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"Wish to Become a Global Talent to Make Our Alma Mater Proud" - Chairman Seo Youngryul of Pr

"Wish to Become a Global Talent to Make Our Alma Mater Proud" - Chairman Seo Youngryul of Pratama Abadi Donates 200 Million Won!    On November 23rd, a donation ceremony for the "Seo Youngryul Chairman Scholarship Fund" took place at Korea University's Sudang Samyang Faculty House. The event was attended by Chairman Youngryul Seo and his wife Myungsook Cho, along with President Dongwon Kim, former President Yoondae Uh, Dean Sangyong Kim, Vice President for Student Affairs Hyunsook Park, Vice President for Development and External Affairs Hojeong Shin, Vice President for Admissions Hwan Jung and Vice President for International Affairs Sanggi Song and with participation of 80 Indonesian students studying at Korea University enjoyed the donation ceremony with lunch. Chairman Seo hosted this event to cheer Indonesian students who are studying abroad.      Chairman Youngryul Seo, who graduated from the KUBS in 1969 and is the Chairman of Pratama Abadi (PT. PRATAMA ABADI INDUSTRI). He donated 100 million won each in both 2017 and 2018. The donation from Chairman Seo served as the basis for the creation of the "Geumcheon Scholarship" by Korea University Business School. The Geumcheon Scholarship, commemorating the 30th anniversary of the company's establishment, is a scholarship donated to support fellow students in their academic pursuits. Since 2018, KUBS has been selecting and awarding the Geumcheon Scholarship to four students each semester.    Through this recent donation ceremony, Chairman Seo additionally contributed a total of 200 million won. He said, "Although it has been over 30 years since I founded a company in Indonesia, I always carry Korea University, my alma mater, in my heart." He further stated, "I hope my proud alma mater's juniors will dedicate themselves to their studies and actively play a role on the global stage," while personally presenting commemorative gifts that he had prepared.    In response, President Dongwon Kim expressed gratitude, saying, "I appreciate the active support you have provided for several years, ranging from international internship programs to scholarships for juniors." He added, "I hope that Indonesian students can not only pursue their studies but also have diverse experiences here, and I wish that this scholarship will be a stepping stone toward their future."      Of the 200 million won donated by Chairman Seo, 100 million won will be used for scholarships for Indonesian students currently enrolled at Korea University, and the remaining 100 million won will be allocated for the Geumcheon Scholarship to KUBS students. 

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With the Aspiration to Become a Global Business Leader... Mr. Kim Hwangsoo`s Donation Ceremony for B

With the Aspiration to Become a Global Business Leader... Mr. Kim Hwangsoo's Donation Ceremony for Bluetec Co., Ltd.   On October 10th, a donation ceremony of Mr. Kim Hwangsoo, CEO of Bluetec Co., Ltd., took place at the office of the president on the 1st floor of Korea University's (President = Kim Dong-One) main building. Mr. Kim Hwangsoo, who graduated from the Advanced Management Program (AMP) of the Graduate School of Business Administration, generously contributed 100 million KRW to the development fund of the KU Business School. His decision to make this donation was driven by his hope for the KUBS to evolve into a cradle for global business leaders leading new trends. The ceremony was attended by Kim Dong-One, the university president, CEO Kim Hwangsoo, Kim Inja, the president's wife, Shin Hojung, the head of the External Cooperation Office, Kim Sang Yong, the dean of the KUBS, and Kim Seokgyun, the EEC center director.      During his time in the AMP program, Mr. Kim Hwangsoo was a passionate fellow student who commuted more than four hours to attend classes. He expressed, "I expanded my knowledge in various fields and built a network with great colleagues. I learned a lot from the lives of my fellow students, who are working hard in their respective fields." He also mentioned, "I had the privilege of learning from excellent professors and hope that the KUBS continues to develop into a prestigious institution for discovering global business leaders."    In response, President Kim Dong-One expressed his gratitude to Mr. Kim Hwangsoo for joining the history of "donations to Korea University" and stated, "The KUBS which has been at the forefront of domestic business education, will make valuable use of Mr. Kim Hwangsoo's donation to contribute to the society and national development."      The donation ceremony concluded with Mr. Kim Hwangsoo and President Kim Dong-One handing over the donation documents, certificates of donation, and tokens of appreciation, followed by a commemorative photograph.   

