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![International]2024-2 nominated student for exchange program (1st round) _ Confirmation signature is required첨부파일

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2024-2 nominated student for exchange program (1st round) Please check the list of 1st preliminary nominated students (undergraduate, graduate, MBA) in the attached file, and check and sign on the link below within the deadline. [Confirmation signature] - First-round nominated students should sign the link below to confirm their school. ( ※All 1st and 2nd round students are required.) - Signature deadline: January 25 (Thu) 23:59pm - URL : ※ Please refer to the attachment below to confirm the signature for all applicants for 2024-2. ※ If you do not sign an online confirmation, you will be automatically eliminated. (Penalty will be given for reapplying later) ※ For those who are scheduled to be assigned the 2nd round, an e-mail about the 2nd round will be sent on January 26th (Fri). [2nd round application] - Only for the students who want to change their school or aren't be assigned. - 2nd TO Announcement: Only students who wish to apply for the second round in the confirmation signing process will be notified by individual e-mail (On January 26th (Friday)) - Application deadline: January 28 (Sunday) 23:59 - How to apply: Only students who have indicated that they wish to apply for the second round in the confirmation signing process will be notified by individual e-mail (scheduled on January 26th (Friday)) - Announcement of 2nd successful candidates: scheduled for January 29th (Monday) ※ Assigned school during the second application cannot be canceled or reselected. If you do not have a school you want to go to, it is recommended not to apply. [Note] - Students who do not want go to the first assigned school and want to receive the second assignment must also sign the confirmation. (Response to the link above is required) - If you do not sign the confirmation within the period, you will be automatically eliminated even if you are on the first round nominated student list and will be given a penalty if you apply again later. - If you withdraw the exchange program after selecting "agree to dispatch" in the confirmation signature, you will be given a penalty for reapplying in the future. For other inquiries, please contact the international team at .

NEW[International][국제] 2023학년 2학기 경영대 파견 교환학생 1차 예비 합격자 명단(학부, 대학원, MBA)_전체 확인 서명 필수첨부파일

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2023학년 2학기 경영대 파견 교환학생 1차 예비 합격자 명단(학부, 대학원, MBA)을 첨부파일에서 확인하시고, 기한 내에 아래 링크에서 확인 서명하시기 바랍니다.    [확인 서명] - 1차 예비 합격자는 아래의 링크를 통해 배정된 학교의 파견 희망 여부 관련 확인 서명을 하시기 바랍니다. (※1차 예비 합격자, 2차 배정 예정자 모두 필수) - 확인마감: 1월 22일(일) 23:59 - 확인링크: ※ 확인 서명은 2023학년도 2기 지원자 모두 진행하시기 바랍니다.  ※ 합격자 중 온라인 확인 서명을 하지 않는 경우 자동 탈락 됩니다. (추후 재지원시 페널티 부여) ※ 미배정자: 2차 지원 관련 메일이 1월26일(목)에 발송 예정입니다. (아래 2차 지원란 참고)          ※ 항공권 장학금은 2차 발표 포함 최종 배정시에 항공권 장학금 신청자를 대상으로 신청 양식이 메일로 송부될 예정입니다.   [2차 지원] - 2차 TO 공지: 1월 26일(목) 예정  - 지원마감: 1월 29일(일) 23:59까지 - 지원방법: 확인 서명 절차에서 2차 지원을 희망한다고 표시한 학생에 한해 개별 이메일로 안내 예정(1월 26일(목) 예정)  - 2차 합격자 발표: 1월 30일(월) 이후  ※ 2차 지원시 배정된 파견교는 취소 선택불가합니다. 꼭 가고 싶은 학교가 없다면 지원하지 말아주세요.   [유의사항] - 1차 배정된 파견교에 가지 않고, 2차 배정을 받고싶은 학생도 확인 서명을 해야 합니다. (위 링크에 응답 필수) - 기간 내 확인 서명을 하지 않을 경우, 1차 합격자 명단에 있더라도 자동탈락되며 추후 재지원시 페널티 부여됩니다.  - 확인 서명에서 '파견 동의'를 선택한 후에 파견을 포기할 경우, 추후 재지원시 페널티 부여됩니다.   기타 문의사항은 국제실로 ( 연락하시기 바랍니다.

