Global MIM Academic Curriculum

Program Overview

(Fall semester at KUBS)
(Spring Semester at CEMS Partner School )
8 Weeks of International Internship
Module 0 Module 1 Module 2 Module 3 Module 4 Module 5 Module 6
Block Seminar* Business Communication Skill Seminar* Global Strategy* TBD** Global Citizenship* Skill Seminar* TBD
OT(Mandatory) KUBS Electives Skill Seminar* Global Leadership* Global Business Project*
        Other CEMS courses  

*CEMS Core Course
** Module 3 (January to February) would not be offered for the incoming students.

  • 1 Year Course: First semester (at KUBS) + Second semester (at CEMS Partner School) + International Internship
  • Minimum credits needed to earn Global MIM degree: 45 Credits
  • Minimum ECTS needed to earn CEMS MIM Certificate: 66 ECTS, 8 week Internship
  • Conversion Ratio (Exchange Semester): 1 KUBS Credit = 1.5 ECTS

CEMS MIM Curriculum

Block Seminars

Meet fellow students and faculty during a weeklong induction seminar, held at the beginning of the academic year. Academically and culturally intensive, this experience is the ideal starting point into the program.

Responsible Global Leadership Seminar

Understand what it takes to be a responsible global leader through an experiential seminar led by professors and Corporate or Social Partner representatives.

Business Project

Work with a team of fellow students on current business challenges that companies are facing under the guidance of corporate and academic advisors.

Skill Seminars

Translate your theoretical knowledge into a practical skill set through a series of interactive seminars on subjects like intercultural skills, project management, negotiation, often in close cooperation with companies. Understand and apply efficient communication skills in a global business setting by learning how to present ideas, persuade others, write business memos, and improve linguistic skills.

Advanced Courses (Mandatory & Electives)

Experience the dedicated core courses in Global Strategy and Global Management Practice and choose from a wide portfolio of internationally focused electives.

Semester Abroad

Get the most out of your CEMS experience with a complete semester abroad alongside fellow global cosmopolitans, offering a golden opportunity for cross-cultural learning.

Language Requirement

All CEMS MIM students graduate with competence in three languages, one of which must be English (at an advanced level) and another which must be a CEMS language. While these are the minimum requirements needed to pass the CEMS MIM, students are highly encouraged to take language and business communication courses and/or tests at the highest level in as many languages as they master. Students are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone. The minimum language requirements are the following:

Language Requirement
Language 1 English Mother tongue or Proficiency
Language 2 Any Language Mother tongue or B2 oral/ B1 written level
Language 3 Any Language Mother tongue or elementary level

KUBS Global MIM Curriculum (Combined with CEMS MIM Curriculum)

KUBS Global MIM Curriculum (Combined with CEMS MIM Curriculum)
Category Title KUBS Credit
Core Courses GMIM Core Uncertainty, Data & Decisions 2
Managerial Economics 2
Financial Accounting 2
Uncertainty, Data & Decisions 2
Managerial Economics 2
Organizational Behavior 2
Financial Management 2
Marketing 2
Operations Management 2
Emerging Trends & Developments in Global IT industry 2
Strategic Management 2
CEMS Core Block Seminar 1
Global Strategy 2
Global Citizenship 1
Global Leadership 2
Skill Seminar 1
Global Business Project 6
Financial Statement Analysis, Business Analytics (Hard Skill) 2
Electives Marketing Concentration Marketing Research 2
Business Analytics 2
New Product Development 2
Consumer Behavior 2
Finance Concentration Financial Statement Analysis 2
Entrepreneurial Finance 2
Business Valuation 2
Investment 2
Corporate Finance 2
Strategy Concentration Corporate Strategy 2
Consumer Behavior 2
Strategic Cost Management 2
Strategic Entrepreneurship 2
General Deep Learning Business Applications with Python 2
Technological Innovation Management 2
International Business I or II 2

* Curriculum for 2021-22 Academic Year. The curriculum is subject to change.