Credit Transfer

Credit Approval

According to KUBS International University Credit Approval regulation, minimum 12 and maximum 19 credits can be transferred to KUBS.

Course Review

  • Students review the possibility of course approval that they wish to take at partner universities during the exchange period through Outbound Program Manager before they depart or while they register courses.
  • It is regularly processed 5th through 15th of each month.

    *Course Reivew Request Form + Consent Form for Collection and Use of Personal Information :

    Pre-exchange Course Review Request

Course Replacement

  • Courses taken at exchange universities will be approved by replacing them with the courses offered at Korea University.
  • Only Major Required Course and Interdisciplinary Major Course are available for course replacement.

Possible Courses for Credit Approval

Possible Courses for Credit Approval
Major Required
(up to 3 credits)
Major Elective General Elective
Based on the syllabus, course matches 80% or more of the courses at Korea University

Based on the syllabus, course matches 50% or more of the courses at Korea University

(If the course is not offered by Korea University, consultation with professor must be made through Outbound Program Manager)

All other courses

(Other Major courses, General Studies or Language Courses, etc.)


Number of Times

  • Credit approval can be processed only one time, additional credit approval is not allowed and after credit approval is processed, changes cannot be made.


  • Accodring to KU regulation, students must complete half of the Major required course credits (including Double Major, Minor and Dual Degrees) at Korea University.
  • Credits for every completed courses should be approved except courses that received F or Non-pass/Pass conceded.
  • Language courses can be approved up to 3 credits per each semester.
  • PE courses can be approved up to 3 credits including KU PE credits.
  • Locally specialized courses at exchange universities are recommended to take (Even if a course is offered by Business School at exchange university, it does not necessarily mean that it can be approved as Major Required or Major Elective at KUBS).


  • Credit approval should be submitted within 60 days of first enrolled semester after returning from exchange program.

Make-up Course

  • Courses taken at KUBS cannot be retaken at exchange universities and courses taken at exchange universities cannot be retaken at KUBS.

Early Graduation

  • If a student wishes to graduate early, student must take a standard of 15 credits or more (17 credits for regular semesters) as in converted KUBS credits.


  • If students take the course at exchange universities that requires prerequisite course from KUBS to be trasferred, students cannot receive credit approval until they complete prerequisite course at KUBS.

English Course

  • All the English courses of 3 credits or more taken at exchange universities can be approved as English course at KUBS. (If the credit of the course is lower than 3, 2 or 3 courses can be combined together to be approved as 1 English course).

Double Major / Dual Major / Minor

  • Any courses and credits related to other majors must be checked with affiliated department so there will not be any problems regarding graduation


  • The name of the university, name of the course, and the grades are written in the language (English) on the transcript issued by the exchange universities.
  • In case of Major Required Course, the course title taken at exchange university is replaced with the course title from KUBS.
  • The grades obtained from exchange universities are not reflected in GPA of KUBS. (GPA from exchange semester is marked "N/A")

Instruction and required documents for Credit Approval

After pre-course review, you should submit the four required documents to KUBS International office (Business School Main Hall 304).

Required Documents

  • 1. Credit approval request form of exchange university (printed version)
    • - How to fill out the form and print from KU portal: KU portal > Registration and Graduation
    • - Make sure to input equally to the original transcript including capital letters, spacing, comma etc.

      * Do not input special characters (ex) Español (x) Espanol (o)

    • - Input local grade
    • - Only ‘Major Required’ courses should be checked for substitution (Major Elective/General Elective courses should not be checked)
    • - ‘Final Submission’ should be made after submitting documents to KUBS international office
  • 2. Original Transcript
    • for exchange programs from KUBS: It should be a hard copy of the transcript with the stamp of the international office
    • for exchange programs from the office of the International affair: the stamp of the office of the international affair is needed on the transcript
  • 3. Printed document of pre-course review result email/li>
  • 4. Syllabus (only major courses)