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As the birthplace of business education in Korea, KUBS has pioneered its development over the course of modern history.

CEO of top 500 companies, Korea University management of the largest network

Korea University's business school, Kim Jae-wook, has the largest number of CEOs at the top 500 companies. According to a survey conducted on July 10 by CEO Score (CEO Park Joo-geun), a corporate evaluation site, which surveyed 676 CEOs from 495 of the nation's top 500 companies.

Management of Korea University produces the largest number of Korea's 100 CEOs in 1919.

Korea University's Business School (Director: Kim Jae-wook) has been selected as the single largest university in Korea. At this "2019 CEO of Korea's Top 100 Companies," released by the Korea Security Business Agency...

Korea University MBA tops the national MBA evaluation for 7 consecutive years

Korea University's Graduate School of Business (Chairman: Kim Jae-wook) has emerged as the top business school in the "2019 National MBA Evaluation" conducted annually by Korea Security Zenith. He is an MBA from Korea University, which has been holding the top throne for as many as seven years.

Korea University E-MBA, 27th in FT Ranking, and the No. 1 in Korea for the ninth consecutive year

Korea University Business School (hereinbelow KUBS, Dean=Jae Wook Kim) Executive MBA Program (E-MBA) ranked 27th in the world in the list of the top 100 E-MBA rankings in the world, selected by the Financial Times of the U.K. According to an announcement by the FT on...

[Hankyung Business] [2019 National Business School Ranking] "In the Lead of Digital Transition i

Korea University Business School (hereinbelow=KUBS) opened its doors to business administration for the first time in the history of Korean universities. KUBS is renowned as its deep history. In the "National Business School Evaluation" conducted by Hankyung Business since 2008...

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2021 KUBS MBA Admissions Open

2021 KUBS MBA Admissions Open     Korea University Business School (Dean=Jae Wook Kim) is now accepting applications for 2021 Part-time MBA admissions. Admissions are open for 3 MBA programs: △Executive MBA △Korea MBA △Finance MBA A program for managers and executives with more than 10 years of experience, the Executive MBA program will be on weekends (Friday-Saturday) and will last for two years. As it consists of approximately 55 CEOs and executives representing each field, two professors and a full-time program manager will help any academic affairs. Exclusive classrooms and lounges will also be provided. In particular, KUBS Executive MBA ranked 27th in the "100 Executive MBA Rankings in the World" by Financial Times (UK) in 2019, maintaining the country's No. 1 throne for the ninth consecutive year while competing proudly with other global MBA programs. (Admission Inquiries: 02-3290-2705)   Korea MBA (hereinbelow K-MBA), which boasts the long tradition of KUBS and the best human network, is a two-year part-time program for office workers, with classes taking place in the evening. Aiming to foster an international level of managers specialized in Korean companies, it actively researches and develops business cases for managerial innovation in Korean companies. Each year, about 190 students are selected through a rigorous selection process. K-MBA program will offer learning opportunities for eight majors including HR, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, LSOM, MIS, International Management and Strategic Management, with self-organized alumni association and student clubs in various fields. (Admission Inquiries: 02-3290-1360) Finance MBA (hereinbelow F-MBA) program which fosters professionals in finance is a two-year part-time program that trains specialized expertise in finance including general theories of business. The basic theories on finance will be taught by KUBS professors, and practical subjects such as asset management, financial engineering and insurance will be taught by working-level experts in the industry, so that they can be used directly in the field of business. In particular, in line with the rapidly changing environment with the development of information technology, KUBS also provides courses on programming subjects (R and Python) or Big Data/Machine Learning. (Admission Inquiries: 02-3290-1308)     The admissions for 2021 began with admission briefing sessions for each course. The admission briefing session, which was converted to online due to the COVID-19, was conducted in the order of introduction of the Graduate School of Business, explanation of the course, and Q&A. Submission of online applications, which began Sept. 21, will close at 5 p.m. on Oct. 23 (Friday), and documents requiring submission must be mailed or visited by 10 p.m. on Oct. 23 (Friday). Based on the documents received within the period, the first round of successful applicants will be selected for each course, and the final successful applicants will be announced from November to December by conducting an interview.   >> MBA Admission (Click)


