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[Global CEO Talk] When you say you can do 80% and give a 100%, you are a winner…BCC Global Winston K

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[Global CEO Talk] When you say you can do 80% and give a 100%, you are a winner…BCC Global Winston Kim


On April 5, Korea University Business School hosted Winston Kim (김세훈), Head of Sales for Korea & Southeast Asia at BCC Global, for an insightful CEO talk. The focal point of the discussion revolved around uncovering business opportunities in China and Southeast Asia. BCC Global, short for Business Connect China and headquartered in Shanghai, stands as China's premier expert service and consulting firm since its establishment in 2008. Functioning as an independent third-party research institution, its expansive global network of experts and research products caters to diverse clientele ranging from financial institutions to consulting firms and leading corporations. With branch offices established in key locations such as Beijing, Shenzhen, Wuhan, New York, and Seoul, BCC Global has solidified its presence internationally.


Winston Kim commenced the session by providing an overview of his career journey, emphasizing his current interest in learning Chinese to fortify communication with Chinese business partners. Joining BCC as a regional sales director for the Asia Pacific region in 2014, he has been head of the sales division since 2022. His role has provided him with the opportunity to travel to various countries including China, Singapore, and the USA multiple times a year. Winston emphasized the significance of building relationships and networking, asserting that face-to-face interactions over coffee or meals are a great way to understand the client for successful deals and professional visibility.



Previously, he participated as a media consultant and global market research consultant at the Global Alternative Investment Conference (GAIC), where he led numerous online and offline discussions with financial experts worldwide. These discussions explored themes such as "Opening a New View in Alternative Investment – Challenges and Transitions in Innovation," "Opportunities and Challenges in ESG Alternative Investment," and most recently in 2023, "Alternative Investment-Rewriting the Playbook." Notable sponsors of GAIC included the Korean Financial Services Commission, Korea Investment Corporation, National Pension Service, among others, with BCC Global and other partners playing significant roles.



Further, he explored the influence of overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia, elucidating the concept of the Bamboo network, which denotes the business connections among companies owned by ethnic Chinese families or overseas Chinese in the region. Regions such as Cambodia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Vietnam feature prominently in this network, with overseas Chinese playing a pivotal role in Southeast Asia's business landscape. Their amassed capital, nearing 2.5 trillion USD, highlights their substantial economic influence, controlling a significant portion of the region's assets. Notably, Singapore emerges as a dominant player, harboring 80% of overseas Chinese capital, followed by Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.


Expanding on business opportunities in Southeast Asia, Winston highlighted Singapore's ascent as one of the world's most business-friendly regulatory environments. Renowned for its competitiveness, Singapore is known for its flourishing sectors including transportation, banking, tourism, and automobile manufacturing. Despite a decline in total deal volume, early-stage deals in Singapore retain substantial value, albeit influenced by prevailing interest rates. He drew parallels between Singapore and China, elucidating their symbiotic trade relationship and their potential for further collaboration, particularly in the realms of digital economy, new energy, and shipping.



Transitioning to career prospects post-MBA in 2024, Winston outlined the top career paths for students, emphasizing the growing demand for healthcare management professionals, followed by IT, and the importance of staying aware of the current Information Systems trends. Other notable paths include entrepreneurship, management consulting, investment banking, and nonprofit management. He provided valuable insights into leveraging MBA degrees during job searches. The students were equipped with strategies to maximize the value of their MBA degrees during their job search. This included emphasizing their skills on their resumes and cover letters, showcasing real-world examples of their application. They were encouraged to leverage internships or experiential learning opportunities, which offer practical industry exposure and the chance to build professional networks. Additionally, students were advised to highlight their industry-specific expertise and demonstrate leadership abilities, such as project management, by providing concrete examples of achievements and the motivation behind their teamwork. They were also given the opportunity to articulate their strategies for leading teams during the hiring process.



Concluding the session, Winston highlighted BCC's enterprise clients across various sectors, featuring notable names such as SK Group in the chemical industry, Coca-Cola, Unilever in FMCG, and Johnson & Johnson in healthcare. Grab, one of their recent clients, underscores BCC's diverse portfolio. In essence, Winston Kim's CEO Talk provided GMBA students with valuable insights into the APAC regions, potential career paths post-MBA, and strategies for professional advancement.