2020-1 KUBS Outbound-Exchange Students Information Session Held

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Korea University Business School (Dean=Jae Wook Kim) 2020-1 KUBS Outbound Exchange Students Information Session was held on December 20 (Fri) at 5:00 pm in HM B307. The contents were Preparations before departure Precautions before return Individual preparation items Application for credit acknowledgement Q&A session.

Before departure, exchange students must report their departure through submitting a departure notification form, a letter of commitment, a parental consent form, on the outbound-exchange students information session date and submit a copy of the student's insurance certificate. In addition, the student will officially be recognized as an exchange student only when the tuition fee is paid in full during the semester's tuition payment period, and it is their duty to confirm their exchange student status at KUPID (Portal).

After arrival, students must report their arrival to the KUBS International Office exchange program coordinator via e-mail with their residence address, residence telephone number, contact information, and ‘Notice of Arrival Form’. In particular, the ‘Note of Arrival Form’ is recommended to be carried out within 14 days of arrival. Students must also attend the local orientation and make an entry declaration to the foreign exchange university.

Guidance for preparation before and after ‘departure’ was followed by guidance for preparations before and after ‘returning’. Students must visit the relevant department of the foreign exchange university and make a request to send the official report card to the KUBS International Office before leaving. In addition, students must complete the settlement of the dormitory and the account safely.

After returning, students must apply for acknowledgement of credits. Immediately after returning, students should visit the International Office, fill out the return notification form and feedback & experience form, and submit 4 types of documents including the application for foreign exchange university credits, original report card, e-mail report paper, and syllabus.
Also, insurance subscription is required as individual student preparation. Students must be aware that without insurance coverage for international students for more than four months, admission could be cancelled.