Graduation Requirements

Overview of Graduation

Expected Graduation

  • Students who are enrolled in the last semester of their degree, or students who completed all the degree requirements.
  • Certificate of Expected Graduation: students in their last semester are eligible to receive a certificate of expected graduation at KU One-stop center. Available at One-Stop Center from the first to the last day of student’s last semester)

Early Graduation

  • Early graduation is allowed up to one year (two semesters) prior to their regular duration of the degree.
  • Eligibility (a student must meet all criteria below)
    • - Completion of a minimum of 17 credit hours each semester (a minimum of 15 credit hours for international exchange semester)
    • - No F-grade during the degree, inclusive of Summer/Winter sessions
    • - Completion of a minimum of 108 credit hours upon application, inclusive of credits earned in Summer/Winter sessions
    • - A minimum overall GPA of 4.00
  • Remarks
    • - Not applicable to transfer students
    • - Not applicable to students who had been placed under an academic warning
    • - A student who applied for an early graduation must meet the graduation requirements by the end of the corresponding semester to be an eligible graduate. Please note that if an early graduate applicant fails to meet the graduation requirements, (s)he will not be considered as a completed student.

Apply for an early graduation

  • Apply via KUPID within the 20 days after the start of the semester. If you are an eligible early graduate, you will be able to see an ‘Early Graduation’ menu from ‘Registration/Graduation’.
  • If you have a semester during which you have not met the requirement of the completion of 17 credit hours, you must submit ①Early Graduation Application Form and ②Official Academic Transcript to the relevant department office.
  • Early graduation applicants will go through the equivalent graduation assessment procedure on the same basis as expected graduates.


  • To qualify for the award of a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, students must complete the first and second major requirements.
  • However, candidates must go through a graduation assessment procedure to be fully qualified as graduates. Graduation assessment will take place in early February or early August.

Disqualified for Graduation

  • Students who have not completed the required credit hours for the award of the degree.
  • Students who are enrolled for nine semesters or more are eligible for an exemption on tuition fee.
  • Please find the relevant notice on KUPID

Degree Completion

  • A student is acknowledged as a completed student when (s)he has completed the required credit hours, but has not met the graduation requirements yet.
    • - Once a student is counted as a completed candidate, (s)he is not allowed to further register for courses nor any tuition payment will be accepted.
  • After the submission of the graduation requirements, the student is considered as an expected graduate for the corresponding semester.
  • The duration of a student’s progress on the graduation requirements counts towards the duration of his/her degree.
    • - To check the duration of the degree: KUPID > Registration/Graduation > University Registration > Registration
  • Note: Even if a student has completed the required credit hours, (s)he will not automatically be acknowledged as a completed student. Degree completion is awarded only after the outcome of graduation assessment has been released in early February or early August.

Graduation Assessment Procedure

Expected graduates are not required to make an application to be eligible for graduation. A list of expected graduates will be sorted out automatically according to their academic records. The list of students will then be notified of further information on graduation, including the graduation assessment.

  • May/November: preliminary graduation assessment
  • June/December: application deadlines for an abandonment of multi major, a certificate of core elective recognition, and credit approval for an exchange semester at overseas universities
  • July/January: application deadlines for the graduation requirements submission, final graduation assessment for double major/dual degree students
  • August/February: final graduation assessment for single major students, the distribution of diploma and commencement ceremony (February)

Graduation Requirements

Requirements of English-conducted courses

  • The number of required English-conducted courses per major
    • - Business Administration first major students: 10 courses required / Business Administration double major, interdisciplinary major students: 7 courses required / Business Administration dual degree, transfer students: 8 courses required
  • Criteria of English-conducted Courses Acknowledgement
    • - Courses conducted in English and their names starting with BUSS (applicable for courses undertaken at the University)
    • - Business Administration courses undertaken at International Summer/Winter Session, inclusive of cross-listed courses
    • - Business Administration courses undertaken during an overseas exchange semester, inclusive of cross-listed courses(counted as one English-conducted course per three credit hours’ course)

