Korea MBA Academic Curriculum

Academic Management

  • Program duration: 2 years(4 semesters)
  • spring and fall semester with 16 weeks per semester
  • Required credits: 45(maximum 15 credits per semester)
  • Class schedule: Monday-Friday 19:00 ~21:45 / saturday (varies by class)

Credit Requirements

  • Completion of total 45 credits including all 4 general core courses(12 credits), more than 4 out of 6 major core courses(12 credits), and major elective courses


  • Students can choose a specific area of focus complete a concentration track to develop a more in-depth expertise in that area
  • 8 areas are available for concentration: International Business , Marketing, HR, Management, Strategy, Finance, Accounting, LSOM, and MIS


Core Course

Core Course
Classification of courses Intensive Major Course Title
General Core International Business Managerial economics
HR Management Organizational behavior
Accounting Financial accounting
LSOM Data analytics and statistics
Major Core International Business Global business
Marketing Marketing management
Finance Financial management
Strategy Strategic management
LSOM Operations management
MIS Introduction to mis

Elective Courses

Elective Courses
Classification of courses Intensive Major Course Title
Major Elective International Business Riding the next wave in developing (asian) economics
Understanding macroeconomy
International financial market
Managing global crisis
Business and the environment
Sustainability and esg management
Marketing B2B marketing and marketing channels
Marketing strategy
Marketing research
Consumer behavior
New product development
Internet marketing
HR Management Employment relations
Managing diversity in organizations
Business negotiation
Strategic management of human resources
HR Management/Strategy Social network and competitive advantage
Creating competitive advantage by organization design
Strategy Competitive strategy
Corporate social responsibility
Growth straregy and m&a
How to grow a startup
Corporate venturing innovation
Strategy simulation
Venture creation and management
Coopreative strategy
Finance Financial derivatives
Corporate finance
Corporate governance
Venture capital
Risk management
Securities market and investment
Fixed-income securities
Fintech revolution
Accounting Advanced management accounting
Business valuation
Business strategy and taxes: case study
Cost management and performance evaluation
Decision making and performance evaluation: Case study
Financial reporting and financial statement analysis
Accounting transparency and firm value
LSOM Service Operations and healthcare business in digital economy
Digital innovation and trasnformation
Action strategies and risk management in smart connected era
Decision making using excel
Strategic forecasting and revenue management
MIS IT innovation, convergence and smart business
IT-driven paltform business strategies
Digital business analytics
Basics of blockchain and cryptocurrency
Big data: ananlysis and application to business
Business application of artificial intelligence
Project management
- Understanding business and culture
Special topics on management
Introduction to general management
Independent study
International field trip

* Listed courses are subject to change. All core courses and 50% of elective coursed will be taught in English.