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Armed with the Best Faculty and Real-world Curriculum, Recruitment of KUBS Advanced Management Progr

Armed with the Best Faculty and Real-world Curriculum, Recruitment of KUBS Advanced Management Program · ESG Advanced Management Program begins   Korea University Business School(Dean=Sang Yong Kim) is recruiting new students for the Advanced Management Program(hereinafter referred to as AMP) and ESG Advanced Management Program in the Spring Semester of 2023. The application deadline for both courses is until February 24th (Fri) this year, and new students will be admitted in March. The training period will be held for about 16 weeks from March 13th (Mon), starting with orientation on March 10th (Fri), and classes will be held every Monday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.   The Advanced Management Program at Korea University is a training course for CEOs with a long tradition. It was opened for the first time in Korea in 1975 and has produced more than 5,000 graduates over a period of more than 40 years. It provides an educational venue for leaders in various sectors of society, including government-affiliated organizations and state-run companies, as well as corporations, to learn the latest management theories and strategies necessary for global business. The AMP course has steadily developed high-quality programs since its inception. The curriculum is filled with key elements that can be used in the rapidly changing business environment and actual business fields. In detail, △ New Market Development Strategy △ Global Economic Environment △ Sustainable Business △ Digital Transformation Trend △ Humanities and Liberal Arts Lectures for CEOs who need knowledge of various integration of fields are organized. (Click on the logo to redirect to Program Introduction page)   Currently, KUBS AMP course is recruiting new students (95th class) in the spring semester of 2023. About 50 to 60 people will be selected among CEOs and executives of companies or persons with equivalent qualifications. Inquiries about the admission process and submission of applications can be found on the KUBS website(     Meanwhile, ESG Advanced Management Program at Korea University aims to train CEOs who can learn the latest domestic and international trends related to ESG management, establish and implement ESG strategies optimized for each company, and communicate with various stakeholders. Experts at the forefront of ESG management will participate as instructors to provide training that can be applied directly to practice, and an "Overseas Field Trip" is also scheduled to understand the current status of ESG management overseas. The curriculum consists of sessions such as △Introduction to ESG △ Business & Environment △ Business & Social Issues △ Business & Governance △ ESG Strategy and New Paradigm. (Click on the logo to redirect to Program Introduction page)   The recruitment of ESG-AMP of the 3rd class for the Spring semester of 2023 is currently undergoing, and the deadline is on February 24th(Fri). Any CEO or employee of a public or government agency, interested in the latest trends and action plans related to ESG management, are eligible to apply. An application for admission, a self-introduction letter, and a certificate of employment or business registration shall be submitted, and the final members shall be selected through document screening and individual interviews. Details related to admission can be found on the KUBS website(

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  “Congratulations on your acceptance” …2023 KUBS Briefing Session for Early-admission Freshmen Held

  “Congratulations on your acceptance” … 2023 KUBS Briefing Session for Early-admission Freshmen Held   2023 KUBS Briefing Session for early-admission freshmen was held on December 18th (Sun) at SUPEX Hall in LG-POSCO Building, Korea University.   The briefing session started after participants gathered and welcoming speech from KUBS Dean Sangyong Kim. Dean Kim called students Pre-KUBS talented and said “We want to say congratulations on your meaningful results through hardworking years and hope you to be together with KUBS which came along with 117 years of KU history”. He ended his speech by sharing the history, achievements, and vision of KUBS.     The session continued with a university introduction from KUBS Associate Dean Sungwoo Kim. He asked all students to stand up and say thank you to their parents and made all participants happy. The introduction began with talking about the educational philosophy to build ‘excellent character’ with pride of being the 1st Business School in Korea. He explained scholarships, start-ups, and national examination preparation programs with pride. Associate Dean Kwon finished his introduction by saying “KUBS would be the best stage to achieve your dream, whatever it would be.”     After that, KU students shared their experiences in school and extracurricular activities. Kyuhyun Kim (Business 18) and Jiwon Jae (Business 20) started their presentation on the stage. Kyuhyun Kim who manages a tourist startup Budify, talked about the help he got from KUBS. He said he gained big help in the startup support system along with the network inside the school. And he hoped new freshmen to challenge and develop themselves using these opportunities and resources. Jiwon Jae shared her activities as KUBS student. Through experiences of many events, contests, and student ambassador and student council, she gained a big help for her career.   Also, Damhee Kim and Jaekyung Jung working as active KUBS student ambassadors (KUBE) went through a live introduction to school life. They explained neatly in KUBE uniform about KUBS scholarships, career support, and freshmen university life in the title of ‘KUBS Life’. SUPEX Hall was full of answers from freshmen during the quiz session.       The session continued on Q&A session. All speakers came up to the stage and sat down to answer questions from freshmen. They spent a lot of time answering various questions on lectures, scholarships and dormitory, concerns on mathematics and English, and drinking culture.   After the Q&A session, freshmen and their parents formed a group and went on a campus tour along with an explanation from student ambassador KUBE students. They took a look at KUBS buildings including Business Main Hall, LG-POSCO Building, Hyundai Motor Hall, and had additional Q&A session time in reception.  