NEW[International][Exchange] Guidelines and Selection Schedules for Fall 2023 Student Exchange Program(slot ~1/6 updat첨부파일

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Guidelines and Selection Schedules for Fall 2023 Outbound Student Exchange Program   ★★★ 1/6 Slot updated_Stockholm ★★★ ★★★ 1/5 Slot (2nd) updated_Mahidol, Southampton, Georgia State, Hofstra, South Carolina, Xavier, FPT ★★★ ★★★ 1/5 Slot updated_EM Strasbourg ★★★ ★★★ 1/4 Slot updated_Melbourne, Chile, Fudan, Peking, FPT, Chulalongkorn ★★★ ★★★ 12/27 Slot updated_USC ★★★   * The required documents have to submit all online. ** ‘Slot & Requirements’ will be attached to this page after the Information Session. Please check this page on a regular basis for the updates of the exchange slot *** Please apply for this program after fully understanding the school you have interests in (refer to the factsheet from the webpage of the host university). **** The interview will be conducted online using Zoom. Detailed notices regarding the interview will be sent via email after the application deadline.     [Selection Schedule] Schedule Details Information Session Date: Dec 22th (Thu) 2022, 14:00~ will be held online by Zoom ( Online application Date: Jan 5th (Thu) – Jan 8h (Sun); 23:59 AM * Apply online by clicking the “교환학생 지원하기” on the KUBS website (only available on the Korean website)"  **All documents must be submitted online.   After the submission deadline, we will request offline submission only if necessary. Please make sure you have the original copy. Interview Date: Jan 12th (Thu), Jan 13th (Fri)  will be held online by Zoom If a schedule change occurs, further notice will be delivered *Interview-related information will be delivered to the applicants who have submitted application documents. Orientation Session for Preliminary Successful Applicants  (Mandatory) Date: Feb 9th (Thu) expected Details are to be announced. [Notes] 1. Eligibility: KUBS students (dual degree and undeclared majors included)     * KUBS students who are interested in KUBS Outbound Student Exchange Program     ** Students who wish to study abroad in Fall 2023 2. Qualifications A. Student whose cumulative GPA is 3.0 or above for the two recent semesters (summer, winter semester, leave of absence ared excluded) (However, student in the dual degree program must complete 12 credit hours of Business Administration courses, and a cumulative GPA in those courses must be 3.0 or above -- eligible to apply with one semester) B. Graduate student (MBA students included) whose cumulative GPA is 3.0 or above. (S)he cannot study abroad in their last semester C. KUBS transfer student who has completed two or more semesters at KU.  (Students from a different campus must complete two semesters at KU Anam Campus) D. Student who meets the qualifications above are eligible to apply (student on leave of absence or in dual degree program included);  E. MBA student with grades of at least 1 semester (more than two modules) (average just above 3.0) F. KMBA student can be dispatched in the fourth semester, but registration is required for at least one additional semester (for more information, contact KMBA staff) ※ TOFEL iBT/IELTS score is required only if a host university requests for it (host universities that request TOFEL iBT/IELTS score will be indicated on the List of Host Universities, which will be uploaded later). Basic points will be given to applicants who do not need to submit TOFEL iBT/IELTS score. ※ For the international students, please refer to attachment below [안내]해외파견 프로그램에 참가하는 외국인 학생을 위한 출입국 안내(outbound)_한영.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------   [Documents to Submit] 1. Fill out the”교환학생 온라인 지원서” online and submit a scanned copy of the following items. 