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Personal Information Collection and Usage Agreement for Korea University Business School Inquiries

1. Purpose of Managing Personal Information

Handling Civil Complaints: Personal information is processed for the purpose of identification of applicants, confirmation of complaints, contact, notification of facts, and notification of results.

2. Managed Information

· Mandatory Contents: name, email address, phone number

3. Consignment of Personal Information

: The current website outsources personal information for efficient work management to the following company

   Entrustee: FIARTSID INC.

   Entrusted Task: Management (website design and development) of Korea University Business School (KUBS) website

4. Management and Retention Period of Personal Information

Personal information used in handling civil service shall be retained for three years after completion of civil service.

- However, for any requests to delete personal information, the school and its entrusted party will immediately discard the information.

5. Refusal right and disadvantages of refusal

- The customer has the right to refuse the collection and use of personal information.

- However, the customer may have the restriction on receiving civil complaints service if he or she refuses to agree to the collection and use of required information from the list of personal information.

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