Finance MBA FAQ

Q1. When should I apply to the Finance MBA program?
The general admission schedule is as follows: 

  • Mid-September: Admissions Information Session
  • Late September: Online application
  • Late October: Deadline for online application
  • Late October: Deadline for document submission
  • Mid-November: Application screening results
  • Mid-November: Interview
  • Late November: Final results

Further information will be available on the website (
Q2. I have no work experience. Am I eligible to apply?
Students who recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree are eligible to apply to Finance MBA without work experience. You can earn some bonus points if you have work experience.
Q3. Can I earn an MBA degree while working?
Yes, the Finance MBA is an evening, weekend program with classes held on weekdays at 7:00 p.m.
Q4. Does my military service count as work experience?
If you served as a military officer in the army or granted privileges, your military service will count as work experience.
Q5. Which English proficiency exams are accepted?
English proficiency exam score is not necessarily required and there are no minimum standards for English scores. All certified English exams, such as TOEIC, TOEFL, GMAT, and TEPS are accepted.
Q6. Is there any disadvantage to not submitting an English exam score?
No, English proficiency exam score is not necessarily required
Q7. Will I earn bonus points for having a certificate such as CFA/FRM?
No bonus points will be given for having a finance/accounting certificate (CFA, KICPA, AICPA, FRM, etc.). However, an applicant with such a certificate has a high chance of getting into Finance MBA.
Q8. When does the semesters begin?
The first semester begins in March. The Finance MBA is a two-year program consisting of four semesters and summer/winter sessions.
Q9. How many students are admitted each year?
We usually accept between 30 and 35 students.
Q10. What degree will I earn upon completion of Finance MBA?
English: Master of Business Administration (Finance MBA)
Korean: 경영학 석사 (Finance MBA)
Q11. Am I eligible for the scholarship?
In partnership with CFA Institute, we offer a scholarship to students taking a CFA exam which covers the one-time enrollment fee and reduces the exam registration fee.
Q12. What are the graduation requirements?
You must complete a minimum of 45 credit hours and have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0. A thesis is not required to graduate.
Q13. Am I qualified to pursue a doctoral program after earning an MBA degree?
Yes, you are qualified to pursue a doctoral degree with an MBA degree.  
Q14. How much is tuition?
For information about tuition, please contact us at