[Academic]COVID-19 Vaccination Attendance Check Exemption Guide for students who receive COVID-19 Vaccination

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COVID-19 Vaccination Attendance Check Exemption Guide for students who receive COVID-19 Vaccination


 1. Attendance Exemption Application

A. Apply at KUPID(수업 → 수업활동 → 출석인정 신청) with a documentary evidence

B. Attendance exemption type: “그밖에 부득이한 사유” ※「Attendance Exemption Guideline」 Article 3, No. 10


Time Period

Required Evidence

Vaccination date

Documentary evidence of COVID-19 vaccination

(vaccination record, certificate of vaccination, etc.)

1~2 days after vaccination

a) In case of having side effects

More than 3 days after vaccination

b) Continued signs of side effects

Medical report (doctor’s note)

C. Documentary Evidence

a) Vaccine side effects: pain or swelling at vaccination site, flare, fever, sense of fatigue, headache, muscular pain, stomachache, shivers, nausea, diarrhea, joint pain, allergic reaction, etc.

b) In case of a long absence over 7 days due to continued symptoms, medical report from the director of Korea University Hospital or another general hospital is required.

D. Same standards apply to the case of second dose of vaccine.


2. Notes

2. Notes

A. Other attendance and grading rules follow 「Attendance Exemption Approval Guideline」.

- Even if attendance exemption is approved, only students who have attended over 1/2 of total classes will be graded. (Article 7, No. 1)

- Approval for attendance exemption must be sought in advance but under inevitable circumstances, students must apply for the approval within 10 days. (Article 5)

B. If there is any suspicion that the reaction is vaccine-induced, call 1339 or the local public health center. In case of severe allergic reaction(ex. Anaphylaxis), immediately contact 119 or visit an emergency room.

C. Check for side effects and countermeasures against COVID-19 Vaccine at the homepage of ‘예방접종도우미’( under the section of  ‘예방접종 후 건강상태 확인하기’.