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“Preserve the moments of pursuing dreams through hardships”… Completion of the Scholarship Certifica

“Preserve the moments of pursuing dreams through hardships”… Completion of the Scholarship Certificate Award Ceremony for the 2024 Spring Semester   The scholarship certificate award ceremony for the 2024 Spring Semester at Korea University Business School(Dean=Sangyong Kim) was successfully held on May 23rd in the Ahn Young Il Hall of the LG-POSCO Building. Notable guests included Kwangsoo Seo, auditor of the Cheongpyeong Market Management Committee, Professor Jongseok Bae of KUBS, Sungil Yang, executive director of KCC Corporation, Jungsoo Han, CEO of Yeondu Company, Professor Dongsub Lee of KUBS, and Dean Sangyong Kim. Approximately 60 scholarship students from the KUBS also participated.      Before the ceremony began, Dean Sangyong Kim delivered a congratulatory message to the donors and scholarship recipients. He expressed deep gratitude for their willingness to participate despite their busy schedules, noting, "The scholarship award ceremony is a meaningful occasion where donors and students can meet face-to-face to share their hearts and experiences." He continued, "Ensuring that no student is unable to study due to financial difficulties is a top priority for Korea University Business School. The warm hearts and loving support of the donors provide a significant pillar of strength for students striving towards their goals under difficult circumstances." Moreover, he expressed hope that the event would serve as a great motivation for the students, adding, "I hope that in a few years, you will return to this place as supportive alumni, just like today's donors, to encourage your juniors."      The Korea University Business School offers scholarships segmented into tuition scholarships, namely the △ KoKyeong Study Scholarship and living expenses under the △KUBS Dream Scholarship. This semester, the KoKyeong Study Scholarship was awarded to 82 students, with a total scholarship amount of 135,755,000 won. Meanwhile, the KUBS Dream Scholarship benefited 84 students, with funds totalling 209,600,000 won.    The ceremony continued with the awarding of certificates to the donors. This semester featured various scholarships including the △Seo Kwangsoo Dream Scholarship, △Eun Min Dream Scholarship, △M&J Cultural Welfare Foundation Scholarship, △95 Dream Care Dream Scholarship, △Han Jungsoo Dream Scholarship, and 31 other awards, benefiting 166 students in total. Dean Sangyong Kim and the donors presented certificates to representative students and took commemorative photographs.      After the ceremony, the donors and scholarship recipients shared expressions of gratitude and enjoyed a banquet. This was followed by speeches from the donors and a thank-you address from a representative of the scholarship recipients. Auditor Kwangsoo Seo advised the students, "While it's good to be grateful for receiving a scholarship, do not forget to carry it with dignity and pride." He further commented on the spirit of the young attendees, saying, "Seeing the passion and romance in all of you today, what else could this be if not a moment of great opportunity?"    He continued his address by emphasizing resilience and self-esteem during challenging times: "In an era that demands relentless effort and focus towards our goals, it might be difficult to recognize that we are living in the prime of our lives. However, even if the present feels uncertain and daunting, never lose your dignity and pride." He further stressed the importance of preserving the sensation of achievement and enthusiasm obtained through overcoming hardships, "If you continue to cherish these moments of striving and achieving, they will become invaluable assets as you seek and seize opportunities for a better life in the future." He added, "We don't know exactly how our country will change, but by fostering a positive and generous mindset towards others, you will be able to look back on your life with satisfaction rather than regret."      Professor Jongseok Bae offered this insight: "If you look down at the ground, you will see the sky and clouds, and through that mirror, you glimpse the unknown world. and advised that: “Don't wait for someone else to make our society a better place; we must live with the attitude that the people we are waiting for are ourselves."       Next, a speech of gratitude was given by Hoseung Lee (Business 23’), the representative of the scholarship recipients. Lee began by expressing his gratitude on behalf of all the students to the donors: “First and foremost, on behalf of the students, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to all the sponsors.” Lee shared his personal journey: “I dreamed of becoming a soccer player until middle school and only started focusing on academics in the ninth grade. Initially, I did not feel any guilt or gratitude towards my parents for covering the costs of tutoring and other educational expenses. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, my father, who worked for an airline company, was placed on unpaid leave, which significantly impacted our family's finances and made it difficult to manage tuition and living expenses.”    Despite these challenges, Lee was able to concentrate on his studies and coursework thanks to the scholarship from Korea University Business School. He recounted, “Before receiving the scholarship, I had to juggle tutoring and part-time jobs during the winter vacation and the semester, which was physically and time-consuming, making it difficult to deeply consider my career path. However, with the scholarship support, I am now able to participate in a brand-consulting academic society, where I gain practical experience with companies and receive feedback from experts, enjoying the opportunity to grow alongside peers with similar career interests. I am truly grateful for this.” Lee concluded with his aspirations, inspired by the support he received: “Having felt a significant benefit from the scholarship, I am motivated to become someone who supports future students extensively.”      The ceremony concluded with the attendees and award-givers jointly singing the KU song. 

