Request for the Campus Tour

Campus Tour Request

We are currently hosting campus tour for students who would like to visit the Korea University Business School (KUBS).
The team must be at least 5 persons, and the tour will take about 30 minutes. If you wish to request a campus tour of KUBS, please fill out the form below.

  • ※ Once the form is submitted, our staff will give you a confirmation by phone call.

  • ※ The form submission is only a “request,” which means you would need to adjust and finalize the tour schedule with our staff who gives you the call.

  • ※ For any other requests, please contact the KUBS PR team (02-3290-1688).

Please fill out the information of the representative of your group.

Name* Contact number*
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School* School year*
visiting personnel* visiting Date*
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※ Campus Tour can be provided from 10 am to 4 pm during the week days (Mon-Fri).

Personal Information Collection and Usage Agreement Guidelines

1. Personal Information collected : name, contact, school, grade, etc
2. Purpose of collecting personal information : registration for campus tours, management and announcement of results.
3. Retention period of personal information : the collected personal information will be destroyed at the end of all the admission process.
4. Right to refuse consent and consequences of refusing consent
You have the right to refuse to provide consent. However, please note that once refused, you will not be registered for campus tours.