KUBS Dream Scholarship

KUBS offers “KUBS Dream Scholarship” that can cover tuition fees and living expenses. This scholarship was funded by KUBS seniors and donators for students who struggle to pursue their studies because they work part-time to earn living expenses.

For those who are unable to continue their studies due to financial difficulties, contact the Department Office of Business Administration.

1. Eligibility

  • Any KUBS students encountering financial difficulties

2. Amounts and Number of Recipients

  • Amounts: Scholarship will be given monthly (the amount will be commensurate with students’ circumstances)
  • Number of Recipients: The number of recipients will be adjusted based on scholarship funds

3. How to Apply

  • click the below button "application" and fill out the form

Domestic Students:

  • ※ Please apply for the KUBS Dream Scholarship previously and re-submit the documents to Students who are receiving scholarships must re-submit their application every semester.
  • ① Scholarship Application (Provided Form)
  • ② Scholarship Application Statement (Provided Form)
  • ③ Resident Registration or Family Relation Certificate (issued based on either the paternal or maternal side of the family)
  • ④ Withholding Tax Receipts or Earned Income Certificates (previous year) of both parents (one from each parent)

    * Students whose parents did not earn an income should submit an evidentiary document proving no income was reported in the previous year.

  • ⑤ A copy of Taxation Statements (from the previous year) by tax category for both parents (issued by the applicable Community Service Center)
  • ⑥ Certificates of National Health Insurance Premium Payment for the most recent 3-month period for both parents (issued by the National Health Insurance Corporation)

    * When only one parent is paying national health insurance premiums, attach a copy of the front page of the health insurance card (that includes the family information).

  • ⑦ Other documents proving the situation of the household (e.g., basic livelihood security recipient certificate, liability certificate, etc.)

4. Scholarship Renewal Requirements

  • ① In order to continue receiving the scholarship, students must submit all required documents in the beginning of every semester to the Department Office of Business Administration.
  • ② If students are placed on academic probation in the previous semester, their scholarship will be terminated.
  • ③ Students must earn a minimum of 12 credit hours in the previous semester.
  • ④ Students must maintain at least 3.0 GPA in the previous semester.

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