"Wish to Become a Global Talent to Make Our Alma Mater Proud" - Chairman Seo Youngryul of Pr

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"Wish to Become a Global Talent to Make Our Alma Mater Proud" - Chairman Seo Youngryul of Pratama Abadi Donates 200 Million Won! 


On November 23rd, a donation ceremony for the "Seo Youngryul Chairman Scholarship Fund" took place at Korea University's Sudang Samyang Faculty House. The event was attended by Chairman Youngryul Seo and his wife Myungsook Cho, along with President Dongwon Kim, former President Yoondae Uh, Dean Sangyong Kim, Vice President for Student Affairs Hyunsook Park, Vice President for Development and External Affairs Hojeong Shin, Vice President for Admissions Hwan Jung and Vice President for International Affairs Sanggi Song and with participation of 80 Indonesian students studying at Korea University enjoyed the donation ceremony with lunch. Chairman Seo hosted this event to cheer Indonesian students who are studying abroad. 



Chairman Youngryul Seo, who graduated from the KUBS in 1969 and is the Chairman of Pratama Abadi (PT. PRATAMA ABADI INDUSTRI). He donated 100 million won each in both 2017 and 2018. The donation from Chairman Seo served as the basis for the creation of the "Geumcheon Scholarship" by Korea University Business School. The Geumcheon Scholarship, commemorating the 30th anniversary of the company's establishment, is a scholarship donated to support fellow students in their academic pursuits. Since 2018, KUBS has been selecting and awarding the Geumcheon Scholarship to four students each semester. 


Through this recent donation ceremony, Chairman Seo additionally contributed a total of 200 million won. He said, "Although it has been over 30 years since I founded a company in Indonesia, I always carry Korea University, my alma mater, in my heart." He further stated, "I hope my proud alma mater's juniors will dedicate themselves to their studies and actively play a role on the global stage," while personally presenting commemorative gifts that he had prepared. 


In response, President Dongwon Kim expressed gratitude, saying, "I appreciate the active support you have provided for several years, ranging from international internship programs to scholarships for juniors." He added, "I hope that Indonesian students can not only pursue their studies but also have diverse experiences here, and I wish that this scholarship will be a stepping stone toward their future." 



Of the 200 million won donated by Chairman Seo, 100 million won will be used for scholarships for Indonesian students currently enrolled at Korea University, and the remaining 100 million won will be allocated for the Geumcheon Scholarship to KUBS students.