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"Having Crazy Fun~ Joint Festival ‘KUlue Marble` by the Business School X Interdisciplinary Stud

"Having Crazy Fun~ Joint Festival ‘KUlue Marble' by the Business School X Interdisciplinary Studies"   On May 20th, the joint rooftop festival 'KUlue Marble', organized by the Business School (Dean = Kim Sang-yong) Student Council and Interdisciplinary Studies Department Student Council, took place in the lawn in front of the Business Administration Building and the Hyundai Motor Business Building. 'KUlue Marble' is a compound word of the abbreviation for Korea University, 'KU', and the Korean board game 'Blue Marble', which was first released by Korea Seed in 1982. Like the board game Blue Marble, it featured various booths, pubs, and festivals.      Firstly, various booths were operated during the day. Students from classes A~E of the Business School and the Business School Student Ambassador KUBE organized the event, and as the sun set, the pubs officially opened. At the pubs, students from classes A to E of the Business School enjoyed the festival while making snacks themselves.      Behind the Hyundai Motor Business Management Building, there were club performances and activities such as the 'Water Gun Island'. The Water Gun Island was one of the concepts of this 'KUlue Marble', designed to cool off the heat by shooting water guns like 'Water Bomb'. Along with club performances, students could relieve academic stress by shooting water guns. Students expressed their impressions of this 'KUlue Marble' as follows:      Ma Youngseung (Business, '23)   "We prepared everything in the pub, from menu to costumes, in line with the concept of the 'Spain' of the Business A class. Spanish food can be relatively expensive and unfamiliar compared to typical pub snacks, but we tried to organize it at a reasonable price as much as possible. Although it was tough to actually run the pub today, seeing people enjoy themselves makes me feel good too."    Woo Yootae (Business, '23)   "I am in charge of the booth chairman and the overall festival management during today. It's my first time running the festival as a member of the Student Council this year, and although it was tough to prepare and plan each booth one by one, I feel proud. Above all, since the Business School is holding such a grand festival alone, I hope students remember our uniqueness, thinking 'Indeed, the Business School is different.'"      Kim Bohyun (Interdisciplinary Studies, '23)   "I knew there was a festival in the Business School since last year, but it was my first time coming this year. It was great to be able to enjoy it before the actual festival began. Various stages and exciting music continued, and above all, everyone here seemed to be enjoying themselves, so I feel like I'm really enjoying the festival atmosphere."      Lee Hyemin (Media, '20)   "This time, I performed on stage with the dance club 'Wild Eyes' at the Business School festival. The stage was bigger than I expected, and I was surprised. It was a stage that I had been preparing for two months, and I was glad that many students came to see it. Please show a lot of interest in our performance at the remaining festival and IPSELENTI as well.”    Lee Woon-yong (Media, '22)   "At first, I doubted whether water gun fight would be possible in the school festival space, but once we started playing, it was so much fun like becoming a child. The organizers even distributed towels, showing meticulous preparation, which made it more comfortable to enjoy. If a similar event is planned in the future, it would be even better to conduct it on mats instead of dirt floors."   