2020 Data Utilization Contest held

2020 Data Utilization Contest held     KUBS(Dean=Kim Jae Wook) and the Center for Digital Transformation & Business hosted the ‘2020 Data Utilization Contest.’ The contest was held to strengthen the students’ abilities to identify problems and also create common ground among school members about Digital Transformation(DT). In the  2020 Data Utilization Contest, participants suggest creative business models and ideas to solve problems that companies face, by utilizing public and company provided data. Among many students passionate about DT, eight teams were selected after strict evaluation. Each team consisted of undergraduates and graduate students of Korea University, with at least more than one student enrolled in KUBS. Project topics include △Online shopping mall automization (SoKeulBuckJeok) △AI music recommendation system (Cloud Sound) △Lodging determinants (Kwangdong Soosan) △Improving startup consulting model (T.O.P) △Predicting highway weak points(miMO △Early disease diagnosis(Data-minator) △Predicting break-even point of one person startups(Startup) △Administration chatbot(Emba) etc. Each team works on the project with an academic advisor by reporting its progress and receives feedback from a coaching group. They will be evaluated on the service’s level of completion and its practicality in the finals held in January 2021. The winning team will receive prizes. KUBS participated in the 2nd year of KU innovative support business, and devised ‘Model for Problem-solving Digital Transformation in Business(DTB).’ DTB is a business strategy that fundamentally changes a company’s strategy, organization, process, business model, culture, communication, and systems based on various digital changes.


