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’MBA Lounge’ Opened for MBA students

’MBA Lounge’ Opened for MBA students   The opening ceremony of ‘MBA Lounge’, a rest area for MBA students and its alumni, was held on October 31st. 『MBA 30-30 Alma School Development Committee』 along with previous KUBS Dean Johngseok Bae and the previous faculty attended the ceremony.     ‘MBA Lounge’ built in Hyundai Motor Hall Room 413, would be opened as a rest area for MBA students and its alumni. The lounge, around 69 square meters wide, is well-prepared with a table, sink, and kitchen utensils. The lounge is accessible to all MBA students and alumni with the approval of the student council of each MBA course. Especially there are two artworks exhibited in the lounge: 『Variable Consciousness』 by Hur Hwang, well known as ‘white artist’ and 『Fliessend』 by German famous artist Günther Uecker. These artworks were donated by MBA Alumnus Eunsuk Kim (78th K-MBA Class) on last October, celebrating the completion of ‘MBA Lounge’.   The ‘MBA Lounge’ was built thanks to donations from 『MBA 30-30 Alma School Development Committee』. A signboard with the names of 28 donators had been set up inside the lounge, after about 3 months of interior construction. Guests who attended the ceremony had a signboard unveiling event holding scissors together. There had been applause when the shade fell off and the names of donators were unveiled.     Yongkeun Yoo, previous KUBS Associate Dean, who hosted the ceremony said “Thanks to 『MBA 30-30 Alma School Development Committee』 members and staff who helped successful completion on opening”. Furthermore, previous KUBS Dean Bae said “KUBS will not settle on present achievements as ‘MBA Lounge’ opening, but will step forward towards bigger goals” and “We will provide more support to mark the 60th anniversary of MBA more meaningful next year”.

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KPMG Samjong Accounting Corp. KU Alumni Association signs 50 million won to Korea University Scholar

KPMG Samjong Accounting Corp. KU Alumni Association signs 50 million won to Korea University Scholarship   KPMG Samjong Accounting Corp. KU Alumni Association (President=Partner Seunghoon Wi) donated 50 million won for the growth of Korea University and its students.     The scholarship was raised by 200 KPMG partners, with one thousand won being donated every year for the upcoming five years. The donated scholarship will be used to support students of “Jeong-Jin-Cho(精進礎),” the KUBS Certified Public Accountants (CPA) prep program.   Partner Wi, the president of KPMG KU Alumni Association, mentioned that “We hope KUBS students can focus on their studies in a better educational environment and become accountants who will lead the future. We will continue to support Korea University so that our alma mater can make greater achievements.”   Dean Johngseok Bae of KUBS expressed his gratitude, saying that “Thanks to the love and support from KU alumni, Korea University was able to produce the best outcome in the recent CPA exam — with 175 CPA candidates in total.” He added, “The donation will be used to further support potential CPA candidates from Korea University.”   KPMG Samjong Accounting Corp. is a member company of KPMG, one of the world’s four largest comprehensive accounting advisory companies. It currently provides specialized services such as accounting audits, taxation, and consulting.

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「Korea University MBA 30-30 Alma School Development Committee」 Launched

「Korea University MBA 30-30 Alma School Development Committee」 Launched     The Korea University MBA 30-30 Alma Development Committee (hereinafter referred to as the MBA 30-30 Development Committee) held the launching ceremony on May 3rd(Tue). The MBA 30-30 Development Committee is a committee formed mainly by the MBA Alumni Association and aims to establish internal and external fundraising leadership to achieve the goal of Asia's No.1 and Global No.30 Business School by 2030. The ceremony was attended by Johngseok Bae, dean of KUBS, along with the former MBA Association President Hyunsik Chung, and 34 people, including former MBA association members and students. On this day, Johngseok Bae, dean of the KUBS, said in his welcoming speech, "Thank you for your active efforts for the development of your alma mater even in a difficult situation at both home and abroad." "We are honored to participate in the 30-30 Project for the development of our alma mater," Chairman Hyunsik Chung said. "We will actively support the successful implementation of the 30-30 Project." In the future, the MBA 30-30 Development Committee will encourage leading donations during the fundraising campaign and cooperate to find potential donors and form appropriate relationships. In addition, it has the meaning of the alumnus themselves contributing to their alma mater becoming world's 30th-largest Business University by participating in the development of school development and realizing development. 

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Alumni Park Jong-chan (Class of 2009) donated 10 million won to Development Fund

Alumni Park Jong-chan (Class of 2009) donated 10 million won to Development Fund On January 11 (Tuesday), alumni Park Jong-chan (09) made a donation to the Development Fund at the donation ceremony. Park, currently a director of Cookat, revealed that he decided to make a donation to KUBS to help juniors in return for the many benefits he enjoyed while attending the School. KUBS conducted an interview to hear the story of alumni Park Jong-chan.   1. Thank you very much for your thoughtful donation. What made you make such donation to the school? I decided to make a donation because I had some spare time and money in the process of expanding my business and attracting investment. In particular, when I was in school, I received a lot of benefits such as scholarships from the school, so I wanted to return the favor and help out the juniors. In the past, when I was still at school, I saw my mentor, Kim Jung-ho, the CEO of Bear Better, donating to the school, and I thought that if I could afford it, I would do the same thing, and now it seems like it’s happening.   2. How was your school life in the past? You said you received a lot of benefits. Could you tell us more in detail? When I was in school, I thought about a startup while taking the course ‘Venture Management’ by Professor Nam Dae-il. At that time, our representative, who is still with us, participated in an intra-school start-up competition, and fortunately, got a space in the Frontier Dormitory Building to start our business.     3. Do you have anything to say to the students who are dreaming about running a start-up? There are a lot of seniors from Korea University in the start-up industry. In particular, you can meet a lot of seniors among investors, and there are many cases where these people actively want to help you out. So people who are interested in starting a business are very lucky to have come to Korea University since there are many helpers who are willing to help. Therefore, if you are well prepared to take on a challenge, seniors in the industry will try to help you out, so it is recommended that you accumulate a lot of experience in related fields, whether it be a student startup or an intern. Also, team formation is very important when starting a business. It would be even better if you could begin by creating a team with trustworthy members.

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