Q1. When is recruitment for the Korea MBA?
Admission is scheduled for around the middle of September every year. For a detailed schedule, refer to the notice of admissions on the website. (No new entrants will be recruited for fall semester.)
Q2. How many classes are held each week?
Classes are held Monday through Friday.
Because 45 credits need to be completed over the four semesters, 9-12 credits on average need to be taken per semester.
(Each course is worth 3 credits, so one course per day can be taken. Some courses are worth 1.5 credits.)
- Class days: Monday-Friday
- Class hours: 19:00-21:45 (1st class: 19:00-20:15, 2nd class: 20:30 -21:45)
* Weekend classes (usually Saturday) may be available depending on the semester.
Q3. I am not able to pay the entire tuition fee at once. Is there any installment policy?
Tuition installment policy Application: Portal ( Log-in > Registration/Scholarship> Tuition Installment Application. Read the notes before applying. Application period: Refer to the notice announced early in the semester after the first registration period. Ineligibility: New entrants, re-admitted students, students on leave, beneficiaries of credit reduction for exceeding the allowed number of semesters or tuition reduction, scholarship recipients (However, those whose scholarship covers less than 25% of their tuition are eligible.)
Q4. Can I receive tuition reduction when enrolling in a fifth semester at graduate school?
Tuition reduction when registering for a small number of credits Graduate students who have to enroll in an additional semester to earn a minor number of credits to satisfy graduation requirements after completing four semesters are eligible for tuition reduction depending on the number of registered credits. * Reduction amounts: 1/2 of tuition for 1-3 credits * Process: Apply for credit reduction on the intranet during the course registration (add/drop) period (access KUPID with your student ID to enroll in an additional semester after completing the fourth semester → Registration/Scholarship → Credit Reduction Application). Credit reduction is applied to the tuition bill for those who have not applied online. Those who have not applied online should register within the additional (final) registration period after receiving the tuition bill with the reduction applied. For those who have paid full tuition, the difference will be transferred to their bank account after the final registration period.
Q5. I want to get a student loan. What do I have to do?
Students who are attending the school or planning to return can apply for a student loan on the Korean Scholarship Foundation website (
Q6. Is there a scholarship program?

KUBS offers general scholarships.
- Scholarship beneficiaries are informed individually around the middle of April/October each semester.
Scholarships are paid based on academic performance in the previous semester. Students acquiring less than nine credits or an F grade, in their fourth semester, on leave, in their fifth semester of KUBS Graduate School, or receiving other scholarships are not eligible for the scholarships. 
* General scholarship programs do not have a separate application process.

* ‘up to 50% of scholarship for diplomats & foreign journalists’ 

Q7. Can graduate courses be retaken?
When the grade is C or lower, the course can be retaken.
Q8. When is the application period for leaves of absence and returns?
•    - Application period
* Spring semester – February 1- 25; Fall semester – August 1- 25
-> Application for leave and return is allowed only within the period above; the application date cannot be missed. If the deadline falls on a national holiday, the previous weekday is the substitute deadline.
•    - How to apply: Portal ( → Registration & Graduation → University Registration → Leave & Return Application
- A leave of absence is allowed for up to one year (two semesters in total).
Q9. I have lost my student ID card. How can I get a new one? How can I use the library?
If you have lost your student ID card, it will be re-issued. Students have to visit "One-stop Service Center" at the Central Square of Korea University to get the re-issurance service. In case of re-issurance, it will cost 5,000. (Tel: 02-3290-1143~4)