KUBS 110th Anniversary Event has been successfully ended

KUBS 110th Anniversary Event has been successfully ended In the Wall of Honor unveiling and opening ceremony of the History Hall, honorary professors, donors and others have attended in the ceremony ... Huh Chang-soo, chairman of the Federation of Korean Industries, highlighted 'Corporate Social Roles and Responsibilities' in his keynote speech.     Business school (Dean Kim Dong-won) held the "110th Anniversary Event" on the business school campus of Korea University at 18:00 on October 30. About 300 VIPs attended the event, including △Yeom Jae-ho, president of Korea University, △Huh Chang-soo, chairman of the Federation of Korean Industries, △Joo Seon-hoe, president of the general fellowship of Korea University, and △Na Wan-bae, president of the alumni association of Korea University Business School.     The ceremony, which took place at the Supex Hall of LG-POSCO Management Hall from 18:00, was attended by both students and graduates, adding to the enthusiasm. "Business schools are recognized around the world not only for having global infrastructure but also for running various curricula," said Yeom Jae-ho, president of the university, who attended the event. "This is because Korea University and business schools, which have been modernizing their country in line with the spirit of opening up their schools to revive the nation with the spirit of due diligence." "We sincerely congratulate the 110th anniversary of the business school, which has led the nation's economy by nurturing talented people who lead the nation," he added.     At the 110th anniversary event, FKI Chairman Huh Chang-soo, a fellow business student in the class of 67 at a business school, gave a keynote speech under the theme of "Corporate Social Roles and Responsibilities." "It was the driving force behind Korea's economic growth and the driving force behind Korea's economic growth in line with the trend of the Korean era," Chairman Huh said. "The essence of companies should not only increase social utility through economic profit-seeking but also make efforts to make innovative changes that seek social values." In the future, companies should strive to become a new growth engine for the national economy by striving to revitalize venture companies and small and medium-sized enterprises as well as activities to create jobs, Huh said. In addition, he said, "In addition to the role of companies that pursue innovation and create quality jobs, efforts for sustainable growth are needed."     After the keynote speech by FKI Chairman Huh Chang-soo, everyone who attended the event sang the school song to celebrate the 110th anniversary. "Korea University Business School is the nation's top business school that has produced countless businessmen who have led Korea's history and economy in the past century," said Kim Dong-won, president of the business school. "We will take the lead in educating the 'Business for Society' by inspiring students through this 110th anniversary event and the opening ceremony of the history museum."     KUBS Wall of Honor unveiling ... with gratitude for the donor   From the left, FKI Chairman Huh Chang-soo, Hana Academy Chairman Kim Seung-yu, Korean Academy President Yoo Hwi-sung, Koreana Cosmetics Chairman Yoo Sang-ok, Business School President Kim Dong-won, Business School President Na Wan-bae, Business School President Jeon Yoon-ja, Chung Joon-tae, Chung Jang-ho, Shifimaru, and Dong-A Dream Tree Foundation Chairman Kim Byung-gun.   Prior to the main event, the unveiling ceremony of the KUBS Wall of Honor was held. The unveiling of the KUBS Wall of Honor was set up to honor contributors who made great contributions to business schools. The KUBS Wall of Honor engraved the name of the donor who donated the largest amount of money since the establishment of the business school. So far, about 5,700 individuals and organizations have donated to business schools, with 419 names inscribed on the KUBS Wall of Honor, with the list of donors to be added. The KUBS Wall of Honor consists of four sections, depending on the amount of donation. The four sections are △diamond (more than 5 billion won), △gold (more than 1 billion won), △silver (more than 100 million won), and △bronze (more than 10 million won). Eight companies that donated more than 5 billion won are listed in the diamond section, while the gold section bears the names of 15 people who donated more than 1 billion won. The names of 67 people who donated more than 100 million won in the Silver section and 329 people who donated more than 10 million won in the Bronze section were listed.   On the other side of the KUBS Wall of Honor, the names of those who donated at the time of the establishment of the management headquarters were collected and installed for a quick look.   Wall of Honor is a meaningful place to look back on the 110 years of donation since the opening of the business school. More than 50 donors and friends attended the unveiling ceremony of the KUBS Wall of Honor at the management headquarters on October 30 to mark the 110th anniversary of the business school. In commemoration of the unveiling ceremony, dean Kim Dong-won said, "The foundation for the university's continued development over the past 110 years is due to many donors," and added, "The university created a KUBS Wall of Honor in honor of donors with gratitude." The unveiling ceremony will be attended by △Huh Chang-soo, chairman of the Federation of Korean Industries, △Kim Seung-yu, chairman of Hana Academy, △Yoo Hwi-sung, president of Koreana Cosmetics, △Kim Dong-won, president of the business school, △Na Wan-bae, president of the business school, △Jeon Yun-ja, president of Cheongryun, △Chung Jang-ho, chairman of the Sipimaru Foundation, and △Kim Byung-gun, chairman of the Dong-kumak.     The participants looked back on the donation history of KUBS by looking around the KUBS Wall of Honor after the unveiling. “It is inspiring to see all of our seniors who show their love for this school and its students. This space is meaningful because we can take a moment to thank those who helped KUBS and motivate ourselves as well,” said Kwon Yoo Jung (Business‘09) who participated in the ceremony. KUBS will further specify donators who have contributed to its growth. This meaningful act follows the event of inscribing the names of those who contributed to the establishment of Hyundai Motors Hall. KUBS Wall of Honor, along with approximately 3,600 names that have been inscribed to commemorate their contributions to building the Hyundai Motors Hall, will become another meaningful site of KUBS.     KUBS museum KUBS STORY opening ceremony… A space embroidered with impressive history   From the left, president of KUBS alumni association Na Wan Bae, Hana Academy chief director Kim Seung Yoo, honorary professor Eoh Yoon Dae, Kim Dong Ki, Cho Ik Sun, KUBS Dean Kim Dong Won, honorary professor Lee Jun Beom, Shin Su Shik, Lee Jang Ro, president of the Federation of Korean Industries Heo Chang Soo, professor Shin Man Su   The opening ceremony for KUBS STORY was held on 5pm, prior to the main event. About a hundred donators, KUBS alumni, professors and students participated in this event. President of KUBS alumni association Na Wan Bae, Hana Academy chief director Kim Seung Yoo, honorary professor Eoh Yoon Dae, Kim Dong Ki, Cho Ik Sun, KUBS Dean Kim Dong Won, honorary professor Lee Jun Beom, Shin Su Shik, Lee Jang Ro, president of the Federation of Korean Industries Heo Chang Soo, professor Shin Man Su participated in the tape-cutting event. KUBS STORY displays the 110 year history of KUBS, one of the oldest colleges in Korea. Newly reconstructed from Nam Chon Lounge, KUBS STORY displays the △history △achievements △vision of KUBS and is located at the first floor of the Hyundai Motors Building. The museum has six corners; △History Wall(110 years and Beyond KUBS History)△KUBS: World-Class Faculty, Programs and Facilities △KUBS Alumni Associations △KUBS: The First&The Best △KUBS: Global Leaders △KUBS: The Leaders △KUBS: Professors Emeriti. Videos of KUBS history and historical records donated by senior professors are also displayed.     At the museum’s entrance, the chronological table of 110 years is displayed under the title of 110 years and Beyond KUBS History. The chronological table is composed of three tables, each featuring △Bosung College Plutology (1905~1945) △Korea University Commercial Science Department in the Economics & Commercial Science College (1945~1977) △Korea University Business School(1977~). Korea’s first commerce textbook, academic journal of the Institute of Business Administration st issue> etc. are displayed in showcases.   There is also a video about the 110 year history of KUBS.   KUBS: The First & The Best section displays various achievements and records of being the first on large panels. Along with KUBS Associations alumni section, visitors can learn about KUBS alumni association, its superb network and alumni who contributed to KUBS in the KUBS: The Leaders section. Visitors can learn about KUBS leaders in Korean history, KUBS leaders who lead Korean economic development and CEOs who studied in KUBS. KUBS students can be inspired by seniors who greatly contributed in the financial sector, government, and sports by looking at the displays.   Artifacts donated by honorary professors | from the left, documents of faculty appointment(1956), student notes(1955)   There is also a section displaying the internationalization index of KUBS, which is reaching out to the world. KUBS: Global Leaders section displays 103 partner universities around the world, showing how KUBS is a cradle of global leaders. The number of exchange students who studied abroad, foreign students, 1,829 students who experienced Korea’s first international internship programs are also presented in this section, proving how globalized KUBS is.   In KUBS, Professors Emeriti section, the pictures and service years of KUBS honorary professors who were the pioneers of Korean Business studies are displayed. Deans are also presented in this section. There are objects donated from honorary professors as well. Faculty salary documents in 1972, faculty appointment documents from 1956, and books written by professors show how professors contributed to the growth of KUBS. Shin Moon Kyeong(Business’11) who visited KUBS STORY said, “I realized the status of KUBS thanks to the museum. I became to have bigger dreams by learning about our seniors, who graduated from Korea’s best business school.”