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KUBS Professor Dongwon Kim elected as the new president of Korea University

KUBS Professor Dongwon Kim elected as the new president of Korea University   KUBS Professor Dongwon Kim was elected as the 21st president of Korea University.     Educational foundation Korea University Foundation (Chairman=Jaeho Kim) held the board of directors meeting in Korea University Seoul Campus Inchon Memorial Hall and elected Professor Dongwon Kim as the new KU president. The president-candidate recommendation committee recommended 3 final candidates to the board of directors after votes on 6 candidates who passed the preliminary examination.   Professor Kim graduated from Korea University Business School in 1982 and received a master’s and doctorate in labor and industrial relations at the University of Wisconsin Madison, United States. He began his position as a KUBS professor in 1997 and went through the Office of General Affairs Director · Office of Planning & Budget Director · Dean of Graduate School of Labor Studies · Dean of Korea University Business School · Dean of Graduate School of Business Administration and etc. For external positions, he was the chairman of the Employment&Labor Policy Evaluation Committee of the Ministry of Employment and Labor, executive director of the Korea ILO Association, chairman of the International Labor and Employment Relations Association (ILERA), international director of KEDGE Business School in France.     Professor Kim proposed 7 tasks including ‘Contribution to future society’, ‘Sound finance’, ‘Innovative research’, ‘Leading education’, ‘Efficient administration, and ‘Serving leadership’ in this presidential election. For further details, he proposed ▲Securing funds for the KU 120th anniversary and government financial support budget ▲Improving the competitiveness of auxiliary institutions such as the Institute of Foreign Language Studies and Institute for Continuing Education ▲Expanding undergraduate·graduate school education programs with large companies ▲Introduce research·education mileage system ▲Construct new buildings for College of Liberal Arts and College of Political Science and Economics ▲Establish committee on balanced development between campus, etc. The 4-year term as new president begins on March 1st, 2023, and ends on February 28th, 2027.

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Interview on new Leadership Team

