Proud alumni gathered in one place... The 41st KUBS Alumni Night

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Proud alumni gathered in one place... The 41st KUBS Alumni Night 


On December 1st, the 41st KUBS (Dean=Kim Sang Yong) Alumni Night took place at COEX Convention Grand Ballroom. The Alumni Night is an event where graduates and current students of the business school come together, and this year's event was attended by many faculty members from KUBS, including Dean Kim Sang Yong, President Kim Dong-One, Director Shin Hojung of the External Cooperation Office, Vice Dean Lee Janghyuk, and newly appointed professors Lee Jaemin and Lee Kyuhan. The cocktail reception, held before the main event, provided an opportunity for alumni to mingle and share stories. The event officially began with the entrance of various flags such as the Korean national flag, the KUBS flag, and the alumni association flag. Dean Kim Sang Yong and KUBS Alumni Association President Lee Dong-seop energetically waved the KUBS flag, igniting the atmosphere at the COEX Convention Grand Ballroom. 



Following the national anthem, Lee Dong-seop, the president of the alumni association, expressed, "The 41st KUBS Alumni Night marks a celebration of the unity and solidarity of KUBS alumni. KUBS alumni have not only excelled in the domestic business and political arenas but have also made significant contributions on the global stage." 


Subsequently, KUBS Alumni Association President Seung Myung-ho and President Kim Dong-One delivered speeches. Seung Myung-ho stated, "KUBS Alumni Night, which began in 1982, has become a splendid tradition of fostering beautiful harmony and friendship among alumni. Through consistent scholarship contributions, KUBS has demonstrated its commitment to the development of the business school and love for junior colleagues." He also introduced the remarkable progress of the KUBS, expressing gratitude toward faculty members who devoted themselves to education and research, and to alumni who granted generous donations to their alma mater.  



President Kim Dong-One introduced the new aspiration of Korea University with the school approaching its 120th anniversary, stating that “KUBS is a college that has evolved since the inception of Korea University.” He highlighted the construction of the Science campus’ central square through an anonymous donation of 630 billion won, substantial contributions from Alumni President Seung Myung-ho and Chairman Koo Ja-yeol of Korea University's Development Committee, employment of assistant professorships, multicultural talent scholarships, and the establishment of the K-CLUB, a research network for world scholars. He expressed his aspiration for Korea University to evolve into a world-renowned institution contributing to global society beyond being the nation’s university, especially as it approaches its 120th anniversary. 



Next, Dean Kim Sang Yong delivered a speech and provided an overview of the current academic status of KUBS. He mentioned that KUBS boasts the largest and most esteemed faculty in Korea with 83 full-time professors. Additionally, KUBS actively engages in research and academic activities through research institutes and centers such as the Corporate Management Research Institute, Corporate Governance Structure Research Center, Startup Research Institute, Center for Digital Transformation & Business (CDTB), and ESG Research Institute. 


Dean Kim also highlighted various scholarships available at KUBS, including KUBS Talent Scholarships (KUBS Future Business Leader Scholarship, KUBS Future Talent Scholarship), Ko-kyeong Academic Pursuit Scholarship (Scholarship for Academic Support in KUBS/Individual and Corporate Donations), and KUBS Dream Scholarship (Scholarship for Living Expenses in KUBS/Individual and Corporate Donations). These scholarships aim to support students in their academic pursuits. 


Dean Kim Sang Yong discussed KUBS achievements, mentioning that Korea University produced 164 successful candidates for the 2023 Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam, achieving the highest number of successful candidates for eight consecutive years. Additionally, KUBS secured top rankings in various indicators such as the 2023 QS Academic Area Ranking for Accounting & Finance (1st among private universities in Korea), 2023 UN NEWS & World Report for Economics & Business (1st in Korea), and the 2022 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) for Business Administration (1st in Korea). 



Following Dean Kim's speech, Lee Dong-seop, president of the alumni association, presented a token of appreciation to the president of the ‘95 alumni association. The ‘95 alumni demonstrated a strong alumni network by donating 60 million won in scholarships to KUBS. Scholarship donations have become a tradition during the Alumni Night, reflecting the warm sentiments of senior colleagues. 



In addition, alumni awards were presented to Choo Kyung-ho (Business '79), Deputy Prime Minister for Public Service, Jung Eui-sun (Business '89), Chairman of Hyundai Motor Group, and Son Jae-il (Business '84), CEO of Hanwha Aerospace, in the public sector, business sector, and professional management sector, respectively. Choo Kyung-ho, the recipient in the public sector, has dedicated over 40 years to public service and politics, serving as a member of the 20th and 21st National Assembly. Under the administration of Yoon Seok-yeol, he concurrently holds the positions of Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and Minister of Planning and Finance, overseeing the nation's economic policies. 



Jung Eui-sun, the recipient in the business sector, assumed the position of Chairman of Hyundai Motor Group in 2020, following roles as President of Kia Motors and Vice Chairman of Hyundai Motor. Under Chairman Jung's leadership, Hyundai Motor Group is actively pursuing innovation based on a philosophy of human-centered progress for humanity. Chairman Jung was also the first Korean to receive the Honorary Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (CBE) after the ascension of King Charles III in the United Kingdom. 


Son Jae-il, the recipient in the professional management sector, has been with Hanwha Group since 1990, contributing to the growth of the group's defense business. He also served as the president of the Korea Aerospace Technology Institute, contributing to the successful launch of the 3rd launch of Nuriho satellite and the country's ascent as one of the world's seven leading space powers. 


The award ceremony was attended by Deputy Prime Minister Choo Kyung-ho and CEO Son Jae-il, while Chairman Jung Eui-sun was represented by Choi Jun-young, CEO of Kia Motors and also an alumnus from the class of '82. 



The night continued with toasts, a banquet, and celebratory performances by the KUBS dance group "BROADEN" and the KUBS rock band "You and Me." The 41st KUBS Alumni Night concluded with a prize draw, performances, singing of the school song and chants.