Finance MBA Alumni Night to celebrate New Year

An alumni event for the 2019 Finance MBA (F-MBA) program was held on December 21 at the Hanyang Room on the third floor of the Courtyard by Marriott Seoul Namdaemun. 12th member Lee Seung-chul and 13th member Lee Ga-yeon hosted the event. Guest introduction was conducted before the event. Dean Kim Jae Wook, Professor Yi Han Sang, Professor Yoo Weon Sang, Professor Kim Joonghyuk, Professor Na Hyun Seung, Professor James Park, F-MBA Alumni Association President Nam Woo-sung, 2015 K-MBA President Lee Kyung-joon, 12th F-MBA President Yeon Suk-heum were present, including the 50 classmates.   First, there was a greeting message from the Dean. "We have changed from full-time MBA to part-time MBA this year, so I hope more people will participate in F-MBA in the future," said Dean Kim. "I congratulate the 12th alumni and do hope promising results from the 13th graduating class.   "Thank you for inviting me," said F-MBA Alumni Association President Nam. "I hope you become a proud alumni of the program.” "Thank you for your hard work for two years," said 12th F-MBA President Yeon. "I hope the 13th members will now lead the program well." The first part of the event has ended as the newly elected 13th presidents gave a speech dedicated to the leaving class. In the second part of the event, the 2019 F-MBA memoir video was released. While watching the video together, the alumni have strengthened their love while recalling the past. Some stage performances also drew huge attention from the crowd. The third part was followed by a quiz, a drawing event, and then the last group photoshoot. Check out the photos for F-MBA Alumni Night here  


