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As the birthplace of business education in Korea, KUBS has pioneered its development over the course of modern history.

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Entrepreneurship Academy Lecture-on-Demand for Fall 2023 Successfully Completed

Entrepreneurship Academy Lecture-on-Demand for Fall 2023 Successfully Completed   The Entrepreneurship Academy Lecture-on-Demand for Fall 2023, hosted by Korea University Business School (Dean=Sang Yong Kim) and directed by the Startup Institute (Director=Jungbien Moon), took place on September 5th at the LG-POSCO Hall. The Lecture-on-Demand is an event that invites various speakers to share their experiences and advice on current industry trends and startup strategies, with a focus on entrepreneurial spirit and innovation.    During this special lecture, the startup team of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and its partner company, Saltware, introduced cloud services and their applications to campus startups and students. AWS stands as the world's largest cloud service provider, offering a wide array of services designed to enable quick adaptation to evolving business landscapes while reducing operating costs.     Saltware specializes in systems integration (SI) company and provides services related to the development of cloud systems for public organizations, universities, and businesses. They excel in infrastructure setup and operational support. Notably, Saltware collaborates with global cloud providers like AWS to craft tailored cloud solutions for their clients and offers comprehensive operational and maintenance services.      To start the event, AWS introduced their startup team, AWS Activate, along with their new program and platform. Subsequently, Saltware talked about the advantages and insights of becoming a valued AWS’s partner. They also shared information about discounts and advantages in the cloud, designed for startups.      Firstly, the AWS startup team is divided into three groups: the Achitect Team, Business Development Team, and Sales Team. Account managers from AWS handle all account-related matters. The startup team provides services that include cost advice, incident response, infrastructure migration, technical questions, taking case progress, optimizing architecture, and offering infrastructure guidance.     The AWS Activate support program is very selective and goes through a thorough evaluation process conducted by Amazon. This process looks at various aspects, including the company's basic operational status, investment situation, technical platform performance, and establishment date, among others. It also considers the company’s ideas and direction. Once a company is chosen to be part of the program, AWS offers top-notch infrastructure and high-quality resources.       This program provides support to startups for the next two years, including cloud education and technical assistance from experienced cloud engineers. Startups that pass the evaluation during the idea generation stage can also receive extra support of up to $100,000 for cloud expenses.    As a partner of AWS, Saltware shared the advantages and practical benefits they offer. They emphasized benefits and services such as △paying the current AWS fees with no extra costs △using a simple 1-page contract △receiving assistance with cost savings, security, technical issues, and new service setup △accessing monthly education for self-sufficiency. These advantages and services are designed to assist startups and small to medium-sized businesses in effectively using cloud support services.       Representatives from campus resident companies and members of the computer club attended the lecture. They participated in discussions covering topics like cloud service components, principles, details about support for could service costs, and questions about potential job opportunities with AWS’s partners. 


Global MBA&Global MIM Freshmen Orientation: Begin a New Journey at KUBS!

