Why Executive MBA

‘Executive MBA’ is a two-year weekend program that consists of 45 credit hours,
offered throughout 4 semesters.
KUBS is committed to excellence in the best quality education for current and future executives.

Execurive MBA 소개 이미지
Cultivating creative global CEOs
At least 10 years full-time work experince required

The First and the Best E-MBA in Korea

Commenced in 2003, Korea University’s E-MBA is the very first 2-year MBA program in Korea. With renowned professors, we create courses that provide the most updated business knowledge and skills to our students. It is designed to equip our students a wider and deeper perspective, adopting strategic and systematic approaches.

Intensive & Interactive Learning

To maximize learning outcome, the E-MBA adopts an intensive module system within which each course is completed over 2 weeks’ time. Students will have opportunities to participate in a variety of learning experience including class discussions, case studies and group works. Our students are encouraged to collaborate with professors and students for a successful learning outcome.

Customized Approach

ur curriculum provides a range of learning options for fulfilling students’ diverse field of interest. For example, students are welcome to request for new courses (regular course, Summer/Winter Session, special lecture). Students may study their own field of interest through 'Independent Study' and 'Executive Learning and Interactive Team Exercise', which offer students the opportunities to study one-to-one with a professor or participate in small-group discussions.

Global Orientation

KUBS Executive MBA invites students to unique opportunities that improve performance on the global stage. 1.Regular class sessions conducted by professors from renowned institutions worldwide
2.International Residency Program in North America and Europe for enhancing students’ global sense
3.English courses offered in addition to regular classes

Diverse Experiences

We offer a variety of extracurricular opportunities for student’s integrated entrepreneurial skills. Students will graduate with a strong network of fellow students who are current CEOs – Our 55 students build a firm connection during the course. Students will also be able to participate in music, art-viewing, philosophy, and wine-tasting classes via special lectures and Summer/Winter sessions.

Total & Exclusive Service

Exclusive lecture rooms and lounge will be allocated depending on education level. Two program directors and program managers are committed to offering the best quality service to support student’s learning experience. Learning materials and superb fine dining will be provided without additional cost. We have a feedback system opened to students at all times, and we also support our alumni for their business activities after graduation.