2021 Fall Semester’s 3rd Career Week

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 2021 Fall Semester’s 3rd Career Week


The 2021 Fall Semester’s 3rd Career Week was held on November 12th(Friday) and was hosted by KUBS(Dean= Bae, Johngseok) Career Development Center. Due to COVID-19, the event was broadcasted live on Zoom for students who applied and was composed of two sessions – first a special lecture on corporates and second on employment.

 The first special lecture on corporates was given by the senior director of ‘Yogiyo’ Jaehyuk Yoo. Director Yoo focused on the objectives of working in a company and realistic advice for job seekers. He said, “the reason you are working in a company shouldn’t be for money, but to fulfill the ‘mission’ of the company.” Also, he emphasized that “’mission’ is the reason for which the company stands, and should be distinguished from the ‘vision’ which is the process to fulfill it,” and asked students to look for the ‘mission’ of the company. Director Yoo also introduced the story of how the delivery app came in to place, explaining “Startups start from forming ideas about the existence of the company.”


Furthermore, Director Yoo gave 5 tips for job seekers. First, he recommended having a person who has a lot of experience and gone through the rise and fall as a mentor. He explained that “this person will be able to provide deep insight compared to people who got through in a short amount of time or those who have only succeeded.” Second, he emphasized the importance of not going “all-in.” He told students “It’s not easy to tell if the work suits your aptitude at first,” and “it’s good to keeping the old job while working in the new company, and transition when you have the confidence that the new job fill suit you.” Next, he recommended students to find growing parts of the industry and to make “Elevator Speech” a habit. He underscored “practicing delivering the main points and conclusion first to the decision-making person.” Finally, he asked students to say things clearly and simply so that middle school students would be able to understand. The special lecture concluded with a Q&A session.


In the second session, the CEO and Chairman of ‘Lee Woo Gon HR Research Center’ Woogon Lee gave a special lecture on employment. The lecture focused on ‘Strategies on joining Public Enterprises’ in the order of △recruitment trends on Public Enterprises △Public Enterprises from a numerical perspective △the recent shift in trend of NCS based recruitment process △strategies for Public Enterprises and building Job Portfolio. Chairman Lee commented that "the recent recruitments of public enterprises are similar to early decision in college admission process." about 'recent recruitment trends of Public Enterprises.’

 Chairman Lee explained the several routes of joining public enterprises in ‘Public Enterprises from a numerical perspective.’ He mentioned three routes, ‘Full-time open recruitment’, ‘Recruitment type Internship’ and ‘Experiential Internship,’ and said, “In times where quantitative approach is used more than the qualitative one, the ‘Experiential Internship’ becomes a quantitative indicator” and emphasized that “’Experiential Internship’ can prove to be advantageous in recruitment.”


In addition, Chairman Lee expanded on the topic of ‘the recent shift in trend of NCS based recruitment process,’ and stressed the importance of preparation time for debate interviews. He told students that “you need to ready for a number of possible cases at the time of debate, and debate interview is crucial to public enterprises.” He gave the example of the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service not considering math area in evaluation for administrative office and evaluation office, advising “It is a strategy to find areas that you can avoid your weaknesses while taking advantage of your strengths.”


 Finally, Chairman Lee ended the special lecture with words of advice on ‘strategies for Public Enterprises and building Job Portfolio.’ He emphasized that “Not only the content, but the structure of essay such as introduction, body, and conclusion is also important” and “It is important to practice writing an essay with the necessary components in limited time.”


Editor | Do Kyung Moon (Media ’21)