2. Copy of your passport (Your English name on passport, certificate of enrollment, and transcript must be the same) ** Expiration date of your passport must be after June 2024! (Must valid for at least 6 months after your exchange program ends) (Please extend or renew your passport if the expiration date of your passport does not satisfy the period above. You may submit the receipt for your passport renewal. However, the final copy of your passport must be submitted by the day of the interview) 3. Certificate of Enrollment in English (only official certificate issued by One-stop Service Center can be accepted) ** If the student is on leave of absence at the time of application, submit a certificate of leave of absence(English version) 4. Transcript in English for external use ** Must submit the issued copy within 2 weeks 5. Official score report for TOFEL iBT/IELTS (corresponding students only) (If an official score report is unavailable, screenshot your score on the website and submit it; however, you must submit your official score report before the day of the interview. Please note that some universities request your score to be valid until the first day of the exchange program (e.g. U.S.A.) 6. Statement of Purpose in English (two pages max on an A4 sheet; download from KUBS website Undergraduate -> International Programs -> Application Process)     A. Statement of Purpose     B. Study Plan & Future Plans     C. Leadership & Social Skills 7. English Resume (one page max on an A4 sheet; download from KUBS website Undergraduate -> International Programs -> Application Process) 8. Certificate for each on/off campus activity (You may submit official copy or bring it to the office for approval) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   [Selection Criteria] 1. Application (40%)     1) Cumulative GPA of two most recent semesters (summer/winter semester excluded) (25%)     2) English Proficiency Test Score (TOEFL/IELTS) (15%) 2. Interview (60%): Statement of Purpose and Resume will be reflected during the interview     1) Interview in Korean (30%)     2) Interview in English (30%) ※ Interview in Korean and English is mandatory for all applicants (including international students), if you do not take the interviews, you cannot be selected. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   [Maximum Number of Host Universities Available for Application] 1. Students may apply for a maximum of 5 host universities (can apply 5 English-speaking host universities) 2. Students who have previously studies abroad can re-apply to the previous nominated school or previous nominated country. (allowed from the Fall semester of 2023)   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   [Exchange Period] 1. One semester 2. Students studying abroad CAN extend their exchange program (Students must submit a letter of recommendation or approval from the host university; may extend their stay up to one year)   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   [Selection Criteria for Former Exchange Student] 1. Students who have previously studied abroad as an exchange students will be nominated after the 1st round 2. Students who have cancelled their exchange program after the nomination confirmation will not be selected     ※ If one has a reasonable excuse, (s)he will be placed as a last candidate of the exchange program 3. Students who have previously studied abroad through exchange program MUST go through the same application process.   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   [Additional Notes] 1. Student who have been suspended, reprimanded, or on academic probation last semester will be penalized 2. An automatic drop-out will occur if students provide wrong information, counterfeit certificates, or reject to submit documents 3. Students cannot apply for the exchange program at Korea University’s Office of International Affairs and KUBS at the same time (You must withdraw the KU exchange program in order to apply for the KUBS exchange program) 4. For the recipients of KUBS Freshmen Special Scholarship, scholarship will be granted based on their GPA for the recent semester  ex) first semester at KU, second semester at host university; scholarship for the third semester will be given based on one’s first semester at KU --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Announcement of Successful Applicants] *Date and time can be changed Jan 19 (Thu) Announcement of Successful Applicants (expected; date may change) Jan 19 (Thu)– Jan 20 (Fri) Online nomination confirmation (an automatic drop-out will occur if students do not confirm) Jan 26 (Thu) Notice of 2nd Round Jan 26 (Thu)– Jan 27 (Fri) Application for 2nd Round (please note that you cannot cancel your exchange program if you are applying for the 2nd Round. Thus, if there is no host university you wish to study, please do not apply) Jan 30 (Mon) Announcement of Successful Applicants for 2nd Round (expected; date may change)   for further inquiries, please contact