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2024 April~May Korea University Business School News

2024 April~May Korea University Business School News    Dean Kim Sang Yong   Dean Kim Sang Yong (Marketing) won the Best Presentation Award at the 2024 Spring Conference of the Korean Service Marketing Association (Chair Professor Choi Hwayeol, Jeju International University), held in Jeju on March 29. The award-winning paper, co-authored with Professor Kim Dayeon of Dongguk University, is titled "A Study on Perceived Brand Value in the Sharing Service Market: Focusing on Customer-Generated Content."   Professor Suk Kwanho   Professor Suk Kwanho (Marketing) received the Excellent Paper Award and the Best Paper Award from the Korean Consumer Studies Association on April 20. The Excellent Paper was titled "Exploration of Consumer Product Knowledge Structures Using the DRM Paradigm and Formation of False Memories," while the Best Paper, co-authored with Professor Jang Yoonjung, was "The Effect of Donor's Political Orientation on the Perceived Visibility of Beneficiaries."  Additionally, Professor Seok won the 2023 Best Paper Award from the Korean Marketing Association's Journal of Marketing Research on May 25, for the paper titled "Context Effects in Conjoint Studies: Focusing on Response Task and Attribute Range Effects."    Professor Nam Dae Il  Professor Nam Dae Il (Business Management) published "101 Business Models for Successful Startups," co-authored with Kim Juhee, Jung Jihye, Jung Hyemin, and Lee Minseon. Following the first edition in 2015, the second in 2017, and the third in 2020, this is the comprehensive revised ‘2024 edition’. This book has been loved as a bestseller in the field of business strategy and startups for 10 years, and it is the result of the most comprehensive revision among the editions published so far, with 63 new companies added to the existing business models.    Professor No Injoon   Professor No In-joon (LSOM) received the "Best Reviewer Award for Production & Operations Management" at the POMS 34th Annual Conference held in Minneapolis, USA, from April 25 to 29.      Professor Lee Hyun Seok  Professor Lee Hyun Seok LSOM) guided students in winning the Grand Prize and Excellence Award at the 2024 Spring Conference of the Korean Service Management Association's KOTRA-sponsored University Student Competition on May 1. The theme of this year's competition was "New Service Ideas Utilizing New Technologies in the Era of Digital Transformation." The Grand Prize went to the "AI Salesperson" team led by Park Seoyeon (Business '20), and the Excellence Award went to the "First Export is Too Difficult" team led by Jung Joonhwan (Business '19).      Professor Lee commented, "Since its inception in 2007, KULSOM (Korea University Logistics, Service & Operations Management) has consistently achieved excellent results in at least one academic conference university student competition each year. This year, in addition to the Production Management Conference, which focuses on operations, we also participated in the Service Management Conference, focusing on service, achieving remarkable results by winning both the Grand Prize and the Excellence Award." He added, "I could feel the passion of the student members from the preliminary meetings, and despite their busy schedules, I would like to congratulate how they worked hard until the end. I am proud and commend them as their senior."      Park Seoyeon, the team leader of the Grand Prize-winning ‘AI Salesperson’ team, said, "We were able to achieve great results thanks to the warm and excellent team members. Thank you so much to Professor Lee Hyun Seok who gave us valuable advice.”    

