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“I want to make an environment where a young graduate’s donation is considered natural” – Han Jeongs

“I want to make an environment where a young graduate’s donation is considered natural” – Han Jeongsoo (Business ’11) Alumnus Interview   Alumnus Han Jeongsoo (Business ‘11) donated ten million won as the KUBS scholarship. We listened to his story through a written interview which was done after the donation ceremony held on August 3rd (Tue) at the Dean’s office.     (From the left) Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Dr. Chun, Jae Uk, Associate Dean for Planning and Budget Dr. Hwang, Joon Ho, Alumni Han Jeongsoo(Business ‘11), Dean of KUBS Dr. Bae, Johngseok   Q. Please introduce yourself.   Hello, my name is Han Jeongsoo.   I entered Korea University Business School in 2011 and participated in the 44th KUBS Student Council. After graduation, I worked in the financial business industry. Currently, I set up a company which makes corporate investments and operates scholarship business etc.   As a hobby, I am sharing my thoughts and stories about investment through my Youtube channel ‘세상학개론’.   Q. As a student who entered KUBS in 2011, such a young alumnus’ donation is very impressive. It must have been a big decision for yourself, what made you decide on giving this donation?   To be honest, it is quite shameful to have an interview since there are many alumni who gave donations with bigger amounts.   Rather than having a special motive, I always wanted to become a cool senior who can give scholarship fees after graduating since I was able to persistently see the donating culture of my KUBS seniors.   As in my case, I thought that KUBS was more meaningful than any other donation charities since my donation could lead to donations from juniors in the future. In fact, even before this donation, I have been regularly donating 10,000 won per month since graduation. I couldn't afford to donate as much as I wanted when I just came out to the society, and instead wanted to donate continuously even if the amount was small.   I think I was able to make a donation that does not make myself ashamed after having some leisure in my life, although I still want to make more donations, and that is why I am inconvenienced.   My goal is to not give a one-time donation, but rather to steadily increase my donation for 27 years just like alumnus Kim Jeongho of 'Bear.Better.'   Q. Do you have any memorable episodes during your university life?   Since I double-majored computer engineering, I remember making myself have a hard time going back and forth the liberal arts and science campus to attend classes before graduation (laughter).   To pick one specific episode, I had a chance to participate at the ‘KUBS Night of Alumni’ event as a part-time worker. When I saw numerous admirable alumni during the event, I thought “When I grow up, I want to become a cool senior just like them”. It was a novel excitement looking at seniors who are actively devoting themselves in a bigger world than fellow students.   Afterwards, the nametags posted at places such classrooms, chairs, stairs etc. started to jump into my eyes. Starting from chairs, desks, and classrooms to a building named after one’s name, I wondered how successful I should be in order to make such donations and motivated myself.   Q. Lastly, do you have any words to say for your KUBS juniors?   I want to make an environment where a young graduate’s donation is considered very natural, rather than something novel.   I would like to become a cool senior who can help juniors dream of giving donations in the future

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E-MBA ’16 donates 30 million won, “We determined to donate in order to give back the joy given from

