Curriculum and Academic Schedule

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Class Registration

- Early August (Fall semester), early February (Spring semester)
- KUPID, Graduate school website
Class Registration
- KUPID/Teaching/Class Information
- Final enrollment during the add/drop period
- 1 week after the semester starts (the dates will be announced)
Final confirmation
- KUPID, Department Academic Affairs (Team)
- You cannot change your classes.

The student must input the classes manually

  • Directed Study (DKK500) credits must be registered every semester (MS/Ph.D.: 4 semesters, 8 credits; Total: 8 semesters, 16 credits)
  • Students enrolled in Science and Technology Studies Program, Biomicrosystem Technology, and the Korea Institute of Science and Technology will be grouped (2:1) with a faculty member; students must enroll in Directed Studies 1 (DKK510) and Directed Studies 2 (DKK520).

Reporting of grades

‘I’ (Incomplete) grades will be changed to ‘F’ once the correction period is over. The student must check with the professor to change the grade.

Grade report announcement
- Mid-December (Fall semester), mid-June (Spring semester)
- KUPID, Graduate school website
View grades
- KUPID/Info/View grades
- Dates will be announced
- Any changes should be confirmed by the professor

Posting and viewing grades

Prerequisite courses

Prerequisite courses are required if:

  • 1. The major is not the same from the previous undergraduate/graduate universities.
  • 2. The student entering the Ph.D. program took less than 24 credits in the MS program from a special/professional graduate school.
    The chair professor from the department can determine up to 24 credits.
    The student can take up to 15 credits but these will not be counted towards his or her degree requirement.

Prerequisite courses

Prerequisite courses
Category Scope Transferable Credits Required documents
Counted towards both undergraduate and graduate course requirements If the student has completed a course from Korea University’s undergraduate program that is counted towards both undergraduate/graduate programs. 6 Recognition of interdisciplinary major course
Took graduate courses If the student has taken graduate courses from Korea University’s undergraduate program which is counted as prerequisite courses to the graduate program. 6 Recognition of graduate prerequisite course
Credits from a professional/special graduate school If the student who graduated from a professional/special graduate school is admitted to the University’s MS program 9 Request to Transfer Credit
Any excess credits from the graduate school If the student admitted to the Ph.D program took excess credits from the MS program of the same major 6 Request to Transfer Excess Credit
Credits earned from other universities MS Program Credits earned from the same major of other universities 6 Request to Transfer Credit
Ph.D. Program 9
Newly re-admitted students will be able to transfer credits MS Program If the student is newly admitted to the program that is the same major or a different major 9 Request to Transfer Credit
Ph.D. Program 12
Readmission credit transfer If the student who withdrew from school due to expulsion or suspension ? Request to Transfer Credit

The student must submit documents to the department’s Academic Affairs within 20 days after the school starts after approval from his or her advisor and the department head.