Tutor&Tutee Program

The 'KUBS TNT (Tutor & Tutee)' program, a tutoring program for KUBS.

Understanding how many current KUBS students are working as part-time tutors after school, the KUBS runs a program through which students can receive financial aid by teaching juniors or foreign students who are struggling with current major classes.
The TNT program is currently looking for students who can help current KUBS students and international students on major studies, as well as mentees who are looking for academic support. By forming study groups, the TNT program aims at promoting academic exchanges and improving academic performance.

1. Target

A. Tutors

  • 1) Students with an average GPA of 3.75 or higher in his/her total or previous semesters
  • 2) Tutors must have acquired GPA higher than 4.0 on tutoring courses
  • 3) Only third- and fourth-year students are eligible/li>
  • 4) Tutors can apply up to 3 courses)/li
  • 5) Tutors are selected based upon their grades and living situations
  • 6) Required documents:
    ① Application (provided template) *Please write self-introduction and study plan in detail
    ② Official transcript

B. Tutees

  • 1) Current KUBS students who are struggling with major courses (including international full-time students, exchange students, and dual degree students)
  • 2) students with an average GPA lower than 3.5 in his/her previous semester
  • 3) No limit on age/year
  • 4) Tutees can apply for a maximum of 2 courses
  • 5) Required documents:
    ① Application (provided template) *Please write self-introduction and study plan in detail
    ② Official transcript

2. Duration and methods

  • A. 12 weeks for every semester (except mid-term and final exams)
  • B. Tutor-tutee ratio of 1:3 (A group consists of 2 to 4 students; new mentees can be added during the school semester)
  • C. Class duration: 24 hours (2 hours per week) or 48 hours (4 hours per week) for one semester
    ※ A tutor and a tutee can take up to 2 courses.
    ※ Both a tutor and a tutee can take up to 2 courses, but the total hours should either be 24 hours or 48 hours.
    ※ Any changes to class schedule must be confirmed by the TA at least 3 days in advance (The maximum number of class schedule changes is 3)
  • D. Make a class schedule in consultation with the tutor-tutee and the TA (the class schedule must be between 9:00 and 21:00)
  • E. Weekly report: The tutor must submit weekly reports to the responsible TA.
  • F. Final report: The tutor must submit the final report to the responsible TA after the program has ended.
  • G. Templates for weekly and final report will be distributed later.
  • H. Since a TA will be assigned to every group to check the report and attendance, for any changes to the class schedule, both tutors/tutees must discuss the option with the TA.
  • I. If the tutor or tutee is not fully dedicated, he or she may face disadvantages in future scholarships or other KUBS programs.

3. Notices for tutees

  • A. If the tutee withdraws from the program in the middle of the semester, he or she cannot reapply for the TNT program and will face a disadvantage in future KUBS scholarships or exchange student programs.
  • B. A tutee can apply up to 4 courses for tutoring.

4. Benefits for tutors

  • A. Scholarships are given if the tutor submits weekly reports at the end of the month (2 hours, twice per week; 400,000 KRW for 4 weeks)
  • B. An Activity Certificate will be issued once the tutor submits the final report after the tutoring program is complete.
    • ※ A tutor who is not dedicated will not be provided with the scholarship (e.g., lack of attendance, withdrawal in the middle of the semester, failure to submit final report).

5. Tutor scholarships

  • 400,000 KRW per month (2 hours, twice per week; schedule is subject to change)

6. Required documents and how to submit

  • A. Required documents: Application (attached), official transcript
  • B. Where to submit: Main Building 103 (KUBS Administrative Office)

7. Other inquiries

KUBS Administrative Office (3290-1301)