Experience Report

Guidelines for writing a KUBS exchange program Experience Report

  • 1. Report length: more than 1300 words ( 5600 characters)
  • 2. Report should contain more than 4 images
  • 3. Required Contents
    • 1) Course application & Course introduction
    • 2) Housing
      • a) Dormitory information
        (Even if it is not involved in the school facility, please specify the housing information including private or off-campus facilities)
      • b) Private housing information
    • 3) Lifestyle and others
      • a) Existence of a buddy program
      • b) Alumni program information
      • c) Living expenses
      • d) Scholarship opportunities
    • 4) Preparation: What to prepare before departure
    • 5) Insurance & VISA
    • 6) Introduction of an exchange school
  • ** Your reports will be accessible through the online search engines. We suggest to exclude your personal contacts, email address or private profile.

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