As the birthplace of business education in Korea, KUBS has pioneered its development over the course of modern history.

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First Outdoor Event of 15th G-MBA Class, “Highly Satisfying” Campus Tour and Program

First Outdoor Event of 15th G-MBA Class, “Highly Satisfying” Campus Tour and Program KUBS(Dean=Johngseok Bae) 15th Global MBA (hereinafter G-MBA) class student council hosted ‘ON CAMPUS EVENT’ (hereinafter Campus Event) on Friday 23rd April 3pm. Campus Event is the first outdoor event since the admission of the 15th G-MBA class last August. Students strictly followed COVID-19 guidelines while bonding, participating in various missions and recreation programs at many locations on campus.   The 15th G-MBA class students gathered on the lawn in front of Business School Main Hall and took a group picture. Dean Johngseok Bae greeted the students saying “[I am] happy that G-MBA students finally have the opportunity to meet each other on such a good day” and “[hoped] the students to stick to COVID-19 guidelines and spend a meaningful day”.     Due to the COVID-19 administrative order to ban gatherings, students were grouped into 10 teams of 3~4 people for group activities. They did not get together in one place at once. Rather, the students were scattered to various places on campus such as Business School Main Hall, Law School Building, Central Square, and Inchon Memorial Hall. The 15th G-MBA student council arranged missions and games such as ‘capital city quiz’, ‘famous people photo quiz’, and ‘learning KU cheers’ and gave out presents.   The 7 G-MBA 15th student council members each supported or hosted group activities and games. The 15th Student President Eunjin Kim said, “we did not have an opportunity to learn about our campus since our admission last august so [today’s event] was very meaningful”. The student president also said “I feel proud because students found the campus beautiful and showed high satisfaction to the overall program.”   Article·Photo | KUBS Management Support Team  


2021 2nd Career Week, “Follow changes in employment trends in the New Normal era”

2021 2nd Career Week, “Follow changes in employment trends in the New Normal era”   The 2021 2nd Career Week, hosted by KUBS(Dean = Bae Johngseok) Career Development Center, was held on April 16th (Fri). Career Week consists of special lectures on employment to aid students in their career search and corporate guest lecture session. The special lectures on employment were held online this time  due to COVID-19.   Link Company director Kim Tae Jong gave a lecture on “Industry, company, job analysis methodology and strategy on business communication.” Director Kim introduced employment trends of 2021 and emphasized the understanding and application of changed standards such as △expansion of frequent recruitments △recruitment changes in the untact era △reinforcement of management capabilities. He also mentioned the necessity to strengthen digital competency in the New Normal era that came due to COVID-19.   Tips to analyze industry, companies and job positions were also provided to students. Various methodologies and sources to analyze companies were provided, such as PEST analysis that covers politics, economy, sociocultural factors and technology, and websites like DART and Career Catch. Director Kim added that “it is important to continuously update information using many platforms.”   Director Kim Tae Jong said that in business communication, “it is important to productively create contents than fancifully talking about it.” He emphasized that one should be able to precisely communicate what the company intended in terms of content structuring and its appropriateness. Also, he introduced tools for logical thinking such as MECE(Mutually Exclusive, Collectively Exhaustive), logic tree, logic expansion method etc. and advised students to apply them in their letter of self-introduction.   Author: Yoon Seon Woo (Media & Communication ’18) Photo: KUBS Career Development Center


Entrance ceremony of the 91th AMP class held, “Applause for their new challenges in tough times…”

