KUBS Main Building

KUBS Main Building

The best business school in South Korea, KUBS Main Building was built in 1972. The building was renovated with the establishment of KUBS Startup Institute. The renovation took 3 months from July 2016 and it was designed for the building to have the most updated technological facilities and to represent the long history of the business school.

KUBS Main Building covers a total area of 6,097㎡, it is where you can find when any key academic support is needed. On the first floor you can find Dean’s Office, Associate Dean’s Offices, Faculty Lounge and all other administrative offices that students can get support from.

Our new KUBS Startup Institute is located on the second floor, and administrative offices including International Office and Career Hub have been moved to the third floor. On the fourth floor, faculty offices, Student Council Office and other student facilities are located including KUBS Ladies Lounge. On the top floor, we have faculty offices, MS/PhD offices and Fitness Center.

KUBS Main Building Floor Guides
Level 1 Dean's Office / Associate Dean's Office / MBA Vice President's Office / Academic Affairs Dept./ General Affairs, Accounting Dept.
Level 2 KUBS Startup Institute / Iljin Center / Seung Myung-Ho entrepreneurship Education Center
Level 3 AICG / CDC / IBRE / International Office / Jeongjincho·Takmajeong / MBA Academic Affairs Dept. / Public Relations Office
Level 4 Honorary Professor's Office / IBRE Center / IBRE Researcher's Office / KUBS Ladies Lounge / MBA Student Council Office / Office of Business Management Association / Professor's Office / Student Council Office
Level 5 Professor's Office / MS, Ph.D Office
Academic Affairs Dept.
Iljin Center for Startup Incubation
KUBS Startup Station
KUBS Main Hall View 1
KUBS Main Hall View 2
Main Building View 3
Winter View of KUBS Main Hall
Fountain at KUBS
Jungjincho 2
Faculty Lounge
Main Building View 4