Why Korea MBA

Korea MBA is a part-time two-year program that consists of 45 credit hours held throughout four semesters.

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Cultivating future leaders with theoretical and practical knowledge
Self-motivated professionals for countinus career developments

MBA Program that Best Reflects Business Practice in Korea

  • Two-year part-time program – classes held after working hours
  • Equivalent learning outcome to full-time MBAs
  • Meet the Global Standard of MBA accreditation – a minimum of 45 credit hours

Highly Adaptable and Flexible Curriculum

  • A curriculum that is highly applicable to business practice through case studies
  • Flexible course schedule
  • Weekend session and summer/winter session held upon request
  • Eight intensive major courses

Student Exchange Program

  • Deep understanding of global business practice, and cultural diversity
  • Learning experience at partner business schools – the world’s prestigious institutions in the field

Build a Professional Network

  • Study with experts from diverse areas: major firms, government sector, research organizations etc.
  • Build a strong network through team projects and social events held by clubs and societies
  • Exchange ideas and thoughts on their professional experience
  • Korea University MBA Alumni Association with over 6,000 experts in the industry