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The Bucket List of a Daughter Who Became a Star in the Sky... `1029 Itaewon Tragedy` Alumni Late Shi

The Bucket List of a Daughter Who Became a Star in the Sky... '1029 Itaewon Tragedy' Alumni Late Shin Aejin Donates 200 Million Won for Scholarships    On October 29, 2022, a tragedy occurred in Itaewon, at the Halloween festival, which will not be forgotten. The '1029 Itaewon Tragedy' claimed the lives of 159 people, with the 2030 generation accounting for 83% of the total deaths at 136. Among the young lives that were lost, there was an alumnus. This alumnus had such a deep affection for Korea University, that was shown on her bucket list that "donating to my school" and "building a structure at my school."    The family of the alumnus who has become a star in the sky fulfilled the alumnus’ bucket list on her behalf. On the 19th, the “Late Shin Aejin Alumnus and Family Scholarship Fund Donation Ceremony (thereinafter,  donation ceremony)” was held at the Korea University President’s Office. President Kim Dongwon and the donors late Shin Aejin’s father Shin Jungseop, Mother Kim Namhee, and sibling attended the ceremony. The director of the Office of External Cooperation Shin Hojong, the dean of KUBS Kim Sangyong, and the dean of the College of Life Sciences Yoon Cheolwon also attended. The alumnus’ father, donor Shin Jungseop also is an alumnus, who holds a master’s degree in finance for the Graduate School of Business.        Shin Jungseop, the father of alumnus Shin Aejin stated, “In order to ensure that my daughter’s name is remembered, we decided to donate a scholarship fund to Korea university, which reflects my daughter’s wishes.” He added, “I hope the funds contributed by friends who came to my daughter’s funeral and the money she saved up while working, will be well utilized for the benefits of the school and her juniors of Korea University which is the place she dreamed and worked hard.”      In response, President Kim Dongwon expressed his sincere gratitude, saying, “I am truly grateful for the noble intentions of alumnus Shin Aejin and her parents. I will ensure that the scholarship fund is used wisely so that all members of Korea University can forever remember the precious intentions of Shin Aejin.”    The scholarship fund, created with the noble intentions of alumnus Shing Aejin and her family, is expected to be passed on to the juniors majoring in life sciences, the alumnus’ major and the club MCC (Management Consulting Club), which was a club that the alumnus actively participated in, with a double major in business.    

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Alumnus Mr. Hui Sung Yoo, the “Donation King” Who Made the World Beautiful and Warm, Became the “Hon