E-MBA ’16 donates 30 million won, “We determined to donate in order to give back the joy given from the Business School…” On March 22nd, Executive MBA ‘16 (hereinafter referred to as E-MBA) of Korea University Business School (Dean = Dr. Bae, Johngseok) donated 30 million won as development funds of Business School. Previously, Park Joong-yang, president of the 16th E-MBA class alumni association, participated in the ‘E-MBA Alumni Association New Year’s Eve Night’ event and presented the development fund directly to the Business School.   The New Year’s Eve Night event was held at Ahn Young Il Hall, in the LG-POSCO Building on December 14th 2020. The event was attended by Dr. Bae, Johngseok, Dean of Business School, Chun, Jae Uk, Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs, and Yoo, Yong Keun, Associate Dean of MBA Programs, as well as the 16th E-MBA class alumni. Due to COVID-19, some of the alumni participated through a real-time conference room of Zoom.   Dr. Bae Johngseok, Dean of Business School, expressed his words of gratitude by saying "We will use the scholarships that have been delivered in a meaningful way for the development of E-MBA during the current difficult times", and said “Korea University MBA can stand firm in the rapidly changing situation and times thanks to all of you who have been with us” during his congratulatory speech on the ‘E-MBA Alumni New Year’s Eve Night’. Park Joong-yang, president of the 16th E-MBA class alumni association, also expressed his warm feelings toward his juniors through an interview. President Park said, "In the past, the school has developed through donations from alumni, and all of our alumni at Korea University have been able to devote ourselves to our studies in a good environment and take a step further”. He revealed the reason for the donation by saying, “The 16th E-MBA class alumni decided to give back the joy we received with thanks and determined to raise funds for the development of the Business School."   President Park remarked, "It was not easy to study while working, but it was a time of joy and happiness looking back after graduation" and added his words of advice, "I hope you build good relationships, develop every day, and live a pleasant life." He lastly thanked the alumni of 16th E-MBA class for raising the donation.   Meanwhile, development funds of Korea University Business School is the foothold of a widespread support for △student tuition fees and living expenses △research and academic seminars △construction and remodeling etc.   Article·Photo | Management Support Team

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Alumna Jeon Yoon-ja (Commercial Science, 51st) , generously donated 2 hundred million … the endless

Alumna Jeon Yoon-ja (Commercial Science, 51st), generously donates 2 hundred million … the endless elder’s love of KUBS ‘Big Sis’   (Photo credit = KU Communication Team)   The first female student of KUBS, alumna Jeon Yoon-ja (Commercial Science, 51st) donated a scholarship of 2 hundred million won for the development of KUBS (Dean = Kim Jaewook) in August 2019. This donation is the ‘KUBS Jeon Yoon-ja Scholarship’ and will be used to help the academic pursuit of KUBS students.   Korea University held the donation ceremony on the 8th, 10 a.m. at the main building. This ceremony was also held together with the donation ceremony of alumna Jeong Shinsoon (Medical Science, 53rd)’s donation of one hundred million won as the ‘Medical Development Fund’. President Chung Jin Taek, Lee Kihyung (Associate Dean of College of Medicine), Kim Jaewook (Dean of KUBS), Song Hyuk-ki (Head of Development & External Affairs Office), Kim Joong Hyuk (Associate Dean of KUBS), Han Changsoo (Head of Medical Center Fund Business Headquarters), etc. also participated in the ceremony and expressed their gratitude for the warm heart of the two alumni. This is not the first time of her special support for the juniors. Alumna Jeon Yoon-ja has been donating more than 1.2 billion won to KUBS as ‘Construction Fund for the New Business Hall’, KUBS ‘Jeon Yoon-ja Scholarship’, and etc. for dozens of years. Watching such donations, alumna Jeong Shinsoon also started to participate in the small fixed-term donation ‘KU PRIDE CLUB’ for juniors and ultimately was able to participate in such a big donation of development funds by retracing her senior alumni. Alumna Jeon Yoon-ja feels extremely grateful about numerous female juniors who study business administration and perform actively in many parts of society as a female leader, unlike in the past. She said “I feel very proud to see my school develop where it has helped me achieve a lot of things.”, and spoke “I hope our fellow KUBS juniors love the school even more and become talents who can brighten both Korea University and the society by learning as much as possible and growing into themselves”.   (Photo credit = KU Communication Team)   President Chung Jin Taek said “The great heart of seniors who love the school as ever and support juniors’ dreams has been a great example to a lot of juniors”, and added his appreciation “We sincerely appreciate your precious mind and will make sure to deliver your devotion to the juniors”. Meanwhile, alumni Jeon Yoon-ja became the first female student of KUBS by entering the Commercial Science Department (51st) when it was unfamiliar for female students to enter college during the 1950s. She has been working in the financial industry over 50years, by starting off her career at the Bank of Korea after graduating in 1955. She also took role as the chief director of (former) Female Credit Association and adviser of KU Busan Alumni Association, together with alumna Jeong Shinsoon. The two alumni is giving full material and emotional support for juniors so that they can demonstrate their capabilities without constraints, since they have overcome so many difficulties as a female member of society earlier on.