Entrance ceremony of the 91th AMP class held, “Applause for their new challenges in tough times…” The entrance ceremony of the 91st AMP (Advanced Management Program) class  in the Korea University Business School (Dean = Dr. Bae, Johngseok) was held at 5 p.m. on the 19th (Monday) at the Supex Hall of LG-POSCO Building. Several AMP faculty executives, including Dr. Bae, Johngseok (Dean of KUBS), Yong Keun Yoo (Associate Dean of MBA programs), and Bae Bokyung (AMP Academic Director) attended the ceremony. The event was held under strict quarantine guidelines such as wearing masks and sitting at a distance to prevent COVID-19.   "The ultimate purpose of management is to help mankind live a good life together," said Dr. Bae, Johngseok (Dean of KUBS), and congratulated by saying, "As the Dean of Korea University Business School, we want to help our 91st AMP class become leaders in accordance with the demands of our generation." Lee Ki-joon (Vice president (General Affairs) of AMP Alumni Association), said through his congratulatory speech, "I sincerely applaud the 91st AMP class who are starting new challenges in tough times". He added his words of support by saying, "I hope you enjoy the romance of your youth as students while studying."   It was followed by the introduction of the alumni association and clubs by the secretary general of the Alumni Association, Jeon Hyung-sik. 42 incoming students can participate in each club's activities after completing the AMP program. The entrance ceremony ended with a commemorative photo shoot after singing the school anthem in silence to prevent COVID-19.   First established in 1975, Korea University Business School's AMP program has 46 years of tradition and a strong network of renowned alumni in each field.   Article | Park Hye-jung (Department of Korean Language and Literature ‘19) Photo | Korea University Business School


[2021 Start-up Station Lecture Series #2] Start-up Enuma Korea Gets Funded 5 Billion Won by Elon Mus

[2021 Start-up Station Lecture Series #2] Start-up Enuma Korea Gets Funded 5 Billion Won by Elon Musk Hyunju Kim, the Impact Business Director, lectures on “The Road to Social Venture: Educational Innovation in Developing Countries” The second round of the 2021 Startup Station Lecture Series, hosted by Korea University Business School (Dean=Jongseok Bae), was held on April 6th. The Lecture Series is a program organized by the Entrepreneurship Academy of Seung Myung-ho Entrepreneurship Education Center, the educational department of Start-up Station. Various start-up mentors are invited to give lectures in this series of events.   In this event, Hyunju Kim, the Impact Business Director of the start-up Enuma Korea, gave a lecture on “The Road to Social Venture: Educational Innovation in Developing Countries.” The speech was broadcasted online due to Covid 19.   Enuma Korea is an Edu-Tech start-up that develops and runs mobile education applications for children such as Todo Math and Todo English. In May 2019, it launched Kitkit School, a game-based program that enables self-directed learning for children, thereby winning the “Global Learning XPRIZE.” This eventually led them to be funded 5 billion won by Elon Musk.   Director Kim explained how Kitkit School helped children from developing countries with self-directed learning. There have been efforts in the existing digital education industries to utilize Edu-Tech to provide solutions for education in marginalized regions, but it did not lead to successful academic achievements. Director Kim commented on the problem, stating that “Many of them focused too much on hardware development, therefore paying less attention to the importance of user-based learning experience.”   Moreover, Director Kim explained the outlook of Enuma Korea in today’s society, where the education gap further widened due to Covid-19. She wrapped up the lecture by saying that “Enuma School Program is reaching out to children of regions such as Indonesia and Latin America, where children have difficulty accessing online education services.”   Article | Hyejung Park (College of Liberal Arts, Korean Language and Literature Major '19) Photo | KUBS Start-up Station


