[Academic]Business English Application of 2021 Winter

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Business English 2021 Winter


Business English - the precondition to graduate in KUBS,

※ Qualification : KUBS students entered from 2008 to 2020 and have not taken Business English

(only for the students whose student No. is ####120###)


※ The number of B.E must-taken depends on your English Level :

None : B.E 1 and 2

Low : B.E 1 and 2

Middle : B.E 2

High : none


※ How to Register : KUBS website > Undergraduate > Graduation Requirement > scroll down to 'Apply for Business English' > Apply

***If you are unable to log in KUBS website : the letter like #@!& is in your password.

How to fix : KUPID log in > change your password (only composed with alphabet and number) > KUBS website log in


※ Application Period : 2021.12.3. (Fri) ~ 2021.12.8. (Wed) (After 9th 00:00 - closed)

Cancel and Change is only available on 10th December (24 hours)

Even if you want to cancel or change after 11th, it is not possible. You must get F and penalty will be fined.


Please click "Submit" ! Otherwise, it will not be counted. Unlimitedly changeable but should click "Submit" before 9TH DECEMBER 00:00

If you want to cancel it, go to the same application page and delete your previous registration.

If you want to change your class time, go to the same application page and check the time you want. 'save complete' pop-up message must be seen.


Before you register the Business English Course, please check which one you already took, and need to take.

It depends on your English Level and previous course you took.

(KUPID > Registration/Graduation > Graduation > Graduation assessment)


※ It is possible to not open the chosen class if the students do not meet over minimum number.

 If so, we'll send the students email or text message.


Class Schedule : 2021.12.22. ~ 2022.1.18. Total 8 times

Class Time : Morning 9:00~11:45 | Afternoon 13:00~15:45


Dec 22 27 29 / Jan 3 5 10 12 17


Dec 23 28 30 / Jan 4 6 11 13 18


※ Important Notes (Regarding COVID-19)

In this Winter Semester, Business English will be held “ONLY ONLINE”.

Blackboard will be used as a study platform and class style, such as recoding or on-air, depends on professors.

Basically, the maximum number of students in Business English is 20.

If a class met only 3 students or less, it could be closed and we will personally contact.



TEL 02-3291-1301