Senior CEOs who meet the demands of the times

경영연구과정(MSP) 소개 이미지
Korea University Business School Management Studies Program(MSP) was first established in 1963 and has turned out the total number of about 10,000 CEO alumni. This program provides senior leaders who have been working in various fields such as corporations, academia and government with a chance of braod relationship network and the best way for organization management which is necessary to the rapidly changing business environment.

- Once a week (Wednesday) class (104th: 2020.4. ~ 2020.12.)


KUBS MSP Merit 1. Balance between business management theory and practice with the class of professors and outside lecturers

Through special lectures and case study dealing with the latest business management issues, Management Studies Program(MSP) will help future executive officers to learn reasonable and strategic entrepreneurial mind to have a better understanding of changing business environment and cope actively with the circumstances.

KUBS MSP Merit 2. Module system lecture and discussion dealing with comprehensive theory and practice of business management

The intensive module system curriculum of Management Studies Program(MSP) comparable with the world's top universities is divided into 7 detailed parts to help students to learn the latest business management theory and practice more systematically and efficiently. By learning Business Strategy, Business Accounting, Human Resource Management, LSOM, MIS, Marketing, International Business Management and Financial Manangement systematically, students can satisfactorily acquaint themselves with management skills such as management control technique and entrepreneurial spirit that are necessary to jump up to be CEOs. In addition, some parts of the regular course are organized as special liberal arts, so the essential information about the humanities, arts, health program, inheritance and tax are continuously provided to professional executive officers in the modern society.

KUBS MSP Merit 3. The best education infra comparable with the world's top universities.

  • Based on the total number of about 10,000 CEO alumni turned out from Korea University Business School, students can effectively build up the high-class relationship network in a short time.
  • LG-POSCO Hall has been highly evaluated for the state-of-the-art lecture facilities such as the cutting-edge electronic library, e-business center and cyber trading room.
  • Management Studies Program(MSP) students can take rank with senior leaders in various fields involving the business, academia and government.