Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Graduate School of Business... 2023 KU

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Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Graduate School of Business... 2023 KU MBA Alumni Night


On November 28th, the '2023 KU MBA Alumni Night' event took place at the Alumni Association Hall of Korea University, with the participation of over 200 MBA alumni, including President Kim Dong-One, Dean Kim Sang Yong, and KU MBA Alumni Association President Kwon Yongjun. Notably, Korea University pioneered the establishment of the first graduate school of business in Korea in 1963, continuing its legacy as the Graduate School of Business (Dean = Kim Sang Yong). In light of its 60th anniversary this year, this special MBA Alumni Night held particular significance, serving as a moment to reflect on the commemorative events that represented Korean MBA over the past 60 years. 



During this MBA Night, the prestigious KU MBA Management Award was presented to alumni who have demonstrated outstanding managerial abilities, contributing to societal development and bringing honor to their alma mater. This year's recipient of the KU MBA Management Award was Ms. Eun Kyeong A, CEO of CeraArt Co.,Ltd., a female venture entrepreneur excelling on the global stage. Ms. Eun KyeongA founded CeraArt Co.,Ltd., developing and producing zirconia ceramic materials and components together with Global luxury brand clients, achieving 100% export. CeraArt has been consecutively recognized as a world-class product and manufacturing company for seven years, establishing itself as a global leader in luxury/healthcare ceramics. 


Ms. Eun KyeongA, an MBA graduate, has been actively involved as the Vice President of the MBA Alumni Association for a long time and has served as an advisory board member of the KUBS. Since 2022, she has been contributing to the development of her alma mater as a member of Korea University's Development Committee, showcasing positive influence, such as donating 100 million won to the development fund of the KUBS. 



Furthermore, the 'Proud MBA Alumni Award' was jointly awarded to Dr. Bae Dongjoo, CEO of Keystone F&B Co.,Ltd., a management Ph.D. and coffee expert acquiring 'Wouldulike Coffee,' and Mr. Yang Seunghyo, CEO of BDC Korea Co.,Ltd., the first Korean partner of Ipers Co.,Ltd., which pushes businesses related to intellectual property and content IP and Global Scope Partners, which comprises 55 partners in 46 countries.  


Additionally, the 'KU MBA Frontier Award,' presented to alumni who have demonstrated exceptional managerial capabilities in their respective fields, was awarded to Dr. Kim Seongcheol, a pharmaceutical Ph.D. and academic committee member of the Korean Pharmaceutical Society in the pharmaceutical field; Mr. Hwang Hyunseong, CEO of Energizer Korea in the global professional management field; and Mr. Lee Kanghyun, CEO of Honor Partners in the construction industry field. 



Meanwhile, the Graduate School of Business has been an only Korean member of the CEMS Global Alliance, the world-renowned business school consortium, since 2015, and jointly operates the Master in International Management (MIM) program with 33 prestigious universities worldwide, including Cornell University in the United States and the University of Cologne in Germany. The CEMS MIM program ranked 11th globally in the 2023 QS Business Master category.