Requirements of Business English

Apply for Business English

  • A non-credit English course offered by the Business School
  • A penalty may apply in case of an award of an F-grade. Failure to complete the course may result in disqualification of graduation due to not meeting the graduation requirements.
  • Note that it is not applicable for transfer/double major/dual degree/interdisciplinary major students at the Business School

Requirements for Human Rights and Gender Equality Education

  • Compulsory component for students commenced their degree in or after 2017. Recommended component for students commenced their degree prior to 2017.
  • Attendance is required once every year, a total of 4 online/offline sessions during the duration of the degree

English Proficiency

  • Students may choose one from below English proficiency tests
  • A minimum score of TOEIC 800, TOEFL CBT 230/IBT89, IELTS 6.5
  • Recognition of official English proficiency
    • - Official English Proficiency Test Score (TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS) (The certificate will be accepted as long as it is the examination result released after the commencement of your degree)
    • - English examination result released by Korea University Foreign Language Center (
    • - Attendance to substitute lectures for the graduation requirement on English proficiency (Note that the eligibility applies for students meeting the below criteria only.) Eligibility: International students whose first language is English, or native English speakers. Students who were admitted through the application process for Korean national (who were under the overseas education system for 12 years), North Korean defector, special needs student, and student-athletes
  • Exemption of official English test score (applicable for students admitted/transferred in or after Fall 2017)
    • - Exemption is granted for students whose nationality is in English speaking countries, or whose final education (high school) was conducted in English. The decision for exemption will be made based on the documents submitted to KU International Admissions Team (Please contact the relevant department office if applicable).
  • Once you have the certificate of English examination result, please submit it to the department office (Please submit the certificate even if the result’s expiry date has passed. A screenshot of the certificate will not be accepted).
  • Students are not required to submit a certificate in case they took English examination conducted by Korea University Foreign Language Center, or attended the substitute lectures for the graduation English requirement.
  • Submission deadlines: Graduates in February - by the first Friday in January / Graduates in August – by first Friday in July

Chinese Characters Proficiency

Official Korean Proficiency

  • Required for students who were admitted via the application process for international applicants from 2011 to Spring semester 2017.
  • Required for Korean national students who were under the overseas education system for 12 years from Fall semester 2017.
  • Minimum qualification (choose one from below)
    • - TOPIK Level 4 or higher
    • - Completion of level 4 or higher Korean courses at Korea University Korean Language Center
  • Submission Deadlines: Graduates in February - by the first Friday in January / Graduates in August – by first Friday in July


Distinguished Alumni Award

  • Award Criteria:
    • - Students who commenced their undergraduate degree at theUniversity, completed the graduation requirements and completed a minimum of 17 credit hours each semester (the last grade(4th) of the academic curriculum period; a minimum of 12 credit hours in exchange semester at overseas universities). The candidate must complete their degree without an F-grade, and must comply with a code of conduct.
  • Minimum GPA (for all credit hours earned in the degree)
    • - Award for Distinguished Alumni: Students with an overall GPA of 3.75 or higher (indicated on the official academic transcript)
    • - Excellence Award for Distinguished Alumni: Students with an overall GPA of 4.00 or higher (indicated on the official academic transcript)
    • - Grand Award for Most Distinguished Alumni: Students with an outstanding overall GPA and recommended by the Department (Prize: Official Commendation; indicated on the official academic transcript)
  • Remarks
    • - Transfer students and students with a dual degree are not eligible for the award.
    • - Students who exceeded the regular duration of the degree (eight semesters) are not eligible for the award.

Graduation Photo Album

  • Expected graduates who would like to take the graduation photoshoot must visit ‘Seven Color’ during the designated period and make the payment accordingly as indicated on the invoice.
  • Inquiries: 세븐 칼라 (Seven Color) 02-776-6666

Commencement Ceremony

  • Diploma (Certificate of Graduation) is distributed after the date of the commencement in February/August.
  • The commencement ceremony is held once a year in February (Graduates in August may attend the ceremony in February).
  • Eligible attendants are Business Administration first major and dual degree graduates. Further instructions (on graduation gown rental etc.) will be updated in February.

