External Scholarships

External Scholarships

By actively attracting scholarships from external scholarship foundations, firms, organizations, and benefactors, KUBS facilitates over 190 scholarship programs, including the KU Alumni Scholarship, thereby helping students with excellent academic performance and/or financial difficulties to concentrate on their studies.

Non-Campus/National Scholarships Korea Student Aid Foundation-KOSAF

How and when to apply

All scholarship programs differ in their application requirements and period. For more information, please contact the Student Affairs Department of KU and the Academic Affairs Department of the affiliated college.
Information regarding scholarship foundations that publicly select beneficiaries is posted on the KU portal site and the bulletin board of the Academic Affairs Department as soon as official notification from the foundation is received. Please check frequently for notices of available scholarships on the portal system.

Scholarship foundations that publicly select beneficiaries

KU Alumni Association, Sundeok Foundation, Gibbun Woori Rehabilitation Center, Silla Culture Scholarship Foundation, Shinyang Culture Foundation, Yeolim Scholarship Foundation, Haeam Academic Scholarship Foundation, Dooeul Scholarship Foundation, North Hamgyeong Province Scholarship Association, Altwel Mincho Scholarship Foundation, Woohak Foundation, KEB Foundation, Wooyang Scholarship Foundation, Korea Scholarship Foundation for the Future Leaders, STX Scholarship Foundation, Hope Foundation for Rural Community, Mirae Asset (Overseas Exchange Scholarship Students)


As eligibility differs for each of these scholarships, the submission of an application does not necessarily guarantee recommendation by KUBS or selection for a scholarship. If recommended before the opening of the semester, please contact the Academic Affairs Department. If awarded a scholarship, the money is transferred to the bank account linked to applicants’ student ID card, and a scholarship payment notice is delivered to their residence. Upon the receipt of a scholarship, please send a letter of thanks to the scholarship foundation to the address provided in the notice.

Selected scholarship beneficiaries must attend events organized by their respective foundations, including scholarship award ceremonies.

The scholarships are paid to enrolled students in principle, and therefore scholarship recipients should be enrolled for the semester.

New recommendations

When external scholarship groups request recommendations for potential scholarship students, the Vice President for Student Affairs reviews the number of current external scholarship students in each college to determine the quota of new applicants each college can provide and then notifies the nominees based on the recommendations of college deans. However, the necessary stipulations (e.g., region of origin, school year, department, etc.) that are specified by each external scholarship group will be followed only if they are reasonable.

Replacement recommendation

When a current recipient of an external scholarship no longer qualifies, other candidates will be recommended as a replacement in accordance with the stipulations of the scholarship foundation in question.

Continued recommendation

Scholarship recipients, as long as they continue to meet the stipulations of their scholarship provider, will continue to be recommended.

Confirmation of scholarship students

Students selected and recommended by KU are reviewed and confirmed by the relevant scholarship foundation.