[General]2022-2학기 경영대학 데이터베이스 이용자교육 안내첨부파일

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    2022-2학기 경영대학 데이터베이스 이용자교육 안내 경영대학에서는 경영대학 교원 및 학생의 연구활동을 위해 다양한 데이터베이스를 자체 구독하고 있습니다. 주요 데이터베이스의 효율적인 활용을 위해 아래와 같이 이용자교육을 시행하오니, 경영대 구성원의 많은 참여 바랍니다.   ※ 본 교육은 오프라인으로 진행합니다(한국어로 진행).     1. 신청대상: 경영대학 교원 · 학부생 · 대학원생 등   2. 참가신청: 신청 바로가기 링크를 통해 사전 신청     3. 신청기간: 2022. 9. 21.(수) ~ 10. 5.(수) 23:50    4. 교육일정      * 데이터베이스 제공업체의 교육담당자가 직접 교육합니다.   연번 DB 내용 일시 장소 비고 1 FnDataguide Pro 국내 기업들의 기업재무제표 및 주식정보 데이터 Excel 기반 제공 9/27(화) 15:00-16:30 현대자동차경영관  B307호 노트북 지참 권장 (실습교육 포함) 2 Bloomberg 주식/채권/파생상품 등 시장 정보 9/28 수 10:00-11:00 현대자동차경영관  B307호   3 KIS-LINE 국내 상장/외감 기업의 재무제표 및 신용정보  9/30 금 13:00-14:00 현대자동차경영관  B307호 노트북 지참 권장 (실습교육 포함) 4 KIS-VALUE 국내 기업정보 및 산업정보 대량 다운로드 9/30 금 14:00-15:00 현대자동차경영관  B307호 노트북 지참 권장 (실습교육 포함) 5 ORBIS Crossborder Investment Project와 Deal를 통해 세계화를 살펴볼 수 있으며, 투자 배후 기업(상장/비상장)에 대한 정보를 제공(FDI에 초점) 10/4 화 13:00-14:00 현대자동차경영관  B307호   6 TS2000 상장/외감/코스닥 등록법인의 기업정보 제공 10/5 수 12:30-14:00 현대자동차경영관  B307호   7 Eikon Datastream 전세계 기업 재무제표 및 각종 지표 10/7 금 13:00-14:30 현대자동차경영관  B307호   8 SDC Platinum 전세계 기업 증권 및 M&A 정보(New Issue, M&A)  10/7 금 14:30-15:00 현대자동차경영관  B307호       5. 참고     - 경영대학 데이터베이스 이용안내 바로가기    - 첨부파일(경영대학 데이터베이스 안내) 참조   6. 문의: 경영대학 데이터베이스 담당 / 02-3290-1625 / 학부행정실(경영본관 103호)

[General]Guidance on reservation of business school facility첨부파일

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Hello. Please refer to the application form (refer to the attachment) to apply for the usage of the business school facility(the academy). - Below - 1. Application for reservation of study rooms and seminar rooms (online application) - Application Method: Portal-Info Depot-Facility Reservations- Facility Management & Reservation You can make a reservation after checking the reservation status by manually or automatically searching for the facility and checking for the approval email in response. 2. Application for lecture room reservation (e-mail application) - Application method: Apply by e-mail to, stating the applicant's information, date, purpose, number of attendees, etc. When applying for an e-mail, it shall be sent by referring to the instructor of the club (society), and can be used after checking for the approval e-mail 3. Precautions - Reservation or cancellation of reservation within the day is not possible. - Applications for usage of study rooms and seminar rooms can be made from two weeks before the date of usage to the day before the desired date of rental. - Applications for reservation of lecture room must be made at least one week before the date of rental. - We would like to inform you that rental is not possible from Saturday to the exam period before the start of the undergraduate midterm and final exam period. Inquiries: Reservation Manager of Administration Office of Business School (3290-1385/1629) Attachment: Business school reservation application form.