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Unioneinc`s Kim Yoonbok (E-MBA, 16th) Donates 20 Million Won to Business School

Unioneinc's Kim Yoonbok (E-MBA, 16th) Donates 20 Million Won to Business School   Kim Yoonbok, a student of the 16th Executive MBA, donated 20 million won to Korea University Business School (KUBS).       The donation ceremony was held at 1:30 p.m. on Dec. 26 at the Dean's Office of KUBS. Kim Jaewook, Dean of KUBS, Lee Dong Won, Associate Dean of the MBA, Kim Joong Hyuk, Associate Dean of KUBS, and Yoo Wonsang, Program Director, attended the donation ceremony of Kim Yoonbok, who delivered great love for his juniors and alma mater. The donation ceremony was held in the order of △delivery of the donation agreement, △delivery of the donation certificate, △delivery of thank-you notes, △group photos, and △exchanging pleasantries.     "I am very happy and proud to be able to do something meaningful for my alma mater while I'm in school," said Kim Yoonbok.   Kim Jaewook, Dean of KUBS, thanked him, saying, "We will use the donation in a good place for KUBS and students in accordance with your deep wishes."   Unioneinc, a company where Kim Yoonbok is the CEO, is a small and medium-sized company that operates computer and peripherals, software wholesale, and information and communication corporation business. It was selected as a "working-friendly small business" by the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry this year and won the third annual MoneyToday 2017 Korea Good Company Awards - Service Innovation Awards.  

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Yangyoung Foundation Donates 20 Million Won in Scholarship to Korea University Business School

Yangyoung Foundation Donates 20 Million Won in Scholarship to Korea University Business School     KUBS alumni's passionate love for their alma mater and juniors continues. On December 26 (Wed) at 3 p.m., there was a scholarship delivery ceremony for the Yangyoung Foundation, (Chairman: Kim Sang-ha) which donated 20 million won to KUBS.   The donation ceremony was attended by Hong Sung-hoon, Director General of the foundation (Executive MBA 1st), Kim Jaewook, Dean of KUBS, Yoo Byunghyun, Dean of the Ministry of Foreign Cooperation, and Kim Joonghyuk, Associate Dean of KUBS and was held in order of  △delivery of the donation agreement,  △delivery of the certificates,  △delivery of the thank-you notes,  △group photos and  △exchanging pleasantries. The scholarship, donated by the Yangyoung Foundation, will be used as an academic scholarship for students in the future.   "Although there are many students who cannot concentrate only on their studies due to work, our school is exceptional because it operates scholarships that support students' living expenses," said Director Hong Sung-hoon.   Kim Jaewook, Dean of KUBS, said, "I am deeply grateful to the Yangyoung Foundation, which gives scholarships every time with generous love for students, and it is very meaningful that I can personally express my gratitude through these occasions." . The foundation, which has been donating money to KUBS since 2006, has so far surpassed 2.8 million won in accumulated donations, with 82 students receiving scholarships.   The Yangyoung Foundation was created by Sudang Kim Yeon-soo, the younger brother of Inchon Kim Seong-soo, who founded Korea University and is the first private educational foundation in Korea established in 1939. The foundation has supported a total of 9,141 students and 480 professors with scholarships and research funds since 2006 in line with the wishes of Kim Yeon-soo's third son, Kim Sang-hong (Admitted in '41, KUBS).  