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ESG Yesterday and Today, and the Paris Agreement… ESG Lecture Series by UN Global Compact Korea Secr

ESG Yesterday and Today, and the Paris Agreement… ESG Lecture Series by UN Global Compact Korea Secretary-General Yeoncheol Yoo   On April 30, the Korea University Business School (Dean=Sangyong Kim) held an ESG Lecture Series (hereafter referred to as the lecture) at Ahn Young-Il Hall in the LG-POSCO Building. This lecture was hosted by the ESG Research Institute (Head=Jaehyuk Lee) affiliated with the Korea University Business School, and the speaker was Yeoncheol Yoo, Secretary General of the UN Global Compact Korea. He is also a former Climate Change Ambassador and a seasoned expert who has studied climate change and climate crises for decades.      First, Head Jaehyuk Lee briefly introduced the ESG Research Institute. He highlighted, "The ESG Research Institute is the first of its kind in the country to study ESG at a university level," and added, "We are conducting various seminars and lecture series on global ESG management, which has become a significant topic worldwide."      Before delving into the main lecture, Secretary General Yoo presented several intriguing questions to the audience: Why did the global ESG boom arise around 2020 despite ESG's long history? What are the climate-related Paris Agreement and the 2050 carbon neutrality goal? What roles do companies play in achieving these carbon neutrality goals and ESG management? Is ESG merely a trend or a marketing tool?    Secretary General Yoo began by discussing the history of ESG and the recent ESG boom. The concept of ESG originates from sustainable development, which first appeared in the document "Our Common Future," published by the World Commission on Environment and Development in 1987. This document introduced the idea of sustainable development, encompassing environmental and development issues. In 1992, global representatives agreed to promote sustainable development through the 'Rio Declaration' at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development.      ESG first appeared in the 2004 UN Global Compact report titled "Who Cares Wins." Following this, former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan emphasized the necessity of responsible investment that considers environmental, social, and governance factors, leading to the launch of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) in 2006. Secretary General Yoo explained, "The subsequent establishment of the Paris Agreement on climate change (2015), the setting of carbon neutrality goals (2020), and the trend of stakeholder-centric approaches through business roundtables have closely connected with the global ESG boom."    He then explained the Paris Agreement. Unlike the previous climate-related Kyoto Protocol, which emphasized historical responsibility and required developed countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the Paris Agreement emphasizes the participation of all parties, highlighting shared responsibilities across past, present, and future. While the Millennium Development Goals focused on eradicating poverty in developing countries, the Paris Agreement emphasizes the restoration of social communities and the global ecosystem through the participation of all countries and stakeholders.    Secretary General Yoo assessed the Paris Agreement as the establishment of a new climate regime, stating, "Responding to climate change is an irreversible trend for the international community, and the Paris Agreement represents a sustainable expansion of the Kyoto Protocol in terms of time and space." He then sequentially presented the 2050 carbon neutrality goal, the roles of ESG companies, and their response strategies.      Finally, Secretary General Yoo spoke about the future prospects of ESG. He remarked, "The necessity of ESG management will not disappear and is expected to continue steadily through 2024." However, he noted that it might slow down compared to the past due to various adverse circumstances such as elections. He advised, "For a transition to ESG management, it is crucial to simultaneously implement a dual strategy based on the concepts of inclusiveness and diversity." 

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Diverse Advice from Students to Students… Business School X E-MBA Mentoring Day

