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「Korea University MBA 30-30 Alma School Development Committee」 Launched

「Korea University MBA 30-30 Alma School Development Committee」 Launched   The Korea University MBA 30-30 Alma Development Committee (hereinafter referred to as the MBA 30-30 Development Committee) held the launching ceremony on May 3rd(Tue). The MBA 30-30 Development Committee is a committee formed mainly by the MBA Alumni Association and aims to establish internal and external fundraising leadership to achieve the goal of Asia's No.1 and Global No.30 Business School by 2030. The ceremony was attended by Johngseok Bae, dean of KUBS, along with the former MBA Association President Hyunsik Chung, and 34 people, including former MBA association members and students. On this day, Johngseok Bae, dean of the KUBS, said in his welcoming speech, "Thank you for your active efforts for the development of your alma mater even in a difficult situation at both home and abroad." "We are honored to participate in the 30-30 Project for the development of our alma mater," Chairman Hyunsik Chung said. "We will actively support the successful implementation of the 30-30 Project." In the future, the MBA 30-30 Development Committee will encourage leading donations during the fundraising campaign and cooperate to find potential donors and form appropriate relationships. In addition, it has the meaning of the alumnus themselves contributing to their alma mater becoming world's 30th-largest Business University by participating in the development of school development and realizing development. 

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Alumni Park Jong-chan (Class of 2009) donated 10 million won to Development Fund

Alumni Park Jong-chan (Class of 2009) donated 10 million won to Development Fund On January 11 (Tuesday), alumni Park Jong-chan (09) made a donation to the Development Fund at the donation ceremony. Park, currently a director of Cookat, revealed that he decided to make a donation to KUBS to help juniors in return for the many benefits he enjoyed while attending the School. KUBS conducted an interview to hear the story of alumni Park Jong-chan.   1. Thank you very much for your thoughtful donation. What made you make such donation to the school? I decided to make a donation because I had some spare time and money in the process of expanding my business and attracting investment. In particular, when I was in school, I received a lot of benefits such as scholarships from the school, so I wanted to return the favor and help out the juniors. In the past, when I was still at school, I saw my mentor, Kim Jung-ho, the CEO of Bear Better, donating to the school, and I thought that if I could afford it, I would do the same thing, and now it seems like it’s happening.   2. How was your school life in the past? You said you received a lot of benefits. Could you tell us more in detail? When I was in school, I thought about a startup while taking the course ‘Venture Management’ by Professor Nam Dae-il. At that time, our representative, who is still with us, participated in an intra-school start-up competition, and fortunately, got a space in the Frontier Dormitory Building to start our business.     3. Do you have anything to say to the students who are dreaming about running a start-up? There are a lot of seniors from Korea University in the start-up industry. In particular, you can meet a lot of seniors among investors, and there are many cases where these people actively want to help you out. So people who are interested in starting a business are very lucky to have come to Korea University since there are many helpers who are willing to help. Therefore, if you are well prepared to take on a challenge, seniors in the industry will try to help you out, so it is recommended that you accumulate a lot of experience in related fields, whether it be a student startup or an intern. Also, team formation is very important when starting a business. It would be even better if you could begin by creating a team with trustworthy members.

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“I want to make an environment where a young graduate’s donation is considered natural” – Han Jeongs

“I want to make an environment where a young graduate’s donation is considered natural” – Han Jeongsoo (Business ’11) Alumnus Interview   Alumnus Han Jeongsoo (Business ‘11) donated ten million won as the KUBS scholarship. We listened to his story through a written interview which was done after the donation ceremony held on August 3rd (Tue) at the Dean’s office.     (From the left) Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Dr. Chun, Jae Uk, Associate Dean for Planning and Budget Dr. Hwang, Joon Ho, Alumni Han Jeongsoo(Business ‘11), Dean of KUBS Dr. Bae, Johngseok   Q. Please introduce yourself.   Hello, my name is Han Jeongsoo.   I entered Korea University Business School in 2011 and participated in the 44th KUBS Student Council. After graduation, I worked in the financial business industry. Currently, I set up a company which makes corporate investments and operates scholarship business etc.   As a hobby, I am sharing my thoughts and stories about investment through my Youtube channel ‘세상학개론’.   Q. As a student who entered KUBS in 2011, such a young alumnus’ donation is very impressive. It must have been a big decision for yourself, what made you decide on giving this donation?   To be honest, it is quite shameful to have an interview since there are many alumni who gave donations with bigger amounts.   Rather than having a special motive, I always wanted to become a cool senior who can give scholarship fees after graduating since I was able to persistently see the donating culture of my KUBS seniors.   As in my case, I thought that KUBS was more meaningful than any other donation charities since my donation could lead to donations from juniors in the future. In fact, even before this donation, I have been regularly donating 10,000 won per month since graduation. I couldn't afford to donate as much as I wanted when I just came out to the society, and instead wanted to donate continuously even if the amount was small.   I think I was able to make a donation that does not make myself ashamed after having some leisure in my life, although I still want to make more donations, and that is why I am inconvenienced.   My goal is to not give a one-time donation, but rather to steadily increase my donation for 27 years just like alumnus Kim Jeongho of 'Bear.Better.'   Q. Do you have any memorable episodes during your university life?   Since I double-majored computer engineering, I remember making myself have a hard time going back and forth the liberal arts and science campus to attend classes before graduation (laughter).   To pick one specific episode, I had a chance to participate at the ‘KUBS Night of Alumni’ event as a part-time worker. When I saw numerous admirable alumni during the event, I thought “When I grow up, I want to become a cool senior just like them”. It was a novel excitement looking at seniors who are actively devoting themselves in a bigger world than fellow students.   Afterwards, the nametags posted at places such classrooms, chairs, stairs etc. started to jump into my eyes. Starting from chairs, desks, and classrooms to a building named after one’s name, I wondered how successful I should be in order to make such donations and motivated myself.   Q. Lastly, do you have any words to say for your KUBS juniors?   I want to make an environment where a young graduate’s donation is considered very natural, rather than something novel.   I would like to become a cool senior who can help juniors dream of giving donations in the future

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