2020-1 KUBS Outbound-Exchange Students Information Session Held

Korea University Business School (Dean=Jae Wook Kim) 2020-1 KUBS Outbound Exchange Students Information Session was held on December 20 (Fri) at 5:00 pm in HM B307. The contents were △Preparations before departure △Precautions before return △Individual preparation items △Application for credit acknowledgement △Q&A session. Before departure, exchange students must report their departure through submitting a departure notification form, a letter of commitment, a parental consent form, on the outbound-exchange students information session date and submit a copy of the student's insurance certificate. In addition, the student will officially be recognized as an exchange student only when the tuition fee is paid in full during the semester's tuition payment period, and it is their duty to confirm their exchange student status at KUPID (Portal). After arrival, students must report their arrival to the KUBS International Office exchange program coordinator via e-mail with their residence address, residence telephone number, contact information, and ‘Notice of Arrival Form’. In particular, the ‘Note of Arrival Form’ is recommended to be carried out within 14 days of arrival. Students must also attend the local orientation and make an entry declaration to the foreign exchange university. Guidance for preparation before and after ‘departure’ was followed by guidance for preparations before and after ‘returning’. Students must visit the relevant department of the foreign exchange university and make a request to send the official report card to the KUBS International Office before leaving. In addition, students must complete the settlement of the dormitory and the account safely. After returning, students must apply for acknowledgement of credits. Immediately after returning, students should visit the International Office, fill out the return notification form and feedback & experience form, and submit 4 types of documents including the application for foreign exchange university credits, original report card, e-mail report paper, and syllabus. Also, insurance subscription is required as individual student preparation. Students must be aware that without insurance coverage for international students for more than four months, admission could be cancelled.


Conference for 2020 Spring Incoming Graduate School Students Held

A conference for incoming Graduate School students of the 2020 Spring semester was held in December 19th 5pm at Hyundai Motor Hall B308. The conference was led by Kim Baeho Deputy Dean, the director of the Graduate School of Business. At the beginning of the conference Kim said, “I sincerely greet all of you who were selected from a very rigorous process,” and added, “I hope sufficient information about KUBS is conveyed through today’s conference.” Korea University Graduate School of Business is to be newly restructured. It has been organized with two majors; Business and International Business, but it will be reorganized with a single major. In addition, Business Analytics will be added to the list of majors, which makes eight single majors within the Graduate School of Business.  Kim commented, “Studying in Graduate School is a process of cultivating coursework and research as well as professionalism, a process of cultivating a T-shaped talent.” He also added that “the goal of KUBS is to train future scholars through strengthening research and education.” Korea University Graduate School of Business is to support students with all means. For the students’ research and studies ‘Programming Boot Camp,” ‘Amazon Web Service Technical Essentials,’ ‘Math Camp,’ ‘Academic Writing in English’ will be provided. In addition, an award ceremony will be held for excellent English research papers for each major every semester. Additionally, a scholarship program, financial support for research, a library, and research labs will be provided as well. Kim ended the conference by saying “if you enter KUBS I am sure that you will spend a great time.” A session with current graduate school students ensued after the conference. The schedule of the 2020 semester of Graduate School is as follows: The registration period of freshmen is from January eighth (Wed) to 4PM of January tenth (Fri). The Orientation session will be held in 2PM at February 18th (Tue) and registration for courses is from February 19th (Wed) to February 21st (Fri). The semester starts in March 2nd (Mon) and the course drop/add period is from the 9th to the 11th.



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