G-MBA holds its own Ko-Yon Jeon …The first battle since the recovery of COVID-19

2022.05.30 Views 239 국제실

G-MBA holds its own Ko-Yon Jeon The first battle since the recovery of COVID-19 


Ko-Yon Jeon between Korea University and Yonsei University's Global MBA(G-MBA from below) was held at the Kiheung SKYTOP Sports Center in Gyeonggi Province on May 15th (Sun).


This G-MBA Ko-Yon Jeon is an event organized by G-MBA students as two universities, Korea University and Yonsei University, called eternal rivals, failed to hold regular Ko-Yon Jeon for about two years due to COVID-19. 

25 members from Korea University and 23 from Yonsei University attended the G-MBA Ko-Yon Jeon, which was held for the first time since the daily recovery of COVID-19, to build mutual networks and promote friendship among the members.


The program included basketball and dodgeball, as well as △three-legged race △ relay △ tug-of-war △ shoe throwing △ mini-game race △ quiz. It consisted of activities that G-MBA members could enjoy passionately and have low risk of injury. The G-MBA Ko-Yeon Jeon ended with Yonsei University's final victory, with the university scoring points assigned for each event.


An event official said, "I am happy to be able to hold a meaningful event now out of the shadow of COVID-19 with G-MBA students from Korea University and Yonsei University which are two very iconic schools," and added, "I hope this event will go beyond competition and become a venue for harmony between the members."