‘Focus on your experience’ - 2021 Fall Semester’s 2nd Career Week

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‘Focus on your experience’ - 2021 Fall Semester’s 2nd Career Week

The 2021 Fall Semester’s 2nd Career Week was held on October 29th(Friday) and was hosted by KUBS(Dean= Bae, Johngseok) Career Development Center. Due to COVID-19, the event was broadcasted live and was composed of two sessions – a special lecture on employment and another on corporations. Any KUBS student could choose a lecture that suited their career interests.


The first special lecture on employment was given by the Link Company CEO Kim Tae Jong. Mr. Kim lectured about “Interview strategy by interview type” and focused on general personal interviews and interviews specifically focusing on job characteristics. He mentioned employment trends such as △wider implementation of open recruitment △changes due to untact hiring △reinforcing management skills, and explained methods to respond to each trend. He emphasized that the essence of interviews does not change because of the interview method and said, “online interview is a another good chance to prepare for.”

Mr. Kim encouraged students to ‘set direction in an inside out manner and first focus on one’s own self.’ He explained the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) method to analyze oneself efficiently and effectively. He ended his lecture by saying, “I hope this lecture had been useful in finding what you need to prepare yourself.”

The second special lecture on corporations was given by Nomura investment director Kim Tae Gu and manager Lee Hyun Dong on the topic of ‘Finance and Employment Trend in financial firms.’ The lecturers mentioned the recent recruiting trends of financial firms of Korea and abroad and explained about the relative importance of factors that interviewers focus on, such as ‘internship in related fields and job-related majors or licenses.’ They emphasized that applicants should understand the characteristics of jobs and firms. They held a Q&A session at the end of the lecture, where students asked questions about financial firms and interviews. The Q&A session was meaningful for actual intern/job preparation as students asked for detailed advice in preparing for internship in finance such as the requirements or experience needed to be accepted


Editor | Jung Young Hee (Media ’20)