2020 Data Utilization Contest held

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2020 Data Utilization Contest held



KUBS(Dean=Kim Jae Wook) and the Center for Digital Transformation & Business hosted the ‘2020 Data Utilization Contest.’

The contest was held to strengthen the students’ abilities to identify problems and also create common ground among school members about Digital Transformation(DT). In the  2020 Data Utilization Contest, participants suggest creative business models and ideas to solve problems that companies face, by utilizing public and company provided data.

Among many students passionate about DT, eight teams were selected after strict evaluation. Each team consisted of undergraduates and graduate students of Korea University, with at least more than one student enrolled in KUBS. Project topics include △Online shopping mall automization (SoKeulBuckJeok) △AI music recommendation system (Cloud Sound) △Lodging determinants (Kwangdong Soosan) △Improving startup consulting model (T.O.P) △Predicting highway weak points(miMO △Early disease diagnosis(Data-minator) △Predicting break-even point of one person startups(Startup) △Administration chatbot(Emba) etc.

Each team works on the project with an academic advisor by reporting its progress and receives feedback from a coaching group. They will be evaluated on the service’s level of completion and its practicality in the finals held in January 2021. The winning team will receive prizes.

KUBS participated in the 2nd year of KU innovative support business, and devised ‘Model for Problem-solving Digital Transformation in Business(DTB).’ DTB is a business strategy that fundamentally changes a company’s strategy, organization, process, business model, culture, communication, and systems based on various digital changes.