[Interview] Interview on new Leadership Team   “Will help KUBS members to focus on their roles  on their positions”     Seungwoo Kwon, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs      “Will I be able to do it well?” I was concerned first after taking this position with lots of work on KUBS. After a month on the office, I was able to get a better undstanding on the work that I should give more importance on. I would like to realize what I have been thinking of better organization through my teaching on ‘BUSINESS NEGOTIATION’ and ‘ORGANIZATION BEHAVIOR’.  The role of associate dean for academic affairs is to help KUBS members at their own positions. My job is to support classes and registeration for undergraduates, boost morale for the faculty and support study along with classess for KUBS professors. I was in Academic Director for ESG AMP course and began my current position from November 1st. To put it simply, ESG management is a sustainable business. Our KUBS should seek for sustainable development as an educational organization. Development based on sacrifice from professors and faculty would unable to sustain long. Both professors and faculty should be happy to support students and carry on long sustainable development of KUBS. I would like to make heartwarming and growing community based on consideration for others which is tradition of Korea University. Please feel free to contact me if students, faculty or professors have anything to talk about or ideas to be more happy.         “Will try our best to make changes essential for KUBS”      Woochan Kim, Associate Dean for Research   I have one year of experience in Graduate School administration and accounting when I was appointed to associate professor 6 years ago. But I don’t think the past experience would always be my advantage because we can make mistakes without a feeling of tension. I try to work as if I am doing a completely new job. I am tasked with study and Graduate School administration this time. I will try my best to make changes KUBS needs, not to be buried with mundane works. To begin with, I will listen to the voices of professors and graduate students. Especially I am planning to have meetings several times with graduate students during the upcoming winter vacation. For study administration, I will fully accept many ways to support research expenses which are discussed in the research committee from early this year, so that expenses would not be a constraint for research. Also, the research committee will update the list of SK/IBRE international academic journals in the following year. In my personal opinion, we have to make some realistic modifications to the SK list.  We will give every administrative support available upon request from the research committee. The most important task KUBS faces regarding graduate school is to get excellent results on BK21 interim review next spring and secure an annual 800 million won national subsidy until the year 2027. We have prepared well for the last two and a half years and the only thing left is to fully put our achievement on the report. We ask for active cooperation from professors and graduate students who participate.       “Hoping to build KUBS that can contribute  to nation and society”     Kwanghyun Kim, Associate Dean for Planning   I will try my best to fully follow the direction of KUBS development planned by the previous faculty, and help Dean to make it more constructive while operating the biggest and best business school in Korea.   I am tasked with allocating and managing KUBS resources according to goals and strategies as associate dean. To be more specific, tasks include △ Budget and accounting △ International Affairs (Accreditation including AACSB and EQUIS, international exchange, exchange student, overseas internship and etc) △Carrer Hub Management △Startup station support, and △LINC business.    We will focus on its role to provide financial support KUBS main business and manage efficient use of resources. Also, we will try our best to keep AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) and EQUIS (EFMD Quality Improvement System) worldwide accreditation on the excellence of KUBS faculty, curriculum, and educational environment. At the same time, we will seek international exchange development in quality beyond quantity. Lastly, we will help students through career lab by exploring diverse career paths along with experience and work capabilities. Also, we will provide diverse and active support for students to realize entrepreneurship through Startup Station.    We are now having a hard time communicating and exchanging between KUBS members due to the recent economic condition along with COVID-19. Despite these hardships, all students, faculty, and alumni must work together to give energy to the community. One of the biggest strong points of KUBS is that we appreciate various personalities and respect different opinions but can be together for common goals. We hope KUBS become a forge and birthplace to educate future talent who can contribute to the nation and society through new challenge based on these strengths.         “Will try our best to strengthen the role of KUBS  in the world”     Janghyuk Lee, Associate Dean    A lot of responsibilities on my shoulders. I didn’t expect to take this position and was concerned but it seems I am enjoying this work after the first month. Also, this made me thrilled to take a great opportunity to give my opinion directly as associate dean.    The term is until August 31st, 2024. Until now there has been a new dean appointed in the middle of the semester because the term ends on October 30th, so we adjusted the term to avoid inconvenience from administrative absence. There are lots of things to be discussed but first, we would follow the changes and needs of the industry since it’s an essential task of business school as applied science. Also, we will be expanding foreign student quotas to strengthen industry-university cooperation and the role of KUBS in the world.  Our KUBS is full of passionate students, professors, faculty, and alumni. If we gather this passion into directions of study, industry-university cooperation, and social contribution then we could create new values through innovation with clear intelligence and individual doing social responsibilities with a warmhearted mind. We hope you believe in your capabilities, look around for others who are in help, and accept new challenges with passion. Please feel free to find me in Business School Main Hall Associate Dean’s Room 108 or through email ( I will be your associate dean open to active communication.

