Why Global MBA

Global MBA program is an intensive 1-year full-time program. The program consists of 6 modules. Students may earn a MBA degree from KUBS or a dual degree delivered by KUBS and one of the partner schools depending on their academic track.

Global MBA 소개 이미지
Global MBA 소개 이미지
Sustainable Innovation with Real Impact by Connecting
People & Technology

1-year Weekly Course

  • Minimize career interruption, and enable a quick return to work and employment.

100% English Lecture

  • You can experience the world of Korea University in Korea University in the world while taking English lectures with students of various nationalities.

Business Practice

  • As an industry-academia collaboration program, we provide courses in which companies present current issues and students directly analyze and propose solutions. You can gain hands-on experience by applying the knowledge you have learned at school to the field.

Study period can be extended

  • The study period can be extended according to the student's choice.
    Global MBA Track: 1 year (basic)
  • - Student Exchange Track (exchange student program): 6 months extension (total 1 year and 6 months)
  • - Dual Degree Track (double degree program): 1-year extension (total 2 years)