Student Experience

How to Write and Share Your Experience

  • 1. Minimum four A4 pages
  • 2. Minimum four photos
  • 3. Contents
    • 1) Enrollment and Classes: How to enroll in classes in the exchange school
    • 2) Dormitory:
      • a) The dormitory information provided by the exchange school and detailed application process (please write the same information if the facilities are off-campus instead of on-campus school dormitories)
      • b) Off-campus living information
    • 3) Life and others
      • a) Programs to help exchange student (similar to the KUBS BUDDY Program)
      • b) The Korea University alumni association in the exchange country
      • c) Cost of living
      • d) Financial aid programs at the exchange school
    • 4) What to prepare before departure
    • 5) Insurance and visa
    • 6) Introduction to the exchange school
  • ** The contents may be searchable, such as on the Google search engine. Please do not write personal information such as contact or email.

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