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2021Year Summer Semester Domestic Management Field Experience Application

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Personal Information Collection and Use Agreement

1. Purpose

1) Select, announce, manage and dispatch domestic internship program
2) Provide personal information to the reviewers and the companies that provide the internship

2. Items of personal information collection

1) Required fields: Name, Student number, Year, Phone number, Mobile phone number, Address.
2) Optional fields: Family Information, Parent (Guardian) Information (Address, Living Situation, Owned Assets, Residence Size, Owned Real Estates, Annual Property Tax Amount, Certificates of National Health Insurance Premium Payment for the past 3 months), Past History on National Scholarship Applications.

3. Consignment of Personal Information

: The current website outsources personal information for efficient work management to the following company

  • Entrustee: FIARTSID INC.
  • Entrusted Task: Management (website design and development) of Korea University Business School (KUBS) website

4. Period of maintenance

- Collected personal information will be kept and used until the application and selection process ends. After the selection, the data will be immediately deleted.
- However, for any requests to delete personal information, the school and its entrusted party will immediately discard the information.

5. Refusal right and disadvantages of refusal

- The applicant may refuse the above agreement. However, if the applicant refuses the agreement, he or she may have the disadvantage of being disqualified from the Domestic Internship Program.

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