Important Notes

Last Semester

  • A student must be enrolled in the last regular semester to be an eligible graduate.
    • - e.g., A leave of absence in Spring 2017 à Enrolled in Summer Session 2017 à NOT eligible to graduate in August 2017
    • - e.g., Enrolled in Spring 2017 à Enrolled in Summer Session 2017 à Eligible to graduate in August 2017
  • A student is allowed to graduate if (s)he is enrolled in the regular semester as well as in Summer/Winter session. However, if the student is enrolled in Summer/Winter session without being enrolled in the previous regular semester, (s)he is not allowed to be an eligible graduate as the credit hours attained in Summer/Winter session are taken into account on the following regular semester.
  • For the above reason, expected graduates must complete internship practice (domestic/international) during the regular semesters to complete credit approval prior to the graduation. (Not in Summer/Winter sessions)
  • Expected graduates must be enrolled in the University in their last semester (If a student undertakes an exchange semester at universities in Korea or overseas, (s)he may not be allowed to graduate at the end of the corresponding semester).

Confirmation of Contact Details

  • Expected graduates must ensure their contact details are correct; this is required for important notice on graduation.
  • KUPID > Registration & Graduation > University Registration > Edit University Registration

Confirmation of Your Name (Korean/English)

  • KUPID → Registration & Graduation → University Registration → University Registration Inquiries
  • Failure to provide the name in English may result in the issuance of diploma in Korean only (i.e., Diploma in English will not be issued).
  • Graduates’ Korean and English names appear on the diploma will be identical with those specified on KUPID. Please make sure to confirm if your name is accurate. It cannot be corrected once the diploma has been issued.

Completion of Required Credit Hours

  • Make sure that you are familiar with the required credit hours of your first and second major, as well as your minor area of study. Please note that the requirements may vary depending on the year you commenced your degree.
  • If a student transferred to the department of business administration within the University or from other universities, and has credit hours of Business Administration required courses attained as a compulsory course for the previous major, (s)he must undertake the corresponding credit hours of Business Administration major elective courses (equivalent to Business Administration double major students as well).

Graduation Requirements Submission (*punctuality required*)

  • Submission deadlines: Graduates in February - by the first Friday in January / Graduates in August – by first Friday in July
  • Submit in person or by post to Department Office of Business Administration (certificate or transcript submitted must be the original copy)
    • - Address: Department Office of Business Administration, Room 103, KUBS Main Building, 145, Anam-Ro, Seongbuk-Gu, Seoul, 02841, Korea (Note: your student number and contact details are required.)
  • A week after the document submission, the expected graduates are required to check if the submission has been completed successfully.
    • - Check via KUPID → Registration & Graduation → Graduation à Graduation Requirements

Abandonment of Multi Major

  • Abandonment application is available via KUPID from the first day of the semester to the end of June/December.
    • - KUPID → Registration & Graduation → University Registration → Abandonment of Multi Major
  • In case a student with a second major would like to graduate with an intensive major, (s)he must make the abandonment application by the specified deadline.

Abandonment of Completed Credit Hours

  • Eligibility: Continuing students and students on leave of absence who completed at least seven semesters and completed at least 102 credit hours at the University (transfer students may apply for the abandonment only in their 4th year; not applicable for students with a dual degree)
  • Eligible credit hours: students are allowed to apply for an abandonment for up to six credit hours, and allowed only once during the duration of degree (Not allowed for courses they are currently registered in)
  • Eligible Courses
    • - Courses completed until Fall 2013
    • - Courses undertaken until Spring 2014 and cannot be re-registered due to the course abolition
  • Application Deadlines
    • - Spring semester: First round: at the end of March – early April / Second round: at the end of June – early July
    • - Fall semester: First round: at the end of September – early October / Second round: at the end of December – early January
  • Please refer to notices on KUPID for more information

Tuition Exemption Benefit for Excess Semesters

  • Eligibility: expected graduates who are enrolled in their ninth semester or more, and are determined by the University to defer the graduation due to the incompletion of the required credit hours (enrolled for five or more semesters for transfer students; enrolled for three semesters or more for students with a dual degree)
  • In case a student register for courses equal to or less than 9 credit hours, tuition fee will be exempted depending on the registered credit hours.
  • Apply via KUPID in early March or early September (KUPID > Registration/Scholarship > Tuition Exemption)