Meaningful Memories for Future KUBS Students…The 16th Youth Mentoring Day Successfully Ended

2024.02.07 Views 905 국제실

The 16th Youth Mentoring Day of Korea University Business School (Dean=Sangyong Kim) was held on January 27th at LG-POSCO Hall and Hyundai Motor Hall. This event was planned by KUBE (Korea University Business School Student Ambassadors) and enrolled student mentors for high school students nationwide. 

The event proceeded as follows: △ Introduction of KUBS, △Introduction of 7 majors and 3 tracks (Professor Jungbien Moon), △ Campus Tour, △ Business Practical Exercise, and △ Conversation with KUBS seniors. KUBE introduced the Korea University Business School building, scholarship system, career support programs, etc. After the introductions, high school students who answered correct answers on quizzes about Korea University Business School received souvenirs. 

Professor Jungbien Moon delivered a lecture on 'East Asia and Global Management in the 21st Century.' Professor Moon stated, "Korea's national power is currently surpassing a historical peak," and emphasized the need to enhance the resilience of Korean companies and the entire economy. He particularly mentioned the necessity of diversifying the global supply chain to the Indo-Pacific region in response to the US-China conflict. After lunch, students explored the campus with KUBE. The campus tour mainly covered the KUBS Main Building, LG-POSCO Hall, and Hyundai Motor Hall. 

In the following 'Business Practical Exercise’ session, students have experienced formulating business strategies. They worked as daily consultants for a dessert company with mentors to develop strategies for overseas expansion, especially analyzing the Indo-Pacific region emphasized in Professor Moon's lecture. After the exercise, questions about university life including IPSELENTI and the Ko-Yeon Games were discussed during the group mentoring session. 

Inseong Song (18 years old, Okcheon High School), who participated in the event, stated, "Attending lectures at Korea University and being on campus motivated me academically," and added, "It was beneficial to have meaningful conversations with current KUBS students." Wonseo Jung (19 years old, Sagok High School) expressed, "It was my first time in Seoul, so everything was new, and it was especially great to explore inside the KUBS building," and added, "I'm very happy to receive the Korea University mascot doll 'Hoi' after answering the quiz." 

Korea University Business School's Youth Mentoring Day is held every summer and winter vacation. Applications can be made through the Korea University Business School Student Ambassadors KUBE homepage (