Project based on Social Value

2019 Business Overview

Exploring business model pursuing social values
  • Social Value Research Competition: selection and awards
  • Visiting overseas social value conference
  • Social value forum
  • Entrepreneurship competition: selection of social ventures and awards
  • Inviting lectures of social value experts
Social Value Business Education Innovation
  • Major required subject “Business and Society” (four sections)
  • Development of major elective subjects “Social Values” (eight subjects)
Social Value Business Book Writing Project
  • First year of 3-year project
  • Author (nine professors, Korea University Business School)
  • Monthly meeting of authors

Sponsored by SK Supex Pursuit Council (SV Committee), Korea University Business School conducts social value-based business education innovation projects. In the 2019 school year, we conducted various detailed projects with △the aims of developing a business model to pursue social value and △innovation in social value management education and △publishing a written work on social value management.

We have provided opportunities for undergraduate students to create new ideas and values by conducting the “2019 Social Value Research Contest”, “2019 Social Value Forum”, and “Entrepreneurship Competition / Social Venture Selection” and inviting lectures of social value experts.

Korea University Business School also offers undergraduate students to take major required and elective courses on social values to innovate social value-based business education and to explore the importance of pursuing social value as well as corporate profits.

Lastly, Bae, Jongsuk, director of the Corporate Management Research Institute, and eight professors of Korea University Business School (Kim, Daesoo, Kim, Woochan, Moon, Jungbin, Park, Chansoo, Lee, Dongsub, Lee, Jaenam, Lee, Jaehyuk, and Han, Seungsu) participate in the publishing project for a written work on social value management.