Lee, Dong Wook 이동욱


Ph.D.,The Ohio State University (2003)
M.B.A., Seoul National University (1996)
B.B.A., Seoul National University (1994)


Professor of Finance, Korea University Business School, Sep. 2014 ~ present


Commissioner, Securities and Futures Commission (Korean government), Sep. 2022 ~ present


Vice President, Korean Finance Association, Jan. 2023 ~ present


Associate Editor, Asian Review of Financial Research, Jan. 2020 ~ present


Editor in Chief, Korean Journal of Financial Studies, Mar. 2021 ~ May 2022


Associate Professor of Finance, Korea University Business School, Sep. 2009 ~ Aug. 2014


Visiting Scholar, University of Michigan (Ross), Dec. 2019 ~ Jul. 2021 & The Ohio State University (Fisher), Jul. 2012 ~ Aug. 2013


Assistant Professor of Finance, Korea University Business School, Sep. 2006 ~ Aug. 2009


Assistant Professor of Finance, University of Kentucky, Aug. 2003 ~ Jun. 2006

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Can swap basis predict foreign exchange rate? Evidence from Korea (with Eun-young Shin) 

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The role of second-tier exchange in corporate valuation: Evidence from Korea (with Hee Jung Choi) 

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Why does equity capital flow out of high Tobin’s q industries? (with Han Shin and René Stulz) 

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Dollar-weighted return on aggregate corporate sector: How is it distributed across countries? (with Lingxia Sun)
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Does the SME exchange properly function as a “growth market”? A Look through its correlation with private-firm growth
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Factor exposures of foreign equity capital in a domestic stock market: Evidence from Korea (with Lingxia Sun)
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Stock return commonality within business group: Fundamentals or sentiment? (with Min-su Kim and Woojin Kim)
    Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, November 2015 


The role of trading volume in the “volatility puzzle” 
    Asian-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies, October 2015 


Takeover vulnerability and the behavior of short-term stock returns (with Joon Chae and Shu Feng Wang)
    Journal of Corporate Finance, September 2013


Short selling by individual investors: Destabilizing or price discovering? (with Chan Shik Jung and Woojin Kim)
    Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, January 2013


The role of the temporary component in spot prices in the revision of expected future spot prices: Evidence from index futures quotes (with Hyung Cheol Kang, Eun Jung Lee, and Kyung Suh Park)
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Does more information in stock price lead to higher or lower firm-specific return variation? (with Mark Liu)
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Does the difference in valuation between domestic and foreign investors help explain their distinct holdings of domestic stocks? (with Hyung Cheol Kang and Kyung Suh Park) 
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Comovement after joining an index: Spillovers of nonfundamental effect (with Brent Ambrose and Joe Peek)
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U.S. banks, crises, and bailouts: From Mexico to LTCM (with Bong-Chan Kho and René Stulz)
American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, May 2000 




Small and large firms across legal origin (with Lingxia Sun)


What Explains Cross-Country Difference in Corporate Valuations? Growth Opportunities or Profitability? (with Lingxia Sun)




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