Global MIM
Graduation Requirements

Dean's List

  • Top 10% (GPA) of the total number of students (Global MBA and Global MIM) who received more than 6 credits in previous module

Graduation Requirements

Leave of Absence

  • Available to take a leave of absence on a yearly basis
  • Not applicable for the first semester (Freshmen)


  • Students who receive F grade more than twice or for 2 consecutive modules
  • Students who have an average GPA of 2.5 or less

Global MIM Graduation Requirement (KUBS)

Graduation requirements include requirements for Global MIM graduation (Master degree) and CEMS MIM certificate. G-MIM graduation does not guarantee the CEMS MIM certificate acquisition.

  • Credits to acquire: minimum 45 credits
  • Completion of major required courses (Term 1)
  • Average GPA: 3.0 or higher
  • Concentration:
    • - Can be granted if the student received more than 6 credits in one area among Finance, Strategy, and Marketing.
    • - Major required courses are not included in 6 credits.
    • - Achieving more than one concentration is allowed.
  • Completion of Exchange Semester/Term
    • - Study at one of CEMS partner schools during term 2
    • - Courses/credits completed at partner school are treated as international exchange credits and grades are given as Pass/Fail on the KUBS transcript
    • - Courses/subjects to be taken at partner school during term 2 should be approved in advance by the academic director.
    • - Partner school will be assigned in consideration of student preferences, documents, and interview on enrollment.

CEMS MIM Certificate Requirement (CEMS)

  • Credits to acquire: minimum 66 ECTS
  • Completion of CEMS required courses
  • Completion of Exchange Semester/Term
    • - Courses that are not recognized as ECTS by partner school are not recognized as KUBS credits at Korea University either
  • Language Requirement and International Internship
  • Completion of other requirements set forth by CEMS University Guidelines (updated every academic year)


  • Conversion Ratio for Exchange Semester/Term
    • - 1 KUBS Credit = 1.5 ECTS * only applicable for exchange period
    • - Round off to the nearest hundredths