Notice of Submission / Modification of English Name for K/F/E-MBA Students Graduating in February

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Notice of Submission / Modification of English Name for K/F/E-MBA Students Graduating in February Students who are expected to graduate in February 2022 should submit / modify his or her name in English for the issuance of the English graduation certificate, according to the following guidelines.   ■ The graduation certificate will be issued only in Korean for the expected graduates whose name in English is not found on their university records. ■ The graduation certificate (Korean, English) is issued only once (No additional issuance will be provided).     1. Application method: A) Visit administration office of major department   B) Send the email to person in charge     - KMBA: /     - FMBA:     - EMBA:   C) If you send the email, please send with the format below     a) Student number, name(Korean), major department     b) English Name(refer the English name format below)   ■ Verification of English Name: KU Portal to Information Depository (KUPID) → Registration/Graduation → University Registration → University Registration Inquiries → English Name     3. Submission Period : ~ Jan 28th (Friday), 2022 15:00  (※ Please make sure to keep the deadline as modifications will not be possible after the submission period.)   4. Target : K/F/E-MBA students expected to graduate in February, 2022   5. English name format: Follow the one of the formats below. A. Passport Holder Name must be the same as indicated in your passport.   B. No Passport     a. Last name in Capital letters, First name in order.     b. First letter of first names should be written in capital.            e.g.) HONG, Gildong / HONG, GIL DONG / HONG, GILDONG ect.

[MBA]2021 Spring Semester Special Leave of Absence Notice첨부파일

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Graduate School COVID-19 2021 Spring Semester Special Leave of Absence Notice   Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, Special Leave of Absence can be permitted for Spring Semester of 2021. This case is not included into the total period of Leave of Absence also not calculated during your study in KU, which Freshman or Transfer Student can apply for.   □ Temporarily, this Special Leave of Absence is possible to apply in case student can’t start this semester or continue the study due to COVID-19 situation you can have during 2021 Spring Semester.   1. Target : Freshmen/Tranfer/Course Completed Student who can meet one of the below conditions as Graduate School student     A. COVID-19 infected or confirmed patient who can’t start semester or continue study.     B. Who can’t come to Korea from Countries where the restriction of arrival to Korea effects at time you apply ‘Special Leave of Absence’ for 2021 Spring Semester - Only who stay in the Countries as indicated at from MOFA(Ministry of Foreign Affairs)       2. Period of Application and the Withdrawal Policy A. When : from February 1(Mon.) ~ May 31(Mon) 16:00, 2021 B. Where to register : Each department ( C. Tuition Withdrawal     1) Freshmen or Tranfer Student who apply by March 15(Mon.) 16:00 can be refunded 100% of tuition fee except Entrance Fee. In case of enrolled Student, the 100% of tuition fee can be withdrawn         if you apply by that time.     2) From March 16(Tue.), it’s possible to be withdrawn based on “General Tuition Refund Policy” not following above condition  D. In case of Awardee of scholarship for this semester, all amount of scholarship will be redeemed if you’re confirmed as COVID-19 2021 Spring Semester Special Leave student. * Your scholarship can be carried over and permitted to next semester when you register if you can meet one of the below conditions. 1) If you return to school after solving your issues related with COVID-19 and special leave 2) This can be eligible to only for scholarship awardee from Korea University not other institution. (Regarding Foundation Scholarship, you should follow the guideline from them.) 3) For other reasons except the above, basic guideline and regulation of scholarship is applicable. (Scholarship awardee can’t preserve the qualification of that if they apply the leave of absence basically)     3. Documents needed A. Special Leave of Absence Application [Attachment 1] B. Confirmation Letter(Chief Professor or Advisory Professor) [Attachment 2] C. Proof to submit (*required) - COVID-19 infected or confirmed patient(if possibly having symptom) verifying confirmation document - Visa issuance not permitted document from the embassy (Applicable document to prove your denied visa) D. Tuition Fee Refund Form [Attachment 3] - Bank Account(KUPID-portal uploaded) to be refunded (mandatory)   4. ETC. A. only for 2021 Spring Semester to register “Special Leave of Absence” B. Freshmen / Tranfer should register for this first semester and then can apply for this special leave and withdrawal C. Who comes to Korea enrolled in KU without the Leave of Absence, unless arrived to Korea by middle of February can be restricted to participate in class which starts March 2(Tue.) because 14-day quarantine policy was strengthened these days.   ※ For the further inquires, please contact each department directly.
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