Global MBA&Global MIM Freshmen Orientation: Begin a New Journey at KUBS!    The welcoming ceremony and orientation for Global MBA and Global MIM freshmen at Korea University Business School (Dean=Sang Yong Kim) took place over two days on August 30 and 31, 2023. The welcoming ceremony occured at the Supex Hall of LG-POSCO Hall and followed △opening ceremony △welcoming remarks and △taking commemorative photos. On this occasion, Dean Sang Yong Kim, academic director of Global MIM Tony C. Garrett, and Research Professor Kay Ryung Koo delivered congratulatory speeches. Dean Kim highlighted, "KUBS, the first and the best business education institution in Korea, has nurtured numerous leaders to date. I hope you will achieve remarkable milestones during your studies here, and I extend my congratulation to each of you on you embark on this new journey."      After lunch at the Young-Il Ahn Hall, students were assigned group work activities around the campus. Subsequently, the off-campus orientation, held at the Westin Chosun Hotel, commenced with a congratulatory speech by Associate Dean Janghyuk Lee. Associate Dean Lee welcomed the students by sating, "I hope our Global MBA and Global MIM students will gain valuable experiences and have a great time outside of their studies.”       Following the group work activities, students engaged in △presenting the results of each group work activity △awarding the excellent group and △dinner. Moreover, they familiarized themseleves with Korea University’s culture by attending a cheering orientation  and learning cheering chants.      Min-ji Kim, a Global MBA program freshman, expressed excitement, saying, "I heard that there are more international students this year, and I am glad to have the opportunity to interact with them. I am looking forward to campus life." Audrey, a Global MIM program freshman, shared, "I had a great time talking to peers from diverse backgrounds. It was also nice to learn about Korea University’s cheering culture."      On August 31, a session was conducted to introduce the overall curriculum, including the academic affair. Following the entrance ceremony held on the previous day at the Westin Chosun Seoul Hotel, this session was conducted to introduce campus life at Korea University. The first half of the orientation was held at the LG-POSCO Hall, and the second half was held outdoors for a campus tour.    The sessions took place separately at the Young-Il Ahn Hall and Cuckoo Seminar Room according to the program and provided information on the vision and strategy of the Global MBA and Global MIM programs. Students were also informed about the curriculum that they will follow for a year. They received basic instructions on how to use the school portal and Blackboard, as well as how to apply for their student ID cards. During this occasion, students expressed interest in the Career Acceleration Program, which helps them connect to employment upon completion of their studies. Subsequently, the orientation concluded with a campus tour led by KUBE, the student ambassador of KUBS. The tour included visits to the Central Plaza, the KUBS Main Building, the LG-POSCO Hall, and the Hyundai Motor Hall.    Anastasiia, a Global MBA freshman who attended the orientations, mentioned, "The two-day welcoming ceremony and orientation fully conveyed the vision and energy of Korea University Business School. The community for international students seems to be established well, which makes me very excited for campus life.” 


MBA Commencement: Hoping to Meet All as Future Global Leaders

MBA Commencement: Hoping to Meet All as Future Global Leaders     On August 25th, 2023, Korea University Business School (Dean=Sang Yong Kim) hosted its MBA Commencement Ceremony in the Supex Hall of LG-POSCO Hall. The event was attended by Dean Sang Yong Kim, Associate Dean Janghyuk Lee, Associate Dean Seungwoo Kwon, Academic Director of Korea MBA Tai Gyu Kim, Research Professor Kay Ryung Koo, as well as the graduating students and their families, who came together to celebrate this momentous occasion.       To commence the ceremony, the Associate Dean Janghyuk Lee delivered the academic report, stating, “Today, we are celebrating the graduation of 39 students from the Global MBA program, 2 from the Global MIM program, and 9 from the Korea MBA program.” He continued, “I applaud the dedication and passion that all of you have shown during your time here at Korea University.”     Following that, Dean Sang Yong Kim remarked, “I hope you will become leaders who will bring honor to your alma mater and contribute to the global economic society beyond Korea.” He continued, “Once again, I congratulate you on the hard work and dedication that brought you to this momentous day.”      The President’s Award, Dean’s Award, and Merit Award were presented to the recipients. On stage, Hieu Tran from the Global MBA program received the Dean’s Award on behalf of the awardees.  Following this, diplomas were conferred in the order of Global MBA, Global MIM, and Korea MBA programs. The students then stood and sang the school song, and the ceremony concluded with the traditional tossing of graduation caps.  


Alumnus Mr. Hui Sung Yoo, the “Donation King” Who Made the World Beautiful and Warm, Became the “Hon

