LG-POSCO Building

LG-POSCO Building

LG-POSCO Building was opened in 2005 to commemorate the centenary of Korea University’s founding, with the vision of becoming the best business school in Asia based on RDBR, research, business-academia cooperation, and international exchanges. Through the implementation of T.I.G.E.R.S. (Technical Leadership, Industry Leadership, Entrepreneur Leadership, Research Leadership, and Service Leadership), the Hall aims to become a future-oriented venue and open a business education area satisfying the three elements of Pro-digital, Flexibility and Landmark, where future 21st century leaders can mature.

To this end, KUBS has benchmarked the educational environments of world-leading universities to create the best business school building in Asia, with optimal acoustics, ergonomic lighting, high-speed wired and wireless internet, and cutting-edge instruction facilities. A six-story building completed in October 2003, its total floor size stands at 14,121 m2. The Hall features lecture rooms and various facilities, including state-of-the-art lecture rooms, Lee Myung-bak Lounge, Supex Hall, faculty offices and Sudang Digital Library.

LG-POSCO Building Floor Guides
Level 1 Lecture Room / Seminar Room
Level 2 Lecture Room / Lee Myung Park Lounge / Seminar Room
Level 3 Lobby / MS, Ph.D Office / Professor's Office / Seminar Room / Sudang Digital Library
Level 4 Lecture Room / MS, Ph.D Office / Park Hyun Joo Lounge / Professor's Office / Professor Meeting Room / Seminar Room / SUPEX HALL
Level 5 EXECUTIVE LOUNGE / Lecture Room / MS, Ph.D Office / Professor's Office / Seminar Room
Level 6 Ahn Young Il Hall / Cuckoo Seminar Room / Professor's Office



    The Supex Hall located in level 4 has an advanced sound and simultaneous translation system, and being used as a lecture place by great scholars such as Alvin Toffler, also as the classic concert hall like 'The Scent of the Wine'.

  • Sudang Digital Library

    Sudang Digital Library has an advanced search system for the Business Books, Journals and Digital Documents. And you can check the stock market trend worldwide through the bloomberg terminal.

  • Circle-Shaped Lecture Room

    It has the most comfortable study environments. All the chairs are distributed along the half-circle line centered to the platform with the sound collector on the ceil to deliver the vivid voice of the lecturer.

  • Digital Lounge

    The whole interior is layered with marble, equipped with 7 large project TVs that deliver the worldwide news and broadcast the event of KUBS.

Supex Hall
LG-POSCO Hall View 11
LG-POSCO Hall Circle Lecture Room
LG-POSCO Hall Circle Lecture Room 2
LG-POSCO Sudang Digital Library
LG-POSCO Sudang Digital Library 2
Digital Lounge
Lee Myung Park Lounge
Lee Myung Park Lounge 2
Lee Myung Park Lounge 3
Mutifunction Room
Faculty Office
Lee Myung Park Lounge 4
LG-POSCO Hall  View 1
Lee Myung Park Lounge 5
LG-POSCO Hall  View 3
LG-POSCO Hall  View 2
Park Hyun Ju Lounge
LG-POSCO Hall  View 4
LG-POSCO Hall  View 5
LG-POSCO Hall  View 6
LG-POSCO Hall  View 7
LG-POSCO Hall  View 8
LG-POSCO Hall  View 9
LG-POSCO Hall  View 10