The Korea University Business School Alumni Association hosted the 「1st Business School Alumni Night」 on January 19, 1982. In the same year, in December, the association launched the 『Business School Support Association』 and held the 「2nd Business School Alumni Night」.

In 1987, it was renamed the 『Business School Alumni Association』, and the first chairman, Kim, Sanghong (College of Commerce 41), was inaugurated. Later, the association began to focus on the development of the university and student recruitment.

In 1989, the Alumni Association Office was established in the College of Business Administration and started receiving annual payments from alumni members. In 1991, the chairman, Koo, Doohui (College of Commerce 57), was inaugurated along with two publications per annum of 「Hosang」, a business school alumni newspaper. In 1997, after the inauguration of the third chairman, Lee, Yangsub (College of Commerce 57), the Alumni Association established a separate secretariat independent from the professor-led operation. In addition, a tabloid version of 「Hosang」 was published six times a year, and a fundraising campaign was conducted to support the construction of LG-POSCO Management Hall.

From, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2017, the fourth Chairman Jung, Jangho (College of Business 59), fifth Chairman Kim, Seungyou (College of Business 61), sixth Chairman Huh, Changsoo (College of Business 67), seventh Chairman Na, Wanbae (College of Business 70) , and eighth Chairman Chung Mongwon (College of Business 74), respectively, continuously developed and presented events such as gratitude meetings, production of school registers, 709,809,909 general meetings, KUBS Ladies establishment, homepage opening, walking competitions, and golf competitions.

Major projects include scholarships for post-disciplinary education, sponsorship for the athletic department, fundraising for the construction of a school building, a gratitude ceremony for honorary professors, and the opening of taverns offering free drinks around Chamsari-gil for the Koyeonjeon after-party. In order to enhance social activities among alumni, they are operating a homepage, a newsletter「Hosang」, a walking competition, a golf competition, and opening an alumni night.