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KUBS Dream Scholarship Donation by Oh-Gil Choi (Business ’61), Chairman of INFAC

KUBS Dream Scholarship Donation by Oh-Gil Choi (Business ’61), Chairman of INFAC KUBS has been received a three-thousand-won donation by Chairman of INFAC, Oh-Gil Choi. The contribution will be used to finance ‘KUBS Dream Scholarship’ that will assist the beneficiaries’ living expenses during their study.   KUBS Dream Scholarship aims to support students whose tuition fee is covered by the Korean Government Scholarship and yet have difficulties continuing their study due to financial concerns such as living expenses. This monthly scholarship was first implemented in 2015, and it is made up of contributions by KUBS alumni. The cumulative amount of the scholarship so far is 2.4 billion won, with its cumulative beneficiaries of 161.   Mr. Choi commented, “I hope the scholarship will help our brilliant students in KUBS to focus on their dreams without any financial concerns.”   In fact, it is not the first time Mr. Choi made contributions to Korea University. He has already made donations several times with deep affection toward Korea University. The total amount of his donation to KUBS adds up to 1.5 hundred million won. Furthermore, he donated 40 million won to Korea University. Not surprisingly, Mr. Choi also organized a variety of social contribution activities such as volunteer at social welfare organizations and free distribution of briquettes.   INFAC is an automotive part manufacturing company that is renowned for its GPS antenna. In addition to its largest market share of GPS antenna in the world, it is a trusted company with outstanding technology and quality management.

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Jyh-ping Chang (KUBS ’79), CEO of Astronergy Solar Korea, Donates 500 Million KRW

Jyh-ping Chang (KUBS ’79), CEO of Astronergy Solar Korea, Donates 500 Million KRW   Jyh-ping Chang, CEO of Astronergy Solar Korea, donated 500 million KRW for KUBS scholarship. The scholarship donated by Chang, who graduated KUBS in 1979, will be used for undergraduate students, and a donation ceremony took place at the Korea University Main Building on July 10th.  (왼쪽부터) 권수영 경영대학장, 장치평 교우(경영79), 염재호 총장, 유병현 대외협력처장 (사진제공=커뮤니케이션팀)    At the donation ceremony, Chang said, "I'm always very interested in corporate social responsibility. I'd like to give my support to my alma mater, Korea University, in order to contribute to society."  "We appreciate your support for future generations," said Jae-ho Yeom, President of Korea University. "We will work hard to nurture creative talents who will lead the future."  Chang started his career at Sammi Development Center in 1983, followed by a career in Hong Kong working for Kolon Corporation as the vice president. He established Astronergy Solar Korea in 2009 and became its CEO. Since 2015, he has served as an adjunct professor and advisor at KUBS, and also as the 84th class president of the AMP program.   With a deep interest in corporate social responsibility, he has continued to make various donations at home and abroad. He sponsored "Town Musicians of Bremen,” a musical for children from low-income families. He also provided solar power facilities to Hongcheon Haemill School, an alternative school for multicultural kids. He promoted an energy welfare project called "Sunlight, Happiness and Sharing" with Korea Energy Corporation in Gangwon, donated in Fiji Disaster Recovery Fund and also 10,000 briquettes for the disadvantaged.   관련 기사 보기 ※ 제목을 클릭하면 기사 원문을 확인하실 수 있습니다.​ [연합뉴스] 장치평(경영79) 아스트로너지쏠라코리아 대표, 고려대에 5억원 기부 [연합포토뉴스] 장치평 아스트로너지쏠라코리아 대표, 고려대에 5억원 쾌척 [세계일보] 태양처럼 뜨거운 고대사랑…장학금 5억 기부 [한겨레] 11일 동정 [매일일보] 장치평 아스트로너지쏠라코리아 대표이사, 고려대 경영대학 장학금 5억원 기부 [베리타스알파] 장치평 아스트로너지쏠라코리아 대표이사, 고려대 장학금 기부 [대학저널] 고려대, 장치평 아스트로너지쏠라코리아 대표로부터 5억 원 기부받아 [천지일보] 장치평 아스트로너지쏠라코리아 대표이사, 고려대에 장학금 5억 기부

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