International Programs

Domestic Academic Exchange

Application Period

국내대학 - 공지 및 제출시기
Fall Semester Middle of Aug. (Middle of July for Seoul National University)
Spring Semester Middle of Feb. (Middle of January for Seoul National University)

The application form must be submitted to academic affairs office of the relevant college with the approvals of the academic advisor and the head of department.

Partner Universities

Kyunghee, Korea National Defense , Duksung, Seoul National, Univ. of Seoul, Seoul Women, Sookmyung Women, Yonsei , HUFS, Univ. of Science & Technology, KIST, KAIST, Academy of Korean Studies, Sunkyunkwan

How to sign up for classes

Browse available courses of partner universities: credits, professor etc
Submit the application form to the academic affairs office
The Graduate School delivers applications to the partner universities
Approval from the partner Univ. Notify results to individual applicants
Maximum 3 credits earned per semester. Maximum credits earned until graduation MS: 6 credits/ Ph.D:12 credits

Study Abroad

Application date and procedure at :

국외대학 - 신청서 접수처 및 제출시기
Spring Semester Fall Semester
Application Date End of February Beginning of March Fall semester of that year End of August Beginning of September Spring semester of following year
Application Procedure Application starts Interview & its announcement Sending Application Starts Interview & its announcement Sending

Korea University has academic partnership with 623 universities and institutions, research centers in 78 countries in the world as of April 2011. (More details at :


  • Korea University's Office of International Affairs is in charge of whole program curriculum and its management.
  • Please be aware of your graduation schedule in case studying abroad at partner university with different semester system (academic calendar).
  • Maximum credits earned : 9 for MS / 18 for PhD
  • Transfer credit must be processed right after returning to Korea. (submitted to relevant department office)

*Please refer to KUBS website regarding KUBS student exchange program