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World’s prestigious business school association ‘CEMS’ marking its 35th anniversary…

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World’s prestigious business school association ‘CEMS’ marking its 35th anniversary…still keep growing  Only one school in each country can be qualified as its regular member…Korea University Business School holds the qualification   [Daily Maeil] It is essential to seek a solution through international cooperation and multilateral agreement for global tasks we face including COVID-19 Pandemic, climate change, and world public health. Thus, education throughout the world and teaching global talent are crucial. In this point of view, the world’s prestigious business school association ‘CEMS Global Alliance in Management Education’ (hereinbelow CEMS) is in the highlight among educational institutions. Students from all around the world can build a global network, and study creative thinking to build new knowledge by connecting different knowledge and experience through CEMS program.  CEMS is an international alliance consisting of world-class 34 prestigious business schools, more than 70 multinational corporations, and 8 international non-government organizations. CEMS was established in December 1988 by European leading business schools △ESADE from Spain △HEC Paris from France △Bocconi University from Italy △University of Cologne from Germany. CEMS re-designed the European university education through ‘MIM’ (Master in International Management)
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