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[Global CEO Talk] “Impact of AI on Marketing” Blair Abbott, Mirae Asset Global Investments

2024.03.20 Views 184 홍보팀

“Impact of AI on Marketing”…Blair Abbott, Mirae Asset Global Investments


In any business, the ultimate goal is to reach a stage where, even without direct clients or investors, the pillars of product innovation, stronger distribution, and effective brand building become salespeople for you - Words of advice from Blair Abbott’s Global CEO Talk.



On March 8th, Blair Abbott, the Director of the Global Business Strategy Unit at Mirae Assets Global Investments, led a captivating lecture for Global MBA students at Korea University as part of the Global CEO Talk series. The session was held in room 412 of Hyundai Motor Hall, covering crucial topics such as asset management, investment capabilities, the role of AI in marketing and sales, and an exploration of Mirae Assets' dynamic global presence, followed by an engaging Q&A.



First, Abbott commenced the session by sharing insights into his career in Korea, focusing on his contribution in Mirae Assets' three core pillars: Corporate Strategy, Sales and Distribution, and Marketing. He outlined the establishment of Mirae Assets in 1997 in Korea, which expanded globally with the opening of its first overseas office in Hong Kong in 2003. The core functions were to enhance investment capabilities for Korean investors and broaden their distribution footprint, leading to further expansions in Asia, the UK, the US, and Brazil.



In his role as the head of Global Marketing and Sales, Blair Abbott oversees the design and execution of strategic initiatives related to marketing, sales, and business development.


A central theme of the lecture was the industry's transition from mutual funds to Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), vividly described by Abbott as "funds as flip phones and ETFs as smartphones," underscoring the latter's significance in Mirae Assets' business strategy.



Key takeaways included the efficient utilization of data and marketing strategies, understanding client journeys, employing both analog and digital data points, and leveraging tools like Pardot for email campaigns. Finally, Abbott concluded the lecture by emphasizing the crucial role of data in digital marketing, addressing challenges like data fatigue, and advocating for accurate, fresh data.



 He shared valuable insights into the impact of AI on marketing teams, highlighting the use of tools such as Einstein by Salesforce. The session wrapped up with a discussion on personalization in digital experiences and the delicate balance needed to avoid inefficiency.