Diverse Advice from Students to Students… Business School X E-MBA Mentoring Day    On May 16, the Business School (Dean=Sangyong Kim) hosted the ‘Business School X E-MBA Mentoring Day’ (hereafter referred to as Mentoring Day) at the LG-POSCO Building. This event, organized by the E-MBA student council, was designed to provide KUBS students with insights from E-MBA students who are currently working as accountants, entrepreneurs, executives, and CEOs in large and international companies. The mentors and hosts for the Mentoring Day were as follows: ▶ Sangbeom Kim, CEO of Entro Co., Ltd. (Host) ▶Yongjin Shin, Deputy Manager at Industrial Bank of Korea ▶Jungwook Sim, CEO of Greenwich Private Equity ▶Joonyoung Kim, Country Director at Nium ▶Hyungseok Han, CEO of Vegistar Co., Ltd. ▶Yong Kang, CEO of DaeRook Co., Ltd. ▶Sungil Hwang, HR Manager at Samsung.      First, Taejin Kim, the president of the 21st E-MBA cohort, took the stage on behalf of the E-MBA students. He stated, “We have been contemplating how we, as senior members of society, can contribute to the students.” He explained that by providing insights into entrepreneurship, career paths, and corporate culture, they hoped to assist students in making informed career choices and building valuable relationships. He also mentioned that it was a great opportunity for the E-MBA students to gain energy from the younger generation and learn about the needs of the MZ generation as CEOs. He expressed his hope that the strong network between undergraduate and E-MBA students would continue.      Next, Professor Daeki Kim, the academic advisor of the 21st E-MBA cohort, represented the Business School on stage. He expressed his pride in the E-MBA students for organizing such a meaningful event, noting that there had never been an instance in Korea University’s history where students mentored fellow students in this way. He remarked, “It is truly commendable and heartwarming to hear about the networking between our proud Business School students,” and added that May 16, 2024, would be remembered as a significant day. Finally, he thanked Associate Dean Seongwoo Kwon for recommending the student council and everyone who supported this first step, hoping for continued support to open new chapters.    The main Mentoring Day session followed. Led by host Sangbeom Kim, the session involved answering pre-submitted questions from Business School students. Questions were written on post-it notes, and answers were provided, with additional questions taken from the audience during the session.      Addressing the fear of entrepreneurial failure, mentor Hyungseok Han stated, “I was less afraid and overwhelmed because I ventured into entrepreneurship without knowing much about it. Nowadays, there is a lot of support from the government and other sources, so if you are interested in starting a business, it is easier to do so.” He also advised that even small-scale startups would keep one busy enough to not have time for fear.      After the first part, students and mentors moved to Ahn Young-Il Hall for a networking session, marking the successful conclusion of the Mentoring Day. Additionally, the E-MBA students demonstrated their strong network by donating a 2 million won scholarship to the Business School student council.    

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"See You Again on Campus!"… 2024 Spring Korea University Business School Regular Campus Tour

"See You Again on Campus!"… 2024 Spring Korea University Business School Regular Campus Tour and Youth Meeting Day Held   On May 18th, the Korea University Business School (Dean=Sangyong Kim) hosted the 2024 Spring Regular Campus Tour and Youth Meeting Day (hereafter referred to as the event) at LG-POSCO Building and Hyundai Motor Hall, among other locations. This event is organized by the KUBS Student Ambassadors (KUBE) and is aimed at high school students nationwide.      The event featured several activities: △Introduction to Korea University Business School (KUBS) △Introduction to 7 Majors & 3 Tracks system △Campus tour △Mentoring session with KUBS students. Initially, KUBE introduced the KUBS buildings, scholarship system, international exchange agreements, and majors. A quiz followed the introduction, with Korea University’s mascot ‘Hoi’ keyrings awarded as prizes.    The campus tour covered the main Business School buildings, including the main building, LG-POSCO Building, and Hyundai Motor Hall, as well as the Humanities campus. Students were divided into groups and guided around the campus by KUBE members. During the mentoring session at Hyundai Motor Hall, there was a Q&A session about career paths and school life. KUBE provided detailed answers to questions about managing school records, overcoming slumps, and university life.      Junghwan Kim (17, Gaepo High School), who participated in the event, shared his thoughts, saying, “The school was more impressive than I expected, and the ambassadors explained everything kindly, making it a meaningful experience.” Minseo Kim (18, Bupyeong Girls' High School) added, “Through this event, I gained a better understanding of the Business School, and the campus tour allowed me to appreciate the beautiful campus of Korea University, which was very beneficial.” Jungjun Hwang (Business '23), a KUBE student ambassador who organized the event, remarked, “As always, it was truly meaningful, and I felt proud to be able to help the students.”      The Korea University Business School Regular Campus Tour and Youth Meeting Day are held once each semester, and applications can be made through the Korea University Business School Student Ambassadors KUBE website (     

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