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2022 Startup Express Winter Season Successfully Ended

  Hoping to become innovative entrepreneurs changing contradictions in society… 2022 Startup Express Winter Season Successfully Ended           Korea University Business School (Dean=Sangyong Kim) Startup Station (Head= Hojung Shin) successfully hosted ‘2022 Startup Express Winter Season’. In this startup competition held at the LG-POSCO SUPEX Hall on December 2nd (Fri) 2:30 PM, teams moving for the 14th class of KUBS Startup Station had been selected. ‘Startup Express’ is a student startup competition proposing creative business items based on entrepreneurship and innovation. The competition is hosted by KUBS Startup Station and supervised by Seung Myungho Entrepreneurship Education Center (Head=Dongsub Lee) twice a year.     In this competition, 9 judges including △Startup Station Head Hojung Shin △Startup Station Center Head Dongsub Lee △Startup Station Specially-appointed professors Jaeho Jung and Jinkyu Park △Iljin Global R&D Center Executive Seungpyo Lee △ Hankook Ilbo Business Planning Team Head Wonkyung Yoo △Donghwa Group Online Service Team Joonhyun Hwang △ Pen Ventures CEO Myungsoo Song △ Kingsbay Capital Managing Partner Business School Professor Myungcheol Shin △ AON Investment Loan Officer Jungsu Kim had attended.     The event began with an introduction of the startup station by Head Dongsub Lee. Lee said “About 84 teams among total of 516 applications had become successful startups through 13 times of Startup Express.” and saying “We hope our society becomes productive more with your ideas and executive ability.” Dean Sangyong Kim cheered the teams with a welcoming speech. Dean Kim said “Startup is the motivation that changes the world we now live in.”, and “We would like to give you a big applause and hope you stay until the very last of the journey.”    Next, 12 teams on the finals among a total of 41 applications had presentations on their business items. The teams are the following: △Live feedback and version software for 3D modeling cooperation (Landing) △Storyboard production service based on AI (Storyboard.lab) △Social network service convenient for appointments (Ccalbak) △Tool for communication between teacher-student, student-student on face-to-face classes (Auru) △Direct communication app (GLOB-UP) △Challenge study and camera study matching platform through AI matchmaking (Alphadiver) △Cleaning agency service for single person household (NYSE) △Dementia care system based on IT platform (Alphacare) △PT payment platform with trainer recommendation through AI analysis (BuffLab) △Sales and rental business on re-form cheerleading costumes for a one-time event (Upstyle) △ DRM Solution for everyone with security-convenience (SURF) △Untact recycling subscription service (People).             The session consisted of two parts with presentations from 6 teams each and the evaluation was followed by a total of 12 teams. As the result, Iljin Entrepreneurship Award was awarded to ‘Landing’ and Seung Myungho Entrepreneurship Award went to ‘People’. Participatory Award was awarded to ‘SURF’, ‘Bufflab’, ’Upstyle’, ‘Storyboard.lab’, and ‘NYSE’. The top two teams were given each 5 million won and 4 million won for 5 teams with Participatory Awards. The event ended after the award ceremony closing speech from Head Shin. He emphasized, “Startup Station seeks to help your business idea to develop into a big corporation through this competition.” and saying “We hope you become innovative businessmen that change many contradictions in society.”   A total of 12 teams that participated in the event will carry on startup activities in Anam Campustown along with Business School Main Hall 2nd floor Startup Station. All teams would be provided with expenses and continuous advice from mentors including senior startups, industry experts, and venture capitalists along with systematic startup education. After 6 months of training, teams would be able to present their business ideas to outside investors to secure real-life investment opportunities in ‘Choo Choo Day’.

