Application Process

KUBS SEP Overview

Korea University Business School (KUBS) students can study at partner international universities for one semester and can receive academic credit approval.


  • 1. KUBS students who completed two semesters or more(The most recent two semesters’ GPA and total GPA of 3.0 or above)
  • 2. Student on a leave of absence (But, applicant must be enrolled for exchange semester)
  • 3. Students who will graduate right after the exchange semester CANNOT apply for the exchange program
  • 4. Students who have received 117 or more credits as of the start of the exchange semester are not eligible to apply
  • * All students in the Business major
  • * First major in business administration and double major students are selected first
  • * Applicants cannot apply for both KUBS SEP and KU SEP at a time
  • * At the time of application, students who have a record of reprimand, suspension, or academic warning for the previous semester will be deducted.
  • * Failure to enter false information, falsify evidence, or refuse to submit evidence will be eliminated

Application Process

  • In January and July, online application and hard copy documents should be submitted to KUBS International Office in accordance with instructions on KUBS homepage announcements.

Required Documents

  • SEP Online Application
  • English Resume
  • English Academic Plan(A. Statement of Purpose, B. Study Plan & Future Plans)
  • Copy of Passport
  • Original Copy of TOEFL iBT / IELTS Score Report
  • English Proof of Enrollment
  • English Transcript
  • Proof of Activities/Experiences
  • Agreement on the Collection and Use of Personal Information

Available Number of Universities to Apply

  • Applicants can apply total of 5 universities.
  • Students who previously studied at English-speaking country cannot reapply for English speaking country.
  • Students who previously studied as exchange student cannot reapply for same country.

    * English-speaking country (USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand)

KUBS Selection Criteria

KUBS Selection Criteria
Total 100 points
GPA 25 points  
TOEFL iBT/IELTS   15 points  
English Interview   30 points  
Korean Interview   30 points

Program Procedure

Program Procedure
Selection Preparation Exchange Departure After Exchange
Spring: July
Fall: January
Spring: September
Fall: March
Spring: February
Fall: August
Spring: August
Fall: January
  • - Information Session
  • - Appliction Submission
  • - Korean/English Interview
  • - Placement of Students
  • Orientation*
  • - Appilcation Submission to Exchange Universities
  • - Acceptance Letter
  • - Visa/Purchase Plane Ticket
  • - Course Review
  • - Airfare Scholarship Application
  • - Pre-departure Ceremony*
  • - Report of Arrival
  • - Exchange Fair
  • - Submission of Report of Return and Feedback
  • - SEP Review Submission
  • - Credit Approval

    (Students can check credit approval result on portal after 5 to 6 weeks of submission)

* Orientation and pre-departure ceremony are mandatory events.
* Selection schedule may be different for each semester, please check the detailed information about the selection procedure and schedule through Notice

Period of Exchange

One semester exchange

  • Students can be placed for only one semester at English-speaking country (USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand)
  • If students wish to extend exchange semester, students must consult with Outbound Program Manager beforehand.

    (Exchange semester can be extended to total of 1 year)

  • Students cannot receive confirmation of one-year exchange before departure but can consult the possibility of extension.
  • Extension is only allowed when students receive a confirmation.

    *Extension is only allowed when the next semester’s TO of exchange university is not affected and if student is notified that their extension will affect the TO, they need to apply for the KUBS SEP once more.

    *Graduate Students cannot extend their exchange semester.