Alumnus Mr. Hui Sung Yoo, the “Donation King” Who Made the World Beautiful and Warm, Became the “Honorary Doctor of Business Administration” The award ceremony for the Honorary Doctor of Business Administration conferred upon alumnus Mr. Hui Sung Yoo was held in an atmosphere of deep gratitude and respect, acknowledging his generous donations.    In 1958, Mr. Hui Sung Yoo entered the Department of Commerce at Korea University, which is currently known as the Department of Business Administration (Dean=Sang Yong Kim). Despite facing numerous challenges in his life, he displayed unwavering commitment to his studies. Upon graduation, he founded Cho Heung Construction, a venture that would eventually flourish over the next 33 years, diversifying into various sectors, including construction, real estate, civil engineering, and material production.  Following the closure of his business, Mr. Yoo turned his attention to supporting his alma mater, Korea University. His philanthropic journey commenced with a substantial donation of 1 billion won in 2011 towards the construction of the Hyundai Motor Hall. In 2015, he contributed an additional 1 billion won as a development fund. In 2017, he generously donated his apartment in Seocho-gu, valued at 2.4 billion won at the time. His commitment to giving back continued with donations of 1 billion won in both 2022 and in May of the current year, totaling an impressive 8.4 billion won in contributions thus far.      Mr. Hui Sung Yoo’s cumulative donations to the Department of Business Administration at Korea University have reached an impressive total of 2 billion won. These donations have significantly contributed to the establishment of the In-Sung Fund, named in honor of his mother and grandmother, bearing the initials “In” from their names and “Sung” from his own. Wat sets alumnus Yoo’s contributions apart is not only just their substantial amount but also their diverse impact. His generosity extends to supporting all members of Korea University, encompassing various aspects such as scholarships for students facing financial difficulties, faculty research funds, medical development funds, and employee merit award funds.     In recognition of his unwavering commitment to philanthropy and continuous support, Mr. Yoo is affectionately known as the ‘Donation King.’ His contributions were so remarkable that he was honored with the National Badge in 2021, a testament to his exceptional dedication to the betterment of Korea University and its community. In recognition of his significant contributions to higher education and his commitment to fostering future talents, Korea University conferred an Honorary Doctorate in Business Administration upon Mr. Yoo on Monday, August 21, 2023 The conferral ceremony took place in the International Remote Conference Room of Centennial Memorial Samsung Hal and was attended by Dong-One Kim, the President of Korea University, Sang Yong Kim, Dean of Korea University Business School,  and Hyuk Yoo, the Executive Vice President for Graduate School and Research.      President Kim stated, “Since the establishment of Korea University in 1905, we have grown with the dreams and sincerity of our nation’s visionaries.” He expressed gratitude by saying, “Our alumnus Hui Sung Yoo, who received the honorary Ph.D. degree today, has laid another foundation that will be remembered for generations in the history of Korea University.” Furthermore, President Kim added, “Today’s honorary doctorate degree bestowed upon Mr. Yoo symbolizes our deep appreciation and respect for his extraordinary benevolence and continuous generous contributions, which have warmed hearts around the world.”    In response, Mr. Yoo asserted, “I made the decision to donate to my alma mater from the moment my business began to flourish, and I always held a deep desire to give back to Korea University which holds a special place in my heart.” He continued, “For the remainder of my life, I am committed to doing my utmost for the honor and continued development of Korea University, my beloved alma mater.”      Meanwhile, Korea University Business School has designated Room B205 of Hyundai Motor Hall as the “Hui Sung Yoo Lecture Room” in honor of alumnus Yoo. Furthermore, Korea University Business School intends to utilize the In-Sung Fund, generously donated in May, as a cornerstone to pursue the goal of becoming the Global Top 30 and Asia’s No. 1 Business School by the year 2030.   