Alumnus Mr. Hui Sung Yoo, the “Donation King” Who Made the World Beautiful and Warm, Became the “Honorary Doctor of Business Administration” The award ceremony for the Honorary Doctor of Business Administration conferred upon alumnus Mr. Hui Sung Yoo was held in an atmosphere of deep gratitude and respect, acknowledging his generous donations.    In 1958, Mr. Hui Sung Yoo entered the Department of Commerce at Korea University, which is currently known as the Department of Business Administration (Dean=Sang Yong Kim). Despite facing numerous challenges in his life, he displayed unwavering commitment to his studies. Upon graduation, he founded Cho Heung Construction, a venture that would eventually flourish over the next 33 years, diversifying into various sectors, including construction, real estate, civil engineering, and material production.  Following the closure of his business, Mr. Yoo turned his attention to supporting his alma mater, Korea University. His philanthropic journey commenced with a substantial donation of 1 billion won in 2011 towards the construction of the Hyundai Motor Hall. In 2015, he contributed an additional 1 billion won as a development fund. In 2017, he generously donated his apartment in Seocho-gu, valued at 2.4 billion won at the time. His commitment to giving back continued with donations of 1 billion won in both 2022 and in May of the current year, totaling an impressive 8.4 billion won in contributions thus far.      Mr. Hui Sung Yoo’s cumulative donations to the Department of Business Administration at Korea University have reached an impressive total of 2 billion won. These donations have significantly contributed to the establishment of the In-Sung Fund, named in honor of his mother and grandmother, bearing the initials “In” from their names and “Sung” from his own. Wat sets alumnus Yoo’s contributions apart is not only just their substantial amount but also their diverse impact. His generosity extends to supporting all members of Korea University, encompassing various aspects such as scholarships for students facing financial difficulties, faculty research funds, medical development funds, and employee merit award funds.     In recognition of his unwavering commitment to philanthropy and continuous support, Mr. Yoo is affectionately known as the ‘Donation King.’ His contributions were so remarkable that he was honored with the National Badge in 2021, a testament to his exceptional dedication to the betterment of Korea University and its community. In recognition of his significant contributions to higher education and his commitment to fostering future talents, Korea University conferred an Honorary Doctorate in Business Administration upon Mr. Yoo on Monday, August 21, 2023 The conferral ceremony took place in the International Remote Conference Room of Centennial Memorial Samsung Hal and was attended by Dong-One Kim, the President of Korea University, Sang Yong Kim, Dean of Korea University Business School,  and Hyuk Yoo, the Executive Vice President for Graduate School and Research.      President Kim stated, “Since the establishment of Korea University in 1905, we have grown with the dreams and sincerity of our nation’s visionaries.” He expressed gratitude by saying, “Our alumnus Hui Sung Yoo, who received the honorary Ph.D. degree today, has laid another foundation that will be remembered for generations in the history of Korea University.” Furthermore, President Kim added, “Today’s honorary doctorate degree bestowed upon Mr. Yoo symbolizes our deep appreciation and respect for his extraordinary benevolence and continuous generous contributions, which have warmed hearts around the world.”    In response, Mr. Yoo asserted, “I made the decision to donate to my alma mater from the moment my business began to flourish, and I always held a deep desire to give back to Korea University which holds a special place in my heart.” He continued, “For the remainder of my life, I am committed to doing my utmost for the honor and continued development of Korea University, my beloved alma mater.”      Meanwhile, Korea University Business School has designated Room B205 of Hyundai Motor Hall as the “Hui Sung Yoo Lecture Room” in honor of alumnus Yoo. Furthermore, Korea University Business School intends to utilize the In-Sung Fund, generously donated in May, as a cornerstone to pursue the goal of becoming the Global Top 30 and Asia’s No. 1 Business School by the year 2030.   

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"MSP Alumni Association’s 350 Million Won Donation for KUBS’s Advancement"

"MSP Alumni Association’s 350 Million Won Donation for KUBS’s Advancement"   The Alumni Association of the Management Studies Program (MSP) at Korea University Business School (KUBS, Dean=Sang Yong Kim), which was established in 1963 with the inception of the first graduate school of business administration in Korea and boasts a community of over 10,000 graduates to date, has made a generous donation of 350 million won to support the ongoing advancement of KUBS. On August 23, 2023, Korea University held a donation ceremony at the Main Building, attended by Dong-One Kim, the President of Korea University; Sang Yong Kim, Dean of KUBS; Hojung Shin, the Vice President for Development and External Affairs; Seokkyun Kim, the Head of KUBS Executive Education Center; Won Seok Han, the President of MSP Alumni Association; Hong Mae Kim, the Senior Advisor of MSP Alumni Association; and Hwan Ki Son, the Senior Vice President of MSP Alumni Association.      First, Won Seok Han, the President of MSP Alumni Association, expressed pride in being part of Korea University Business School, which holds the longest history among Korea University colleges. He stated, “We are committed to contributing to the development of KUBS, a leader in business education in Korea.” Dong-One Kim, the President of Korea University expressed profound gratitude, stating, “I am thankful to the MSP Alumni Association for their support in advancing KUBS. We will use this generous fund wisely to strengthen our research, education, and administrative capabilities, with the aim of achieving our goal of becoming a Global Top 30 and Asia’s No. 1 Business School by 2023.    Commencing in 2023, the redesigned MSP program is tailored to offer guidance and support to entrepreneurs and shareholders actively engaged in management, helping them navigate the journey of business expansion and growth. It also provides access to a vast personal network.   The strengths of the MSP program include:  1) Practical curriculum and mentorship for business scale-up: The program offers a practical curriculum and mentoring, featuring intensive presentations, discussions, customized lectures by dedicated professors, and insights from external experts.       2) Top dedicated professors and external advisory board: The program is overseen by three dedicated professors among the KUBS faculty, specializing in innovation, growth, and collaboration.   3) Excellent educational environment and strong alumni network: MSP classes are conducted in an exclusive classroom at the Hyundai Motor Hall, known for its outstanding educational facilities in Korea. Furthermore, graduates benefit from a robust alumni network comprising over 10,000 individuals, enhancing their competitiveness.   

