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2023 KUBS Challenge Case Competition

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<2023 KUBS Challenge Case Competition>

1. Eligibility

- Team of four KUBS undergraduate students (including dual degree and double majors)
- Students who can present in English
Students who fall under the following criteria are NOT eligible to apply:
(1) Students who will graduate in February 2024
(2) Students who meet all the graduation requirements by Fall 2023 and become a pending graduate in Spring 2024 or currently a pending graduate
(3) Students who will participate in a student exchange program in Spring 2024
(4) Incoming exchange students

2. Application

- Period: October 24, 2023 (Tue) - October 31 (Tue) 17:00 P.M.

- Method: Team leader should submit the application form and below documents to the KUBS International Office Email (

  * Submission file: KUBS Challenge Application (attached), Each team member's Personal CV (in English, 1 page, no designated form)


3. Schedule

  Date Detail Remarks
Online Application By October 31 (Tue); 17:00 p.m. Team representative should send the application via email


Case Distribution November 3 (Fri);
10:00 a.m. 
Devise a solution for the provided case within 24 hours The case will be distributed to your team leader’s email.
Presentation Video Submission November 4 (Sat); 10:00 a.m. 10-minutes video E-mail Submission
Finalist Announcement November 6 (Mon) Finalist Announcement (around 4 teams)  
Final Round November 10 (Fri) On-site presentation and Q&A session offline

* The schedule above is subject to change.

* Each team member must actively participate in the team’s presentation in English.

4. Judging Criteria: Analytical skills, logical and creative thinking, communication skills, etc.


5. Awards

  Total Awards
Gold 1 team First priority to participate in International Case Competition, certificate
Silver 1 team Second priority to participate in International Case Competition, certificate
Bronze 1 team Third priority to participate in International Case Competition, certificate


6. Benefits

- Invited international case competitions are as below for the year of 2024 and will be held abroad as of now. The winning team (Gold prize) has a priority to choose the competition. KUBS will support flight tickets and hotels.  

  * Marshall International Case Competition 2024 (University of Southern California): February 12-18, 2024

  * 34th Annual Scotiabank International Case Competition (Western University, Canada): March 20-23, 2024

  * 2024 RSM STAR Case Competition (Erasmus University, Netherlands): April 16-24, 2024

- Competitions and schedules are subject to change

- For all winning teams, extra points will be added when applying for KUBS Student Exchange Program.


7. Contact Information
KUBS International Affairs Team (02-3290-1687/

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