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"2022 Fall Regular Campus Tour and Meeting Day for High School Students" brighten the Campus

  "2022 Fall Regular Campus Tour and Meeting Day for High School Students" brighten the Campus in Fall         ‘2022 Fall Korea University Business School Regular Campus Tour and Meeting Day for High School Students” (hereinbelow Regular Campus Tour) hosted by Korea University Business School was held on November 26th (Sat). A regular campus tour is held every semester and 105 high school students participated this fall after 102 students visited this spring to continue the active face-to-face event.   The regular campus tour is a program for high school students nationwide that provides an opportunity to walk along the campus of Korea University with the KUBS student ambassador KUBE. Also, students can hear about university life and get information about business major and mentoring. KUBS received applications in early November and selected 120 students.   The tour started after students gathered and welcoming speech from KUBS Associate Dean Janghyuk Lee. Associate Dean Lee said, “Thank you for coming so long all over the country to here.” He welcomed the students by saying, “We hope you enjoy the campus tour with KUBE and get over with concerns about your career through the last mentoring.”   The tour continued on △KUBS Introduction △7 Majors and 3 Tracks Introduction △Campus Tour △ Study mentoring program with KU students. Students enjoyed their time walking the campus after they became much closer to KUBS after school and major introduction. They toured mainly KUBS buildings including LG-POSCO Building, Hyundai Motor Hall, and KUBS Main Building. The event was followed by ‘mentoring time’ listening to KU students and getting advice on career and school life in a free atmosphere. Students had sparkled their eyes with curiosity while listening to university life which seemed far away before this tour. They also got realistic advice that can help to enter KUBS. The tour ended with a group photo shoot after mentoring. A high school student who participated in a regular campus tour said, “I learned lots of things needed for high school life and knew what should I do afterward in mentoring with KU students.” Another student said, “I really want to come to KUBS and want to meet seniors again in KUBE.” KUBE Vice President Sungmin Kim (Business 21) who prepared the tour said “It seems that the passion of students warmed up a little lonely campus after fall” and said, “It’s really worthwhile preparing the event after looking at motivated students.” Meanwhile KUBS regular campus tour is held once in every semester (May and November). KUBS is planning to recruit high-school participants next May.

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“Hoping to give a big help to juniors”…Scholarship Award Ceremony in success

“Hoping to give a big help to juniors”…Scholarship Award Ceremony in success       2022-2 Fall semester KUBS Scholarship Award Ceremony was held at Ahn Young Il Hall in LG-POSCO Building on November 17th(Thu). About 60 guests and KUBS scholarship holders including ChungPyungHwa Fashion Mall Committee Kwangsoo Seo, KPMG Samjong Accounting Corp Director Yoonsung Han, Aewol Stay Hotel&Resort CEO Chipyung Jang, and Dean Sangyong Kim attended the ceremony.   Dean Sangyong Kim opened the ceremony with welcoming remarks. Dean Kim said, “It is my great honor to hold this meaningful event finally in three years with all donors and holders gathered around to communicate and share meanings.”, and “We thank all the donors for your continuous love”. He mentioned, “We hope holding students would grow up with gratitude and give back to society and alma mater.”   The ceremony was followed by awarding of scholarships to the holders. A total of 29 scholarships were granted to 133 students including △Seokwangsoo Dream Scholarship △KPMG Samjong Accounting Corp. Alumni Association Scholarship △ MnJfoundation Scholarship △ Jangchipyung Scholarship. Through KUBS Study Scholarship and KUBS Dream Scholarship contributed by around 600 donators, a total of 359 students were granted. Donators and Dean Kim awarded scholarships to representative students of each scholarship and took commemorative photos.   After awarding scholarships, donators and holders had a banquet with a chance to talk to each other. The ceremony was followed by a speech from guests and a thank-you speech from holders. Kwangsoo Seo said “You can be happy when you try to appreciate the small things” and “Stay healthy with a thankful heart.” in his speech. Director Yoonsung Han said “Today was a meaningful day to think more about donation.”, and advised students by saying “There would be another chance if you take a broad view of the world.” CEO Jang said “Be proud of your alma mater” and “We hope you learn intelligence and insight through enjoyable campus life”.  Student representative Jiwon Shin (Business 16) said “Thanks to support and cheers from donators, I was able to keep my dream and resolutions taking psychological·physical burden out of myself.”, and “I am very happy to express my gratitude.” Another representative Yeonjin Park (Business 21) said “I got a big present which is daily life with relaxing along with material support from donators.” and said, “I will take it as an investment and keep carrying on.” The event ended with students and donors singing the school song and taking group photos.

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