"Let`s Embark on a Wonderful Journey Aboard AMP" ... AMP 95th Class Completion

"Let's Embark on a Wonderful Journey Aboard AMP" ... AMP 95th Class Completion    The completion ceremony for the 95th class of the Advanced Management Program (AMP) of Korea University Business School (KUBS, Dean=Sang Yong Kim) took place on Monday, August 21st, at the SUPEX Hall of the LG-POSCO Building. Prior to the commencement of this memorable event, attendees enjoyed a heartwarming video presentation showcasing the incredible journey and activities of the 95th class over the past six months. Graduates took a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about their experiences, starting from the uplifting entrance ceremony to the enriching overseas training and numerous engaging social events. On this momentous day, a total of 56 students successfully completed the AMP program and joined the proud alumni.      At the ceremony, esteemed guests, including Dean of KUBS, Sang Yong Kim, the Academic Director, Seokkyun Kim, the President of the AMP Alumni Association, Dongseok Lee, and other distinguished AMP alumni executives, graced the occasion. Dean Kim extended his warm congratulations to the graduates, praising their dedication and hard work despite demanding schedules. He stated, "Congratulations on successfully completing the AMP program, a testament to your unwavering commitment and effort. I have every confidence that you will navigate our rapidly changing society with diligence and collective intelligence."      The President of the AMP Alumni Association, Dongseok Lee, an alumnus of the 55th class, delivered the following speech: "Through communications with the 95th class, I am excited to witness a new generation joining our AMP program." He also encouraged active participation in alumni association activities.   Subsequently, the Academic Director, Seokkyun Kim, expressed his gratitude: "I am thankful not only to the AMP 95th class but also to their family, as well as all members of KUBS. It was an honor to serve as your academic director."   Following this, the President of the 95th class, Hyun Ki Kim, conveyed his gratitude through a speech: "All of you who have been part of the AMP program have given your best. Congratulations on your completion, and let's continue on this wonderful journey together."      The ceremony was followed by the distribution of certificates of completion and other awards. Certificates of completion were presented to In Jeong Bae and Ji Hwan Hwang as representatives. Awards were given as follows: △Dean’s Award: Hyun Ki Kim △Merit Award: Yoona Kim and 13 others △Exemplary Award: Sung Yong Oh and 25 others △Excellence Award: Young Su Han △Grand Award: Nam Woong Gong and 12 others. Additionally, Group Project Awards were presented to Group 2, Group 3 and Group 1 each receiving the Libertas, Justice and Veritas awards respectively. The Merit Plaque by the Alumni Association was awarded to the President of the 95th class, Hyun Ki Kim and the Secretary General, Nam Woong Gong.      Lastly, there was an orientation session for new alumni to familiarize them with the AMP Alumni Association. This was followed by alumni joining the association and scholarship donation. The ceremony concluded with a unique performance: graduates threw their graduation caps into the air after singing the school song, marking the memorable end to the AMP 95th class completion ceremony. 


"MSP Alumni Association’s 350 Million Won Donation for KUBS’s Advancement"

"MSP Alumni Association’s 350 Million Won Donation for KUBS’s Advancement"   The Alumni Association of the Management Studies Program (MSP) at Korea University Business School (KUBS, Dean=Sang Yong Kim), which was established in 1963 with the inception of the first graduate school of business administration in Korea and boasts a community of over 10,000 graduates to date, has made a generous donation of 350 million won to support the ongoing advancement of KUBS. On August 23, 2023, Korea University held a donation ceremony at the Main Building, attended by Dong-One Kim, the President of Korea University; Sang Yong Kim, Dean of KUBS; Hojung Shin, the Vice President for Development and External Affairs; Seokkyun Kim, the Head of KUBS Executive Education Center; Won Seok Han, the President of MSP Alumni Association; Hong Mae Kim, the Senior Advisor of MSP Alumni Association; and Hwan Ki Son, the Senior Vice President of MSP Alumni Association.      First, Won Seok Han, the President of MSP Alumni Association, expressed pride in being part of Korea University Business School, which holds the longest history among Korea University colleges. He stated, “We are committed to contributing to the development of KUBS, a leader in business education in Korea.” Dong-One Kim, the President of Korea University expressed profound gratitude, stating, “I am thankful to the MSP Alumni Association for their support in advancing KUBS. We will use this generous fund wisely to strengthen our research, education, and administrative capabilities, with the aim of achieving our goal of becoming a Global Top 30 and Asia’s No. 1 Business School by 2023.    Commencing in 2023, the redesigned MSP program is tailored to offer guidance and support to entrepreneurs and shareholders actively engaged in management, helping them navigate the journey of business expansion and growth. It also provides access to a vast personal network.   The strengths of the MSP program include:  1) Practical curriculum and mentorship for business scale-up: The program offers a practical curriculum and mentoring, featuring intensive presentations, discussions, customized lectures by dedicated professors, and insights from external experts.       2) Top dedicated professors and external advisory board: The program is overseen by three dedicated professors among the KUBS faculty, specializing in innovation, growth, and collaboration.   3) Excellent educational environment and strong alumni network: MSP classes are conducted in an exclusive classroom at the Hyundai Motor Hall, known for its outstanding educational facilities in Korea. Furthermore, graduates benefit from a robust alumni network comprising over 10,000 individuals, enhancing their competitiveness.   



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