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CDTB Colloquium, “A Prospect of Customer Experience Journey in the Digital Age”

CDTB Colloquium, “A Prospect of Customer Experience Journey in the Digital Age”   Korea University Business School (Dean=Johngseok, Bae) Center for Digital Transformation & Business (CDTB; Head=Dr. Byung Cho Kim) hosted the CDTB Colloquium on Thursday, April 28, 2022.   In this event, Director Hyunjung Lee of HSAd participated as a keynote speaker and gave a lecture on the topic, “A Prospect of Customer Experience Journey in the Digital Age.” The event, which began at 3:30 PM, consisted of a lecture (60 minutes) and a Q&A session (15 minutes).   Director Hyunjung Lee is in charge of the CXM (Customer Experience Management) Center, which is an organization that derives marketing solutions by analyzing customer experiences. Director Lee specializes in the “Customer Experience Journey,” and is actively working with various companies by suggesting optimal marketing methods using data analysis.   Director Lee started the lecture by saying, “Customers are willing to pay more for a better experience.” Then, she explained the difference between “customer satisfaction,” which measures the customer’s experience after purchasing a product, and “customer experience,” which requires a detailed understanding of the customer journey. Director Lee further emphasized, “Companies should change their perspective and think about ways to provide positive experiences to customers. Understanding customer experience not only requires an analysis of behavioral patterns but also requires an understanding of customer needs and psychology.”     Director Lee continued, “It is no longer possible to differentiate products only with design and functions – and that is where CXM becomes the key.” She mentioned three reasons why CXM is important: △Holistic View, △Fast Activation, and △Performance Driven. She added, “Changes in the online shopping environment have also played an important role. Companies should focus on developing mobile shopping environments, such as UI and payment services.”   Director Lee also explained “7 Keys to Understanding CXM,” which included △identification of customer emotions and behaviors, △creation of services that reflect customer emotions and behaviors, △contact points with customers, △sufficient information and high accessibility, △customer experience-based marketing, △personalization, and △brand positioning. She emphasized the importance of managing customer data in achieving CXM. Next, Director Lee explained real-life examples of how to derive marketing solutions using data. She concluded the lecture by saying, “In order to analyze customer experience well, it is important to have curiosity, manners, and analytical skills.”     In the following Q&A session, students asked many questions regarding topics such as data acquisition process, potential of domestic digital marketing, customer experience of financial services, and mobile phone business. After about 15 minutes of passionate Q&A, the Colloquium came to an end.   Meanwhile, KUBS has established CDTB in 2019 to act as a platform that connects education, research, and industry, while leading digital transformation in the field of education and research. CDTB has been hosting many special lectures since then.

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”A good class makes students think" ... Session held

”A good class makes students think" … How does the professor in the next classroom teach? Session held    ‘How does the professor in the next classroom teach?’ session for the KUBS faculty was held on April 27th(Wed) by the KUBS Teaching Committee (Chairman= Professor Chan Su Park). KUBS has been operating a teaching method program every semester since 2021 with the aim of developing or discovering teaching methods specialized in business to improve the quality of courses and sharing and spreading them with teachers and general graduate students. This session was held to share the difficulties and know-how of hybrid classes, and faculty members of KUBS attended online to discuss effective teaching methods.  In this session, Professor Eonsoo Kim of Strategic Management presented his teaching methods and know-how, and discussions were held on the pros and cons of rapidly conducted non-face-to-face and hybrid classes due to COVID-19, know-how, and enhancing student participation. Professor Kim Eon-soo said, "A good class is something that makes students think," adding, "I am conducting classes with the aim of listening to my thoughts on the class, saying, "This class changed my life." Professor Eonsoo Kim said, "A good class makes students think," and also shared his philosophy on education saying, "I am conducting classes with the aim of listening to students saying after the class, ‘This class changed my life.’” Meanwhile, Professor Eonsoo Kim has contributed to improving the quality of education at KUBS with excellent teaching methods, winning the Seoktap Lecture Award, which is only given to courses with the top 5% score in course evaluation, more than 20 times.

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Korea University Business School CDTB expands industry-academic cooperation

