MBA/MIM Programs

Korea MBA

The Korea MBA is a two-year evening program that consists of 45 credit hours offered throughout four semesters for an MBA degree.

  • Korea-focused MBA program tailored to the market demand
  • Customized program
  • Exchange program
  • Best network
Executive MBA

The Executive MBA is a two-year weekend program that consists of 45 credit hours offered throughout four semesters for an MBA degree.

  • An intensive program that offers quality education for current and future CEOs
  • Adopts an intensive module system where one course is mastered in two weeks
  • Hosts curricular activities such as international field seminars and an ELITE Project that integrates theory and practice
Finance MBA

The Finance MBA is a two-year evening program that takes place over four semesters (minimum 45 credit hours) on biweekly Saturdays and summer/winter courses.

  • Balance between Theory and Practice
  • Emphasis on Ethics in Finance
  • Close Cooperation in Finance-related Sectors
  • Independent Studies/Building Network in Finance Sector
S³ Asia MBA

The S³ Asia MBA is a one-and-a-half-year program during which students spend each semester at three universities in three different countries in Asia: Shanghai (Fudan University), Seoul (Korea University), Singapore (National University of Singapore).

  • This program offers students access to the three best business schools in Asia and a globally-renowned faculty
  • An MBA program to help students become Asia specialists
  • Alumni connections in every field across the world.
Global MBA

Global MBA is a full-time program where students may earn an MBA degree from the KUBS or a dual degree delivered by the KUBS and one of the partner schools depending on their academic track.

  • The MBA program can be completed in one year
  • Able to obtain an international MBA degree in Korea
  • Customized education for corporations in Korea
  • Job hunting and exchange programs
Global MIM

The Global MIM is a one-year full time program where students would enroll in the KUBS Master’s program for one semester and spend the second semester in one of the CEMS 30 education institutions

  • A program to experience both global literature and practice
  • Build a global network
  • Earn a KUBS Global MIM (Master in Management) + CEMS MIM (Master's in International Management) after one year
  • International internship and job search program

Compare KUBS MBA Programs

Compare KUBS MBA Programs
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