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Strong Alumni Network of Executive MBA from Donation… 19th Class of E-MBA Donation Ceremony 

Strong Alumni Network of Executive MBA from Donation… 19th Class of E-MBA Donation Ceremony    On July 20th, a donation ceremony for the 19th Class of Executive MBA (hereinafter E-MBA) took place in the Dean’s Office in the Korea University Graduate School of Business Administration (Dean=Sangyong Kim). The E-MBA program targets experienced managers and executives with over 10 years of professional experience, aiming to nurture creative global CEOs who lead sustainable growth and innovation. The ceremony was graced by the presence of President of the 19th Class Taehyun Kim, Secretary General Daeho Lee, and fellow E-MBA alumni Junghyun Yang and Sungkyung Kang, alongside Dean Sangyong Kim and Associate Dean Seungwoo Kwon.      Before the donation ceremony, Dean Sangyong Kim and Associate Dean Seungwoo Kwon had a warm conversation with the E-MBA 19th Class. Dean Kim expressed his gratitude, stating “ How fortunate it is to overcome the challenging times of COVID-19 together and graduate safely. ” He also emphasized that the development of the Graduate School of Business Administration was possible through the dedication and efforts of the alumni. Furthermore, Dean Kim sincerely thanked them for their generous donations, assuring them that the funds raised would be used thoughtfully to further develop the Graduate School of Business Administration.    E-MBA 19th Class President Taehyun Kim mentioned the strong bond of the E-MBA alumni network during the donation ceremony stating, "We raised this fund through our efforts to maintain and strengthen our alumni network. I hope that future classes will continue this tradition, and as seniors, we will strive to set an example for the development of the Graduate School of Business Administration."    Following his remarks, President Taehyun Kim presented the donation letter to Dean Sangyong Kim, and in return, Dean Sangyong Kim presented the donation certificate and a token of appreciation to President Taehyun Kim. The donation ceremony concluded with a meaningful group photo, cherishing the spirit of giving back.       The donation ceremony raised the participation of all 50 members from the E-MBA 19th Class, raising a total of 30 million won. This achievement highlights the significant value of the strong alumni network, which is considered one of the assets and strengths of the Korea University Graduate School of Business Administration MBA. 

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’MBA Lounge’ Opened for MBA students

'MBA Lounge' Opened for MBA students   The opening ceremony of ‘MBA Lounge’, a rest area for MBA students and its alumni, was held on October 31st. 『MBA 30-30 Alma School Development Committee』 along with previous KUBS Dean Johngseok Bae and the previous faculty attended the ceremony.     ‘MBA Lounge’ built in Hyundai Motor Hall Room 413, would be opened as a rest area for MBA students and its alumni. The lounge, around 69 square meters wide, is well-prepared with a table, sink, and kitchen utensils. The lounge is accessible to all MBA students and alumni with the approval of the student council of each MBA course. Especially there are two artworks exhibited in the lounge: 『Variable Consciousness』 by Hur Hwang, well known as ‘white artist’ and 『Fliessend』 by German famous artist Günther Uecker. These artworks were donated by MBA Alumnus Eunsuk Kim (78th K-MBA Class) on last October, celebrating the completion of ‘MBA Lounge’.   The ‘MBA Lounge’ was built thanks to donations from 『MBA 30-30 Alma School Development Committee』. A signboard with the names of 28 donators had been set up inside the lounge, after about 3 months of interior construction. Guests who attended the ceremony had a signboard unveiling event holding scissors together. There had been applause when the shade fell off and the names of donators were unveiled.     Yongkeun Yoo, previous KUBS Associate Dean, who hosted the ceremony said “Thanks to 『MBA 30-30 Alma School Development Committee』 members and staff who helped successful completion on opening”. Furthermore, previous KUBS Dean Bae said “KUBS will not settle on present achievements as ‘MBA Lounge’ opening, but will step forward towards bigger goals” and “We will provide more support to mark the 60th anniversary of MBA more meaningful next year”.

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