Korea University Business School CDTB expands industry-academic cooperation   Korea University Business School Center for Digital Transformation & Business (CDTB, Center Director = Professor Kim Byung Cho) is expanding industry-academic cooperation based on MSBA (MS in Business Analytics) capstone project. As one of the main roles of CDTB, the Capstone Project is an industry-academic cooperation project that uses real data provided by companies to solve corporate problems and explore models, and is an alternative to a master's thesis in Business Analytics (BA from below) major (Head professor=Baeho Kim). In 2022, a total of seven companies △ LG Household & Health Care, △ LG CNS, △ GIIR (participating customers: LG Display, E-duk I&C-Allerman), △ Korea Credit Information Services, and △ Hanmi Pharmaceutical (in order of Korean), have agreed to participate as Capstone Project cooperating companies, while agreement is under way for smooth mutual exchange. The fact that the MSBA Capstone project has expanded cooperation to seven companies in two years since it began as two companies in 2020 can be evaluated as proof that external interest and evaluation in DT education and research at KUBS have increased significantly. What is particularly notable this year is that more than half of its partners are LG affiliates. A total of four companies are LG affiliates, including LG Display Co., Ltd. in electronics, LG Household & Health Care Co., Ltd. in chemical, LG CNS Co., and GIIR Co., Ltd. in telecommunications and services. Especially at the Capstone Project Theme Seminar held on April 13th, 2nd class of BA graduates employed at LG CNS attended and promoted the company, and other partner companies have suggested the possibility of conducting industry-academic research projects after the Capstone project. This shows that the Capstone project is not a one-time cooperation, but a mutually beneficial cooperation project that can be expanded to further employment of talented students and industry-academic research projects. Moreover, in order to find advanced industry-academic cooperation plans, CDTB will invite officials from Capstone project partner companies as speakers to hold a colloquium. Byung Cho Kim, director of the center, said, "Starting with Lee Hyun-jung, head of CXM Center of HS Ad Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of GIIR, on April 28th, we are preparing a colloquium for LG CNS Co., Ltd. and LG Household & Health Co., Ltd. in June," adding, "We look forward to the participation of Korea University members interested in DT." Meanwhile, CDTB was established in December 2019 and is playing a large role in supporting the MSBA Capstone project as an industry-academic Open Connected Platform, operating a DAB competition (formerly DTB data utilization competition), and holding Colloquium and KUBS DT Day.

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KUBS MBA Admission Guide for Fall 2022

KUBS MBA Admission Guide for Fall 2022     Global MBA program that aims to nurture practical talents with global sense … Customized programs such as double degree and exchange programs available   Upon completion of Global MIM, receive ‘CEMS MIM’ ranked 15th globally     KUBS MBA(Dean= Johngseok, Bae) is recruiting new students for the upcoming  2022 MBA program.   Two programs will be open, including △Global MBA (G-MBA) and △Global MIM (G-MIM).     The Global MBA program, which fosters the next-generation leaders that read well global trends, is a one-year intensive program available for customization. Students may choose either a one-and-a-half-year program in which they can study abroad in one of 65 overseas universities or a two-year program in which they can earn multiple degrees by taking one year in ESCP(France) or EBS(Germany).   ▶G-MBA Admission Guide(Click)   G-MIM is a program unique to KUBS that allows students to first study one semester at KUBS and complete the second semester overseas at a CEMS Partner School. CEMS is a global alliance of leading business schools, with only one university per country selected for membership. Major CEMS Partner Schools include △Cornell University, △The London School of Economics and Political Science, △HEC Paris, and △National University of Singapore. G-MIM program students must have certification in 3 languages and participate in an overseas internship of 8 weeks. When all conditions are satisfied, CEMS MIM may be obtained.   ▶G-MIM Admission Guide(Click)   The application will be conducted in three rounds, and for each round, a separate admission information session will be provided for detailed descriptions. The information session for the 1st round was held on January 19. Internet documents application was conducted until Friday, February 11. on the 2d round will be held on Saturday, March 12, the application deadline will be conducted until Friday, April 1. The 3rd round for Global MBA applicants only will be held on Thursday, April 7, and will receive applications until Friday, April 29.   ▶Apply for the online admissions briefing session(Click)   ▶Start application (Click)   Admissions for Fall 2022 MBA can be found on the KUBS MBA homepage(, and any inquiries can be processed through the administrative office(02-3290-5365).    

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Joint domestic training for 93rd Class of AMP and 1st class of ESG-AMP

Joint domestic training for 93rd Class of AMP and 1st class of ESG-AMP   The KUBS(Dean=Johngseok Bae) Advanced Management Program (AMP from below) and ESG Advanced Management Program(ESG-AMP from below) conducted joint domestic training from April 14 (Thu) to 16 (Sat). The training was held in Jeju Island, and 53 members of the 93rd class of AMP and the 1st class of ESG-AMP, including AMP head professor Bokyung Bae and ESG-AMP head professor Kwon Sung-woo, participated. AMP Domestic Training is a training program that visits domestic management sites and lifestyle innovation sites in person and holds lively discussions to explore new era-changing signals. The operation has been reduced due to COVID-19, but this semester was able to be conducted conducted as a joint training between AMP and ESG-AMP. AMP and ESG-AMP students who participated in this domestic training visited Jeju's "hot places" for two nights and three days and explored trendy lifestyles , including Jeju Island's △ Arario Museum △original center of Jeju △ Tamnara Republic △ Four Seasons Life and Jaeju firm △Cociety Village. On the first day of training, students visited the Arario Museum in the original city center of Jeju, representative brands of upcycling, "D&D Apartment" and "Frytak," and "ABC Bakery," full of trendy foods, to follow the sense of the MZ generation, which leads recent social, economic and cultural trends. On the second day, students visited the ‘Tamnara Republic’ and looked around the eco-friendly site where recycled items were created as new form of art and life. In addition, the training did not to miss the opportunity to network between students by adding team-building activities such as carrying out life-shot missions on the coastal trail. On the last day, the domestic training came to an end with encountering various idea products and spaces that combine Jeju's local culture and the latest trends through visits such as ‘Four Seasons Life’ and ‘Cociety Village.’ "It was a really valuable time," said one AMP student, who participated in the domestic training, adding, "It was an opportunity to change my thoughts by gaining various insights from Jeju."

