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[Global CEO Talk] The key to successful search completion is an efficient process … Associate Partne

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The key to successful search completion is an efficient process … Associate Partner at DHR International Ghislain Brun


On March 29, students of the Global MBA program at Korea University Business School participated in an engaging Global CEO talk hosted by Ghislain Brun, Associate Partner at DHR International. The session took place in room #412 of the Hyundai Motors building, where Ghislain shared insights acquired throughout his career path in different roles and companies.


Ghislain, an alumnus of Global MBA at Korea University, shared insights into his diverse professional journey. He began his career as a Junior Economist at the Frnch Embassy in Hanoi before transitioning to roles of increasing responsibility. Notably, he served as Global HR Manager at SK Telecom, overseeing corporate-wide talent and HR systems transformation efforts.


 His responsibilities included areas such as M&A, global leadership, and change management. Today, Ghislain holds the position of Associate Partner at DHR International. Additionally, he plays an important role as a board member at French Tech Seoul, facilitating collaboration between startups in France and South Korea.



Throughout the session, Ghislain engaged students in discussions to understand their career aspirations and interests. His strategic HR background, particularly in M&A, global talent management, and leadership development, provided valuable insights for students exploring their future career prospects.


He further moved on to explain his role at DHR International and how they help clients identify, hire, and coach leaders who drive change and lead through complexity. DHR International as a company focuses more on hiring at an executive level like Senior Managers, Directors, to name a and elaborated on the evaluation. leadership consulting process of executive assessment, onboarding, executive coaching, succession planning being a few of them.


He provided insight into DHR International's executive assessment process and emphasized the importance of an efficient search completion process, which involves several key steps. He emphasized the importance of an efficient search completion process, which involves several key steps.


This process begins with Initiate, where assessment and research are conducted to develop a research strategy and align with the client on critical competencies for the role. Next is Qualify, which involves heavy recruiting of top prospects and candidates, analyzing comprehensive competency-based interviews, and interpreting assessment results.



Following Qualify is Identify, where the focus is on developing candidates by emphasizing citical competencies and assessing their fit with the company culture. Finally, the processconcludes with Select, which involves establishing candidate meetings, reviewing feedback to determine finalists, and facilitating negotiations and candidate counseling.


 This comprhensiveapproach provides invaluable insights into what companies seek when evaluating potentialcandidates.This process provided students with valuable insights into the expectations of companies when it comes to hiring potential candidates.


 To further engage the students and gain deeper insights into their understanding of HR hiring processes, Ghislain posed questions such as "How do companies design job descriptions?" The responses revealed students' perspectives on the desired candidate's responsibilities, qualities, and qualifications as outlined by companies.


Continuing the session, Ghislain posed two additional questions to gauge students' thoughts on attracting and retaining top talent and the impact of a global setting. Students shared their views on the attractiveness of foreign candidates, the expansion opportunities for companies, and the benefits of cultural adaptability in fostering collaboration among colleagues from diverse backgrounds.



Concluding the session, Ghislain emphasized the importance of candidate compatibility and competency-based assessment in successful executive selection. He highlighted the significance of aligning candidate styles with company culture, emphasizing the importance of selecting, candidates whose values, skills, and working styles align with the organization's requirements.

This alignment not only enhances the likelihood of successful executive selection but also fosters a productive working relationship between individuals and the organization. Overall, the session provided students with valuable insights into hiring processes, the role of HR, and the attributes essential for personal and professional development.