2021-1st Semester KUBS Student Ambassador KUBE Closing & Starting Ceremony

  2021-1st Semester KUBS Student Ambassador KUBE Closing & Starting Ceremony The closing ceremony and starting ceremony of 2021 1st Semester KUBS(Dean=Johngseok Bae) Student Ambassador KUBE took place on April 5 at LG-POSCO Bldg. Ahn Young-Il Hall. KUBS Dean Johngseok Bae, KUBS Associate Dean Jae Uk Chun, and KUBE members participated. The hosts, 13th President Junhee Ji(Business ’17) and Vice-President Kyulee Moon(Business ’19) started the event by expressing their resolution to raise internal and external status of KUBS through various events and legwork. The hosts presented about last semester’s activities and this semester’s activity plans. The last semester’s main activities include △Campus Tour Video △2021 Orientation for Early Admission Successful Candidates △social media contents △KUBS Journal △KoManSa (People KUBS Met) Interviews, through which KUBE tried to deliver KUBS news to teenagers, graduates, and all members of the campus. In addition, ‘The 10th Teenage Mentoring Day’, which had been postponed due to COVID-19, has resumed in one year and KUBE was able to provide high school students all over the country with △KUBS introduction △Business courses △cooperative education △academic mentoring from enrolled students. For 2021-1st semester, there are plans to promote online actively through Youtube, social media, and KUBS Journal. Moreover, regular campus tour, which has been suspended due to COVID-19, will be resumed online and ‘2021 Spring Regular Campus Tour for Teenagers’ ‘The 10th Teenage Mentoring Day’ are being organized.  KUBS Dean Johngseok Bae stated that KUBS, having 115 years of rich history, has led business studies in Korea and was described to be ‘the first’ on many occasions. He asked the students to “take pride and be active in promoting [our school].” Associate Dean Jae Uk Chun said, “happiness starts from loving one’s given task” and that he hopes the students enjoy their duties of promotion.  Dean Johngseok Bae awarded the students who have finished their 1-year △Wonsung Kim (Business ’19) △Jeongwook Park (Business ’20) △Jongho Seo (Business ’17) △Jeonghyun Lee (Business ’19) △Daeun Jung (Business ’20) △Jimin Ha (Business ’19) with certificate of activity and prizes through 12th KUBE closing ceremony. The ceremony for presentation of appointment certificate for 14th members and scholarship certificate for 13th and 14th members succeeded. KUBS has created ‘Business School Student Ambassador Scholarship’ since 1st semester of 2019 to praise KUBE members for their contribution and hard work.     Article | Management Support Team Photo | Chaewon Park (Business ’18)  


KUBS Hosts the 1st Career Week of 2021: Global Vendor Financing and Working in a Global Company

  KUBS Hosts the 1st Career Week of 2021: Global Vendor Financing and Working in a Global Company     The 1st Career Week of 2021, hosted by Korea University Business School (Dean= Bae, Johngseok) and organized by the KUBS Career Development Center, was held on Thursday, March 19th. The event was scheduled into two sessions: career lectures, which aimed to help students find their career paths, and special lectures on enterprises. This year’s Career Week was held online due to Covid-19.   Special lectures on enterprises, which provided information on various industries and departments, were given by personnel currently working in diverse business sectors. Jung-Nam Kim, the Country Business Leader (CBL) of DLL, a subsidiary of Netherland’s Rabobank Group, gave a speech on “Global Vendor Financing and Working in a Global Company.” DDL is a finance company that provides services based on global vendor finance.   CBL Jung-Nam Kim explained about global vendor financing based on DDL. Financing is the process of providing capital to businesses, consumers, and investors, which operates based on three major types: equity financing, debt financing, and a mix of both. Global vendor financing companies offer financing expertise to different companies by signing global partnership contracts with vendors or client companies.   Unlike traditional banking, where a two-way transaction is occurred between a bank and a customer, global vendor financing is conducted by three different stakeholders: vendor, dealer, and customer. CBL Jung-Nam Kim stated, “Our company professionally deals with diverse fields including IT, construction equipment, agriculture, and health care.” He emphasized that since vendor financing companies manage solutions such as product leasing and mortgage loan, it requires a high level of profession just like a vendor company. He continued his explanation by showing an organization chart of a financing company as well as the flow chart of financing products such as product lease.   In the second part of the lecture, CBL Jung-Nam Kim gave a speech on “Working in a Global Company,” dealing with the flextime system and meritocracy. He emphasized that communication skills, active participation, and teamwork are the key to working in a global company. Moreover, he advised that it is one good option to branch out into a global company after building work experiences in domestic companies.   Following, he introduced “Seven Principles of Reporting,” a book dealing with strategies of business reporting such as speaking to the point. Later, during the Q&A session, CBL Jung-Nam Kim gave an answer to the question on how to develop communication skills, saying that “Reading books and taking business courses are indeed helpful, but the best way is to learn through experience by participating in a variety of activities, such as internship programs.” He ended the lecture by advising that “You should come up with your own personal story and thereby appeal to the company how much you are suitable to the hiring position..”



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