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[2022 Startup Station Lecture Series #1] “These Startups are bound to fail!”

[2022 Startup Station Lecture Series #1] “These Startups are bound to fail!” Co-representatives of Chunmyung & Company, Jaehyun Jeon and Hyeonjae Yu   The first round of the 2022 Startup Station Lecture Series, hosted by KUBS (Dean=Johngseok Bae) Startup Station (Director=Hojung Shin), was held on April 12th(Tue). The Lecture Series is a program organized by the Entrepreneurship Academy of Seung Myung-ho Entrepreneurship Education Center(Director=Dongseop Lee, the educational department of Startup Station. Startup mentors currently in business are invited to give lectures themselves in this program. Jaehyun Jeon and Hyunjae Yu, co-representatives of ‘Chunmyung & Company’, gave the lecture, broadcasted online due to COVID-19, on the topic of ‘3 things that are good to prepare for Startup.’ Co-representatives Jaehyun Jeon and Hyunjae Yu are currently running ‘Chunmyung,’ which provides intermediary service platform for fortune-telling. The lecture was given in a comfortable atmosphere, and rather than giving advice on how to make a startup successful, the topic focused on "This will inevitably ruin the startup!" Through the three main questions of "Are we making what customers like?" "Can your team members make the best of a bad bargain together with you?" and "Are we proving it, not claiming it?" they continued to share vivid experiences, including the hardships they suffered to get seed money from the preliminary start-up package after quitting work. After the lecture, there was a time to exchange questions from participants dreaming of actual startups, such as the initial process of verifying hypotheses and difficulties in customer sales. To the question "It is really difficult to find a team member, but is there a solution to this?", CEO Jeon advised, "If you are a student, it is better to experience various groups and organizations such as academic societies and studies." Finally, CEO Yoo advised, "Even if what you are doing now does not win awards at competitions, it is important to go beyond that idea and take on various challenges in a broader perspective." Meanwhile, "Chunmyung & Company Co., Ltd." is a graduate of the "2019 Fall CHOO CHOO Day" organized by a Startup Station in 2019, and moved into the Startup Station Institute of KUBS in the summer of 2019. It is a startup that provides a fortune-telling intermediary service platform called "Chunmyung," which connects shaman and fortune-tellers, tarot card readers, and customers. It provides fortune-telling services in cooperation with top fortunetellers and uses brokerage fees as its main profit model.

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<2022 Spring Semester KUBS Student Ambassador KUBE Closing & Starting Ceremony Ends in success>

The closing ceremony and starting ceremony of 2022 Spring Semester KUBS(Dean=Johngseok Bae) Student Ambassador KUBE took place on April 5th at Sudang CLC Lab of LG-POSCO Building. KUBS Dean Johngseok Bae, KUBS Associate Dean Jae Uk Chun, and 18 KUBE members participated. The hosts, 15th President Jonghyun Lee(Business ’20) and Vice-President Yeongin Choi(Business ’21) started the event by expressing their resolution to raise internal and external status of KUBS through various events and legwork. The hosts presented the activities of last semester and future plans for this semester. The main activities of last semester include △Campus Tour Video Shoot △2022 Orientation for Early Admission Successful Candidates △Social media content creation △KUBS Journal Contents plan △KoManSa (People KUBS Met) Interviews, through which KUBE endeavored to deliver KUBS news to teenagers, graduates, and all members of the campus. In addition, through ‘Regular Campus Tour’ and ‘The 12th Teenage Mentoring Day’, which were conducted online due to COVID-19, KUBE was able to provide high school students all over the country with △KUBS introduction △Business courses △hands-on experience of business △academic mentoring from enrolled students. For 2022 Spring semester, KUBE plans to promote online actively through Youtube, social media, and KUBS Journal contents. Moreover, ‘Regular Campus Tour for Teenagers’ and ‘Teenage Mentoring Day’ which has been conducted online due to COVID-19, will be resumed face-to-face as quarantine guidelines are reformed. KUBS Dean Johngseok Bae stated that “We are to have many events this year” and “We ask you to actively engage in our KUBS events with pride including the art installation.” Associate Dean Jae Uk Chun said “Due to the change in the Covid-19 status, we will have many new events” and “We believe that you will successfully lead the face-to-face events together with the 15th members who have prior experience of non-face-to-face events.” Dean Johngseok Bae awarded the students who have finished their 1-year △Yoojin Park (Business ’18) △Jinah Park (Business ’20) △Hyojin Park (Business ’20) △Seokjun Oh (Business ’21) △Taeuk Jung (Business ’21) △Donghoon Cha (Business ’18) with certificate of activity and prizes through 14th KUBE closing ceremony. The ceremony for presentation of appointment certificate for 16th members and scholarship certificate for 15th and 16th members succeeded. KUBS has created ‘Business School Student Ambassador Scholarship’ since the Spring semester of 2019 to praise KUBE members for their contribution and hard work.  

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