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[Singapore] National University of Singapore 24-1 Luka Longkumer

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1. Reasons for Choosing the CEMS Global MIM ProgramThe connections that I could gain from this program were unparalleled to any other program in the world. Along with the opportunity to go to another top level business school, I felt that the experiences that I would gain from the program would help me in my career. 2. Impressions of Term 1 Global MIM at KUBS (Strengths/Curriculum/School Life, etc.)My time was amazing at KUBS. Starting from my fellow classmates, I was able to create bonds which I’m sure will last a lifetime. Taking most of my classes with the same group of people meant that I got the opportunity to create friendships something that’s difficult in other schools. The staff were extremely helpful and without them my CEMS life would be a mess. School life in KUBS is never boring with something always happening somewhere on campus. If nothing’s happening on campus there’s no need to worry cause there’s always something new to discover in Seoul. 3. Current location (Which Partner school you at) and life during exchange studies I’m at NUS Singapore. The campus is huge with 8 different bus lines running just for our school alone. The cohort is much bigger than back in KUBS and this was probably the biggest thing I had to get used to. Even though Singapore is small it is right at the doorstep of south east Asia so I’ve been enjoying traveling around.  4. Advice for those considering pursuing the CEMS Global MIM program Don’t consider just do it . Through the Global MIM program I was able to meet so many new people and got to experience so many things that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. Through the business project I was able to learn more about the industry I want to work in and whether its really the right fit for me. With the connections I’ve made over the past 2 semesters I truly realize why its called “Global” MIM. 

[Australia] The University of Sydney 24-1 Audrey Leeper

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1. Reasons for Choosing the CEMS Global MIM ProgramMy intention behind applying for the CEMS Global MIM Program was to experience the rigor of international learning environments, get exposed to varying ways of life, and widen my context and understanding of the global business environments.  2. Impressions of Term 1 Global MIM at KUBS (Strengths/Curriculum/School Life, etc.)Life in Seoul is an incredible thing to experience. It’s quite fast-paced with schedules full of interesting and exciting things to do and see. This really frames the educational experience here. There is a lot to learn in a short bit of time, some things are refreshers and some things are totally foreign. I think it’s greatest strength is the incredibly diverse student body, from which I was sharpened by the most.3. Current location (Which Partner school you at) and life during exchange studiesI am currently at The University of Sydney! My experience in Sydney has been the perfect compliment to my time in South Korea because they are quite opposite in culture, lifestyle, learning environment and curriculum style. I feel like I am getting a very well-rounded year in CEMS as a whole. Life in Sydney moves a lot slower and shops close quite early, action happens early in the day and the focus is on outdoor events and attractions like hiking, beaches, and healthy living. The University is massive and you bump into surprisingly diverse experiences within the classrooms- I am taking a course on Enterprises in China and westward expansion and then an elective with a business-science-fiction focus. However different Seoul and Sydney may be, they both have excellent coffee which makes me very pleased.  4. Advice for those considering pursuing the CEMS Global MIM program Go for it!!! What life altering decision to be made. It will challenge you, build your confidence, grow your network of friends, bring you incredibly unique learning opportunities, and broaden your perspective.

[France] HEC Paris 24-1 Eugenio Bionda

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1. Reasons for Choosing the CEMS Global MIM ProgramI heard about the CEMS program in Bocconi, my Bachelor university. The thing that was most important for my choice it is that during the program as the name state you get the chance to have a global experience. You not only study in a country different from your home school (that could already be different from the one of your bachelor!), but at the same time you will meet people from all over the world and these two characteristics will make you more interesting in the eyes of companies. 2. Impressions of Term 1 Global MIM at KUBS (Strengths/Curriculum/School Life, etc.)My first semester in Korea University has been wonderful, the teachers and the people that are managing the program are super nice and smart. The school is really well maintained and the courses given are well balanced between the study of global markets and the Korean one. On a plus I would say that Seoul and Korea in general are beautiful, everything is super-efficient and the people are always trying to help you.3. Current location (Which Partner school you at) and life during exchange studiesI am currently in HEC Paris. The university is nice, it is a bit outside of the city so going to visit is not something you can do every day unless you decide to live in Paris and travel from the center for going to lessons. During this semester we have to complete the business project so there are less classes than in KUBS. At the same time the amount of work is balanced out because of the requests from the business project.The cohort is quite big as we are around 70/80 people. I think one of my favorite event has been the party to celebrate Lunar new year made by HEC Asian association which hundreds of people participated in.I don’t have many photography of the school but I have some photos from Paris trip we had. 4. Advice for those considering pursuing the CEMS Global MIM programMy suggestion for someone that has the chance of pursuing the CEMS Global MIM program is to definitely take it. I feel like it is a great opportunity of growth and meet motivated people that can inspire and help you understand what your goals during the first steps of career could be.